Here we are, we are in a new kingdom. We are in another realm. We are out of this world. We have overcome this world. Now think, think now, how un-conditioned we are in our thinking that we are not seeking anything of this world. We have lost in our mind, the mesmeric desire for person, place, thing, circumstance, condition. We`ve lost in our mind any further seeking for fame or fortune or glory. And now we’re seeking, we`ve overcome that world. And now, we’re in the realm of the real.

Now we`re in the kingdom of God. Now, now we`re beginning. This is the son of God that I am now. Now, am I the son of God because God is spirit and my whole mind and being and body is engaged in the spiritual. I have overcome the world. I am no longer the son of man but the son of God. My whole longing is for the things of God and the thoughts of God and the ways of God and the will of God. That I may know thee aright, whom to know aright is life eternal. Where thou art, Father, I long to be. In thy house are many mansions. In thy kingdom is the peace to be found, the spiritual peace, the only peace, because now, it isn`t thy peace for the sake of material good, it is thy peace alone. Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things. When I have thy grace, I have all that`s necessary unto my experience.

And it operates in human life, like this, that in that moment, when you no longer take thought for the things of this world and you are abiding in his grace, that all of a sudden out here, the food that is necessary appears or the clothing appears or the harmony or the friends or whatever is necessary in the human world even if the ravens have to bring it, even if the poor widow has to share it, in one way or another, all things appear, but now, now without taking thought, because we are no longer in the kingdom of this world.

Now we are in the kingdom of his grace, we are living in his presence, and there’s no room in the mind for matter or the desire for matter or material things or material activities or degrees of matter. None, this is disappeared, the un-conditioned mind has in it, no material concepts, longings or desires. It is entirely an abiding place for the spirit of God. The un-conditioned mind is an abiding place. Know ye not that ye are the temple of the living God. Your mind is that, your un-conditioned mind. The mind that no longer desires any thing but desires only to know thy peace, thy grace, thy will. Thy will, oh, you enter into this new dimension where you have no will of your own but you follow the leading when his will is made manifest in you. When his will is expressed in you and then you merely carry it out.

We have made a transition from this world to my kingdom. In this mind, there are no material thoughts. In this mind now, this mind is an abiding place. The kingdom of God is within me, the spirit of God dwells in me. The spirit of God can`t dwell in me while I am thinking in terms of this world but I have overcome this world. And I have no more thoughts about wanting God for some worldly purpose. Now, the mind is un-conditioned and seeks only thy peace, thy grace, thy will. And this brings to light, the great mystery, that we have no life of our own. Now, the life of God has become our life because we are not thinking in terms of time or space, we are not thinking in terms of longevity, we are thinking in terms of eternality. In this spirit, you can feel it, in this spirit I live and yet I have no feeling of age, I have no feeling of physical body because I have overcome that world.

Where the spirit of the Lord is. If so be the spirit of God dwell in you then do you become the child of God, and if child of God, heir, if so be the spirit of God dwell in you. Now, you bring this spirit of God, It’s already there, but you bring it into active expression, when you do not want it for a purpose. I have overcome the world when I want the spirit of God but not for a purpose. Think of that now, let that move around in you. The spirit of God dwells in me when I seek it, but not for a purpose. For itself, thy grace, thy presence is my sufficiency in all things. I seek only thy presence but not for a reason, not for a purpose, I don’t want to use it, just tabernacle with it, commune with it.

We have overcome the world in any moment in which we seek the grace of God but for no purpose. Not for a healing, not for a supply, not to make the world better but to retire from this world and enter the kingdom of grace. Enter the realm where we do not live by might or by power. We do not use the sword because we are not trying to hold on to anything material. Thy grace is my sufficiency. This is the Christ. This is the son of God. This is the overcoming of this world. Thy grace for no reason, for no purpose.

And it is in this kingdom of God where the voice speaks and reminds us, `fear not for I am with thee. I will be with thee until the end of the world.’ Do not seek for bread, or meat or wine or water or meat for I am thy bread and meat and wine and water. Do not seek for any power of resurrection, of healing for I am the resurrection.

In this un-conditioned mind, there is no movement toward attaining anything or achieving anything or demonstrating anything, there is no movement of the mind outside of itself. There is an inner peace and an inner stillness, an abiding, an abiding in him. I live and move and have my being in him. I have overcome the world. The world out here has dropped away and I have no concern for it. For I am living and moving and having my, ah, the 91st Psalm says, `he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high`, and that`s where I am. I am dwelling in him, dwelling in his spirit and his spirit is dwelling in me for we are one.

And there is no thought taking place for an outside universe. No thought taking place for an outside person. Not even the purpose of blessing them. Even that has dropped away. I am just here like a ball, all rolled up inside of myself. Have you seen the statue of the hand of God for the man all folded up inside of that hand and that is what takes place? Moving and moving in him and there is no outside world.

And yet, you may be assured of this. That, as Jesus was abiding in this very consciousness of the Father, that everyone that touched the hem of his robe was blessed. He wasn`t thinking of blessing them, He had overcome this world. He wasn`t thinking of feeding them or housing them or healing them, He was abiding in this consciousness of God`s presence and then everyone who touched him, physically or mentally, everyone who entered the realm of his atmosphere or aura was blessed. Not by a conscious direction of his mind because that would have been conditioning. As if we were going to use God and send it over here to this person. No, no, no. Living in this contemplation of divine grace and then letting anybody, saint or sinner, the woman taken in adultery, touch him and instantly be purified, or the thief on the cross.