Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcribed by Maurice Seth and proofread by Sue Czartoryski.The pdf download below is the complete script. When the audio ends Joel still speaks. A complete script came to us made by one of the stenographers of Joel.

pdf  332B All Power is Within Me

All Power is Within Me
1960 Washington D.C. Closed Class
By Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 332B

In the early part of our metaphysical lives I think that most of us have felt that we came to the study to overcome some negative condition, some ill health or lack of supply, lack of harmony in human relationships and we probably were introduced to the subject of a truth study to meet such conditions and to turn sickness into health, or lack into abundance or unhappiness into happiness. In our work we have learned that this is only the kindergarten stage of spiritual living. It’s only the very first step into the mystical life.

Now you will realise of course that there are many, many people who have no interest in truth or God beyond the meeting of their human needs. In other words if through truth or through God their human needs are met, that satisfies them completely and their interest goes no further.

In our work the meeting of the human need is only a first step because it isn’t our goal. Our goal is God realization or the mystical life in which we ultimately come to where we can say with Paul “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life”.

Now if in our early step our thought continues to be along the line of overcoming this discord and rising above that inharmony, removing this ill or restoring good here, and if we do successfully attain harmony in place of discord, it should be to us an evidence that behind the experience there lies a principle. In other words if I ask a practitioner for help to overcome an ill and if they succeed in doing that for me certainly it is clear that the overcoming of the ill is an effect. That behind that effect there was a cause, that is, something that removed the ill. The removing of the ill was only an effect but something did the removing.

Now. What is it? What? Supposing that you pray or meditate or treat for the overcoming of some discord in your experience and well we’ll just say that it’s a boil and the next day the boil disappears. Now if you stop to think about that, the disappearing of the boil is an effect, now what made it disappear? What happened that that boil that was there yesterday has disappeared today or if there was a fever, you ask for help, and it was a 103 and an hour later it was a 100 and an hour later it was whatever the normal is supposed to be. You have witnessed an effect.

But what caused it? What brought it about? And those who are merely satisfied that the effect took place and then expressed their gratitude have not yet awakened to the fact that something of a miraculous nature happened. Something in the nature of a miracle. Something in the nature… well a human being couldn’t understand it, a doctor couldn’t explain it. Here it is, now it’s gone.

Something must have happened and if your curiosity hasn’t been awakened, if your interest hasn’t been awakened, you are still asleep after the healing and you may have a dozen healings but eventually the day will come when it just won’t happen anymore and you’ll wonder why. If however, when you have had one or two of these healings, and you begin to ponder, what happened? What caused it? What lies behind this healing? Then you are beginning to search for God. You are beginning to search for truth. You are beginning to ask for the reason underlying a visible effect. And this means that your interest in God is being awakened for God’s sake not merely for the effect’s sake and then it is that you really begin your journey on the spiritual path.

Your spiritual journey does not begin until you have looked behind the effect and wondered what brought it about and then began the search, the study, the investigation to find out what made this happen? How was it brought about? Where is the reason for this occurrence? Then of course you have left the realm of those who come for loaves and fishes and you are now coming for the principle itself. Coming for the loaves and fishes is a normal and a natural procedure up to a certain point.

It is natural for anyone of us who has a discord, an inharmony, a sin, a false appetite, a disease, a lack, it is natural for us to want these removed. But it is also natural, once we have seen one or two or three such demonstrations to ask why? How? What is behind this? What is the law behind it? What is the principle behind it? How does this happen? And then you may rightly say you are no longer interested in loaves and fishes alone but now you have come to seek the principle of life. The mystery of life, the secret, the harmony that lies behind the visible effect. When this comes you will not find yourself fooled by appearances anymore. And I can illustrate this by something that has been happening here in this city this week.

And I have no doubt that it’s happening in other cities this week too. It is very evident in my telephone calls, cables, letters that many people are concerned because Mr Khrushchev is getting very nasty with President Eisenhower and getting very rough with the United States, and it has disturbed a lot of people.

Now as a matter of fact had these people been studying spiritually, instead of being disturbed they would have been gratified and overjoyed and realised at last somebody has been doing spiritual work and now we will come out of our difficulties. Why? Because if you’d have been studying spiritually you would have known that ever since the days of Stalin that he and Bulganin and Khrushchev have been smiling and playing tootsie wootsie with Mr Roosevelt and Mr Truman and Mr Eisenhower and being the best of buddies and then hitting them over the head and taking away everything they had.

Taken away Europe from them, taken away China from them and taken away about everything we had to give them too. Mounting into the tens of billions of dollars, not counting all of the secrets of atomic energy and all the rest of our great scientific discoveries that we have given them because they were smiling at us.

They were playing pleasant. They were inviting us to conferences. And for twenty, thirty years this has been going on and all of the time we have been taken like gamblers at a phony gambling table. Taken just for the boobs that we are and have been. Taken in by people who told us in plain English they were out to get us. That they would lie, cheat and defraud. That they would take us, buy, enlarge, and make us like it. And all this time we didn’t believe them because they were smiling when they said it. Like Hitler did. Hitler told us the same thing. I’m building an Air Force. I’m going to wreck Europe and if I go down I’ll take the world with me. And all of this time we so disbelieved him that we just let him go in and do it. And then afterward blamed it on whom? Hitler! And now we’re blaming it on Khrushchev. And Stalin. And they have told us if you don’t believe me go to the public library and get out all of the speeches of Stalin, Bulganin and Khrushchev and see if they once tried to deceive you as to their intention. And they told you that all those conferences were tricks. And they told you that all these meetings that we’ve sent delegations to were only to stall for time. And they said it openly but they smiled while they did it. And not having had a government in all of these years that had experience in international affairs we just sat around and took it.

Now, now that these people are coming out in the open and letting us know how they feel don’t you know that nothing but a spiritual power could have brought that out into the open so that now we can prepare, so that now we can know how to talk to them, so now we can know how to deal with them. Don’t you know that now that the error is open and you’re confronted with it, now you can intelligently work with it? And know what to do and heretofore you were working in the blind.

Well just more word on that subject. Don’t be concerned about all of this rough stuff that’s coming across from Russia. It’s the healthiest sign we’ve had since nineteen hundred and thirty. It’s the first time that we have been awakened to the truth since nineteen hundred and thirty. The first time anyone has told us the truth about international affairs since nineteen hundred and thirty. And glory in that and rejoice in it because now everyone in this government and in all of the foreign governments will at least know where they stand and how to handle it.