Christ in Meditation 5/5

There is not a single thought in my mind of any world outside of my own being and yet I am convinced of this because I have witnessed it. That this tabernacling within, produces harmonies in the experience of the students without. All of this that takes place in the withinness translates itself into terms of harmony, in the experience of all those who touch us. Not because of any do-gooder complex, not because of trying to use God for you, but a willingness to leave the outside world outside.

This is a spiritual kingdom within me. This is a spiritual universe and there are spiritual people in my kingdom, spiritual children of God and we are all heirs of God, not one of us needing anything of another, all heirs of God, joint heirs to all the heavenly riches. The branch on the right side of the tree is fed from the same source as the branch on left side of the tree.

I have overcome the world. I am home in thee. I am fed from an inner source. The Christ gives me my cup of water and this cup of water springs up into well-springs of life eternal. I am fed from within, clothed from within, housed from within. The kingdom of God is within me and it is a spiritual feeding and a spiritual drinking and a spiritual housing. Tabernacle, temple of God. Know ye not that you are the temple of God, a spiritual temple, not made with hands. This is not a physical universe nor are we turning spirit into doing something to a physical universe. We have overcome the physical universe and we are wholly and completely at one in spirit. I in thee and thou in me and all of us together, in a oneness of spiritual communion, one household of God, one family of God one fountain of God and thy house of many mansions.

And as I return to walking up and down the world, as I return to the problems of human existence, they are no longer my problems and they are no longer problems. Now you see them as shadows, without substance, without power and you can look on them regardless of their name or nature. Where the man whose breath is in his nostril or a hurricane and see them as shadows, having no power because you have already felt that all power`s within you. No power left to be in the hurricane, no power left to be in the whirlwind, no power left to be in man whose breath is in his nostril for all power is within me. And then you walk up and down this world and see it almost as the shadows on a moving picture screen, knowing that they come and they go but they have no real substance, no real voice, no real power. And in this way you bring the activity of the Christ to human consciousness and you dispel this illusion of two powers. You dispel this illusion of good men and bad men because now there are no bad men and no good men for only God is good.

The Christ in meditation is to be kept in the kingdom of God within you so that when you return to the world, it can be the light that shows you that everything else is shadow.

Thank you until we meet again.

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