So therefore, the fact that some healings take long is not of too much importance, as a matter of fact, it’s better that they take long than that they should be brought about in a hurry without bringing to us some light on the principle behind it. Or that it should take place before there has been a change of consciousness within us. So the mere fact that some healings seem to be protracted should not disturb a student. The fact that some do not take place as rapidly as you would like them very often in the end will bring you to a great rejoicing because the interval made it possible for you to not be concerned with the effect but to “Go thou and do likewise” and learn the cause.

Now. Here we are with principles that really do bring about very fine healings. It is only because of this that in fourteen years the Infinite Way has been able to go around the world and find its books published in the United States and in England and in Holland, in Germany, Switzerland and now in Japan. Only because of the healings. It has had no advertising, it has had no promotion, it has had no financing. It has all happened merely on the word of the healings that have gone around the globe so that healing is not too difficult a thing. But, the healing, without an understanding of what brings the healing, leaves one in the same position as if they’d gone to a doctor and gotten healed and then next week something else came up that had to be healed and then something the following week or month that had to be healed.

Our work then is to bring about the healing so that you may know that behind this work there is a principle and that the principle is a spiritual principle that really functions and operates on a very practical level, that of producing harmony where discord was before. Then having come that far this work should arouse such an interest in the student as to what made it happen. Why could you bring forth healing? Since, as the Master said, “I am a man such as you are”. We are all the same in our humanhood, the only difference is the degree of spiritual enlightenment that takes place within us.

Now in healing work you have already been shown that the first principle must be impersonalization. Now heretofore in the major metaphysical teachings this principle has not been taught. It wasn’t known. The attempt always was to find the error in you and uncover it and remove it, or to find the wrong thinking within you and then change it to right thinking, or to discover something somewhere within your consciousness. Perhaps you’ve been told you should be more loving, or you can’t get healed because you’re not grateful enough, or perhaps you can’t get healed because you don’t read enough pages every day in this book, or you don’t get healed because you don’t do church work or you don’t tithe. Always it seems the fault is with you.

Now the basis of our healing work is that the fault is not with you. That it is completely separate and apart from you, it is entirely impersonal and therefore this work never gives a treatment to you. If any treatment is ever given the practitioner gives it to the practitioner, to himself or herself, but never to you. The reason is, it isn’t you who has to be healed. The appearance is being given to the practitioner and it is what the practitioner does with it that determines what is going to happen to you.

If the practitioner is sufficiently in the spirit so that they do not judge by appearances, so that they do not take in the testimony of the physical senses, what they see, hear, taste, touch or smell. If the practitioner has risen to where they are sufficiently indifferent to the name or nature of the appearance then that practitioner is in a position to declare this is not of man or of God, this is of the carnal mind which is a belief in two powers and without that belief in two powers there would not even be this appearance of discord.

In other words the origin of all evil is in the universal belief in two powers. It is not your belief and it is not mine even though to some extent you are suffering from it and so am I. Every one of us on this human plane that has the least trace of discord is suffering from that discord only because there is a universal belief in two powers.

Now so far as we know no one has risen into the absolute of awareness where they can say “I do not experience anything from the belief in two powers”. In other words I could swallow a gallon of poison and it wouldn’t touch me at all. Or I could jump off the Empire State building and just float to the ground. No, that hasn’t happened yet in recorded history. Even the Master had wounds from the sword and the nails, even the Master fainted and to human sense passed from life, but this was only because the last enemy that shall be overcome is death. In other words this belief in two powers has its extreme in the belief that there is both life and death.

Now as long as we have a trace of belief left in us that there is both life and death, even if it’s a faint trace, in that degree are we subject to the discords, in some nature, some degree, of the flesh. On the other hand in the degree that we lose our faith in life and death, in that degree do we become free of its effects and become healers. That is why our students are asked to believe this. Believe it or not. They must believe this. They must come to a place where they can sincerely, honestly face themselves and say “I do not care whether I’m alive or dead to human sense”. It makes no difference to me whether I live on this plane or the other plane, whether I remain on this plane for a longer time or leave it five minutes from now. It makes no difference to me because I have recognized that there is no such thing as death and therefore whatever that experience may be it is a passing from glory to glory, it is a passing from visibility into invisibility but it is not death.

