You will know that human history has brought forth many, many wonderful civilizations. Civilizations as great as the one we have today and some of them even greater. The only thing they lacked that we have is mechanical gadgets, but some of them must have even had mechanical gadgets that we haven’t yet discovered because when you see some of the buildings they erected you know they must have had some of the building equipment that we haven’t even yet discovered. And aside from these gadgets, in the art, or arts, of these civilizations you can see things that we today don’t dream of. And you will know that there were great civilizations that have gone from the earth, disappeared from the earth and the history of all of them is the same, they have been overcome by might and by power. All civilizations are doomed as long as the only answer is might or power.

If you think that there is any might or power that can save this civilization you have not been a student, not been a student of history and not been a student of truth because the only attempt to save this civilization has been in the creating of greater powers, atomic power, nuclear power, whatnot power. All kinds of power supposedly greater than the powers that anyone else have and now we discover that they have them too. And therefore if this civilization is to be saved by power, the power hasn’t yet been evolved because all we have are not saving powers, we have destructive powers.
Now the question that I’m going to leave with you is this “Is the discovery, which is the basis of all infinite way work, is this discovery of non-power, which is effective in restoring harmony in our experience, is this sufficient to save the present civilization and the future ones?”

Now this much is known. And when I say it is known I’m going to tell you that in speaking with some very big men, very, men in high positions, it is known that it is dubious whether this civilization is to be saved or whether our freedom in this very country is to be saved. It is a very questionable affair with many people in high places. Will this present government survive these next few years? Your time and my time. And the reason is, will it be overcome by one of the three powers that now endanger it? In the human picture no one has an answer. In the human picture no candidate running for office has offered a solution to any of the three major problems that confront us. So far nobody on the world’s public front has offered a solution to any one, much more all of these problems. That doesn’t say that one won’t be found. There’s only saying that up to this moment none has been offered.

Now the question is “Will the principle of non-power be the solution”? And the only ones who can answer are those who know. In other words we are not really in danger from any of the forces that threaten us today, whether from outside or from inside if our people will accept this responsibility, “The Kingdom of God is within you”.

All of the power necessary to save this world is within you. And there are enough people in this room hearing my voice actually to save the entire world from all of the troubles that are threatening it, of every nature. If everyone in this room would be willing to dedicate themselves and that doesn’t mean leaving their families, and it doesn’t mean going away in convents or monasteries and it doesn’t mean neglecting your home life. It merely means to dedicate your thought, your conscious thought to this. The constant remembrance, day and night, that there is no power external to me, that all power is within me. I have been given God given dominion. And since Gods’ dominion cannot be divided I have all of it. All of the Kingdom of God is within me and I release it into this world. I am a transparency through which Gods’ power flows to all of this world, not only my friends but my enemies, not only to my allies but my enemies. To all my neighbors I am a transparency through which Gods’ dominion flows to the world. The Kingdom of God is within me and all of the power necessary is within me.

If you need any proof of it just think of the power that the one man Moses had in leading the whole Hebrew race out of slavery. One man. Think of the power Jesus had in leading a whole world out of ecclesiastical ignorance and tyranny. One man. And then remember this, that you are that same man, God has given you the same dominion that he gave Moses or Jesus. Only they so well knew it that they were willing to be a transparency for its release, but it must be consciously done, it can’t be unconsciously done. You can’t turn around and say “Oh the power of God flows through me, all is well”. No. There has to be a continuous conscious realization “I and my Father are one”, and Gods dominion flows through me to all of this world, and beside me there is no other power. All of the power of the carnal mind is the arm of flesh or nothingness, all of the power of the human mind is carnal or temporal or nothingness. All of, Hezekiah oh, all those armies that are greater than we are and Hezekiah says “Fear not, they have only the arm of flesh”, they have only temporal power.

And all we have to do when we read in the paper, or hear on the radio, when we hear that the enemy is so almighty powerful, they can afford to be fresh and impertinent and insulting and degrading, all we have to do is not get mad at ‘em, not get mad. How can we resent insanity? Smile and realize that’s just the way blustering nothingness is. That’s just the way mortal mind is. It gets awful loud and nasty because it’s trying to cover up the fact that it hasn’t power.

How can the carnal mind or mortal mind have power if God is infinite and if God is where I am? Then the place whereon I stand is holy ground because God is flowing where I am. And all out here this is the carnal mind, the arm of flesh. Don’t fear it. You’ll never be a practitioner, you’ll never heal if you fear disease, if you fear death, if you fear accidents.

Only when you can look out upon this world and say “This is a carnal mind”. “This is a temporal power but we have the all and only power, the Lord God Almighty.”
Now I know there are enough in this room that if they would hold to this truth that all the armies of the aliens are nothing, because they’re temporal power. All the armies of the aliens, on the earth, under the sea and up in the air. All the armies of the aliens meaning all mortal mind or carnal mind is temporal power. There’s only one thing you have to do, two things you have to do to make it effective.

The first is you must consciously know this as many times night and day as it comes to your thought. And the second thing is you have to keep it secret and not tell anyone you’re doing it. The moment you break secrecy, you’ve lost your power. You dare not tell it to your own husband or wife or child or parent. The moment it crosses your lips, so far as you are concerned, the power is gone, you’ve lost it.

The rest of us won’t. Those who can keep our lips sealed will hold the power within ourselves, those who can’t must lose it, they waste it. It’s just like putting a pin in a balloon, the gas won’t stay in. And the power won’t stay in those who open their mouths, for this is a mystery of life.

Now as you know all that we have said this week is on tape and others will hear it. And that is well because it will be going into their ears individually as it is going into your ears now and they will have the same opportunity to either hold it in secrecy, and be one with us in our work in the world or they can blab and lose their own power. Of course it won’t hurt us.

No that is one of the great mysteries of the Infinite Way. We have learned this, we have no power to injure anyone but ourselves. God is your being and believe me I can’t harm your being. God is my being and you can’t harm my being. I am one with God therefore we have no power to harm each other. Any power that we have for destruction is self destruction.