And the reason I bring this to your attention is, not for the sake of talking politics, but rather to illustrate how it is that when you have no pains and when you have a sufficient amount of money to meet your needs you think that all is well and you’re dying. The very moment you have no pain, the very moment you have no lack of money, the very moment you have a little happiness in your family you don’t need a practitioner and you don’t need a teacher you are convinced that all is well. And every day you’re aging and every day some disease is forming in the body. When it finally comes out then everyone says “Oh why that was accumulating for five years in your system or three years and now it’s coming to light”. And all that time you were sleeping, sleeping peacefully in the dream of health and it wasn’t health at all. It was just painlessness. That’s all.

It is in the time when you have physical health, mental health, moral health and financial health that you should be doing your most serious work to make the transition from humanhood to Christhood. And this is the goal of the Infinite Way, this is the work of the Infinite Way. This is the purpose behind there being an Infinite Way. The Infinite Way isn’t a healing teaching. Healing is merely that part of it which indicates the fact that there is an effect from God realization but God realization is the goal. But a healthy person has just as much reason to attain God realization as a sick one. Don’t you see that as long as you’re living the human life that every day you’re coming closer to the grave? Every day you’re coming closer to old age, every day you’re coming closer to disease if you continue in the human scene. Do you not see that every human being comes to a sad end because they stay in the human scene and because there is nothing for a human to do but age and die? Whether they age at seventy, or eighty, or ninety it is inevitable that a human being deteriorate, age and finally die.

And the only ones who are exceptions to that rule are those who have sufficiently understood a spiritual message as to do, not only as much work when they are well but even more work when they are well to make the transition from humanhood to the spiritual base of their Christhood.

Paul speaks of that man who has his being in the earth, the earthly man. The man of earth, that is the way it is, the man of earth. And then he speaks of that man who has his being in Christ. Now the man of earth is the creature who is not under the law of God, neither indeed can be. And that’s a human being.

If we are under the law of God, or in proportion as we are under the law of God, we’re not aging, we’re not getting sick, we’re not dying and when the day comes for transition it will be a natural one. For to all of us comes a time of leaving this plane of consciousness and entering the invisible. It is not meant that anyone remain on earth forever and therefore do not believe for a moment that you can find some kind of a religious system that is going to keep you on the earth forever.

It is true that we have had in this age a man who reached the age of between six and seven hundred years on earth and it is also true that some others are known who have attained two hundred or three hundred years. But out of the hundreds of billions on earth that have been there’s only a record of a half a dozen or so within the last century. And there have been dozens of billions since then. So do not have any idle dreams of staying on earth for two hundred or three hundred years and that doesn’t preclude the possibility that some one of you may do it. But for the rest of us at least let’s not waste time in idle dreaming and be satisfied that when the times come for a transition at least that we make it without remaining around as hopeless, helpless invalids for our families to go broke supporting.

Now it is possible for us to attain the sixty, seventy and eighty and in many cases the nineties and do it in perfect health, with all of the faculties. I’ve known quite a few personally who have done it. But if it is to be done, it is to be done by coming to know God aright. It is to be done by making the transition from the man of earth to that man who has his being in Christ. It is done by making the transition consciously into our spiritual identity. And the first step in making that transition and of course the first step is always the most difficult one.

The first step is learning to judge not after appearances. In other words, don’t rejoice when you see a healthy human and get sad when you see a sick one. Because in both cases you are witnessing an illusion. Whatever it is that you see with your eyes and regardless of how you see it, it is not the fact of being. The mere fact that we may be looking a handsome man or a beautiful woman does not testify to what is going on in their consciousness or even to what may be going on in their bodies. And on the other hand we may sometimes witness a sick person or a poor one who is getting closer to the spiritual image than the healthy one because those with the heaviest problems have the greatest need to dig in and make the transition into spiritual awareness.

Now. The one reason that we can have so few practitioners in our work, at least so few at the present time, is that our healing work only begins when an individual has learned not to judge by appearances, not to rejoice in health and not to bemoan sickness but to look through both of these to the reality.

Now. When our thought is on the level of reducing someone’s fever or someone’s lumps or when our thought is on the level of employing the unemployed or getting supply for those who lack we are on the human scene merely trying to patch up the illusion, merely trying to patch up those who are already are not under the law of God and even after they are healthy still won’t be under the law of God.

Our work deals with this, God constitutes individual being, your being. But I can’t see that with my eyesight therefore I have no interest in the picture that I behold. Nor can I hear it with my ears and the mere fact that you say “I had a pain and thank you it isn’t there anymore” doesn’t convince me that you’re a spiritual being. It merely tells me that temporarily you’re a little healthier than you were before. That has no significance whatsoever in your spiritual life and actually it is only a first step. And whereas most students will tell me the very moment the pain is gone or the lump is gone “now I’m fine”, encloses a cheque “Thank you” and call the work finished, what I like to hear is “now we’ve got that out of the way let’s begin the real journey and establish me in my spiritual identity. Because now I have no pain, now I have no lack, now I can really give my time and attention to finding God.”

I think one of the saddest experiences that comes in the lives of those of us who have been in the work as many years as I have is the calls that come to us from practitioners and teachers who have been in the work years and years and years and then all of a sudden are finding themselves in just as bad a plight as some of those who never heard of metaphysics. And then you wonder what did it all amount to all of these years if it involved nothing more than just getting healthy today instead of a pain of yesterday? What has been achieved in life if the whole life was just spent being a metaphysical medical practitioner? You’re changing health, ill health, to fitness or lack to a temporary sense of abundance. Whereas these years should have been spent in making the transition.

Now I know that while we are in the depths of sickness or lack or unhappiness that it is not a simple matter to care whether or not we reach God as long as we can, at least, get rid of this pain or lack or unhappiness, I realise that. But I also know that the moment the acute part of our problem is passed we should be beginning to look for the principle of life, the cause and not just rejoice in these petty little effects that are all too common place after ninety years of metaphysical practice on earth.

I don’t see how anyone in this work can glory too much in the healing knowing what marvels of healing we have been witnessing in the metaphysical world in all of the different teachers, teachings of the metaphysical world for these past ninety years. Why wonder about them? Why glory in them? They’re as common as salt on a table. But, the thing to wonder at is, what did it? What brought it about? And how can we go and do likewise? Because that’s the secret. “Go thou and do likewise”.

It isn’t enough to rejoice over healings because once you understand the nature of healing work, as it has been revealed in our work, you’ll find that healing is not difficult. Sometimes it’s delayed, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult. It means that we have things in our consciousness that have not yet been met, that must be met before the visible healing can take place. And that doesn’t mean that there’s some sin in your consciousness or some hidden fault. It’s usually some state of ignorance. Something of which you have had no enlightenment on and until you do the effect remains, the ill effect.