Then in the degree that one of our practitioners has realized that, in that degree disease has no reality in their consciousness and therefore when you bring to them a claim of disease, since they have already overcome the fear of death, disease itself must disappear.

We are told that the last enemy that shall be overcome is death. So therefore let us overcome that last belief first, because it is the most important and it’s the one we have to start with. We cannot wait for the end of time to overcome the belief in death. We will never be healers, not very good ones and certainly not spiritual ones until we have come to see that neither life nor death can separate me from life. Neither life nor death can separate me from the love of God. Neither life nor death can separate me from the life of God. Neither life nor death can separate me from the consciousness of God and even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for I’ll be alive in God.

And as we reach that we are making the transition from the man of earth to that man who has his being in Christ because as Paul says “Whether visible or invisible I know not”. And so whether visible or invisible I care not since I will be I, and I will be living, and I will be functioning. I will be in God and God in me.
Then you see you are at the position where you don’t look at a smiling person and think it’s your friend and a scowling person and think it’s your enemy. You’re more apt to have the discernment to know that the scowling person means better to you than some of those who are doing an awful lot of smiling. You learn the difference between a true smile and a false one. Your spiritual discernment will enable you to know when a smile is one of sincerity and integrity or whether it’s one that has a knife hidden behind the back. So it is that you will also know that if someone scowls at you that they may be your best friend. They may have your best interest at heart or at least they’re revealing to you that which you need to know.

And so you won’t be so hasty to judge the smiling face or the scowling face but with your spiritual discernment you will see through both of them. And when you do you will catch the secret of our healing work which is this. The ability to look through even what seems to be a healthy body and not glory in it, or the ability to look through the diseased body and not fear it, knowing that both of these are hiding the truth. The truth is, your body is the temple of the living God, your mind is the temple of God, your soul, your consciousness because God has his dwelling place in you, as you have your dwelling place in God. “I and my Father are one” and I am in God and God is in me and I am the temple of the living God, my body is the temple of the living God. And this true whether it seems to be a whole body or a half a body.

This ability not to judge by appearances testifies to the degree of your spiritual consciousness. If your emotions are still aroused by erroneous appearances or if your joys and happinesses are aroused by seeing what looks like a healthy body, or what looks like a full pocket book, you’re being misled, you’re judging after appearances and you’re thinking of those appearances in a wrong way. It is like looking at the fruit tree that is full of fruit. Be very careful because tomorrow it may not have any. And if you’re glorying in the tree full of fruit, tomorrow you’ll be sorrowing in the tree empty of fruit, whereas all of the time it isn’t the fruit or the lack of fruit that counts. What counts is the life in the tree, because with or without fruit there’s going to be more. And yesterday’s manna is not too important because God’s manna falls every day. And if you can look through the appearance of a full tree and realize the invisible spiritual life that is there your tree will never be barren.

The same way if you can look through both the healthy body and the diseased body or the healthy mind or the diseased mind and realize that these are but temporary effects, but that underlying this is the life of God, the mind of God and the body of God. You will have risen so far out of mortal consciousness that you will first of all be a healer, next you will be a teacher, and then the day will come when you’ll go beyond both healing and teaching into, entry into the very center of life itself where you become a part of all life.

You are the life of the tree and the life of the grass and the life of the birds and the life of the fish because you are one with all life. You’re neither healing it nor teaching it, you’re being it. That of course is the mystical stage but all the rest of this is leading up to that stage. And that is our function and that is our work.

Don’t find fault with the young student, who is very eager for a healing, because that’s natural and they’re entitled to it. But you can afford to start correcting them if after several healings they still have no interest in any subject but the healing. If they haven’t been awakened to what lies behind a healing it’s best to give your time and attention to those who do want to know the mystery of life.

You know it’s a wonderful thing once we start to get interested in this mystery of life because this mystery is entirely behind the scenes of visible form and effect. No one can penetrate the mystery of life by playing around with forms and effects, not any more than a doctor can discover the secrets of life by operating on bodies. All he can ever get to know is effects, he never can know what makes the effects, what forms life, what gives life. It is only when you have pierced the veil of illusion, it is only when you have seen behind the scene of visible effects that you can begin to perceive the mystery of life and then you will know something wonderful.