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pdf     427B Christ in Meditation

Christ in Meditation
1961 New York Special Class
By Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 427B

Some of you, I know, have been puzzled by the chapter on unconditioned mind in the Thunder of Silence and because this subject plays such an important part in our entire spiritual experience, I would like you to see how this functions.

When a child is born, its mind is already conditioned by some of its parents’ beliefs, ancestral beliefs but only to that extent. But from the moment of its birth, the parents starts conditioning the infant’s mind, much of what it teaches the child is fiction, false, but the parent has, the parents have themselves accepted this fiction for fact and therefore they pass it on. Just as so many of us were taught about Santa Claus and accepted it and of course our minds were conditioned to the belief in Santa Claus, just as many of us had concepts of God handed on to us which were about as erroneous as anything that was taught five thousand years ago but we believed it, our minds became conditioned to it and so it is that we have picked up political convictions, religious convictions, economic convictions.

You realized that last year some of our great professors had solved the, one of the great problems of the world, that of feeding us, we are going to let all the Chinese die and the Hindus die and then teach all the mothers how not to have babies, and in the end, there would be enough food for each of those who survived. You know that would have been the idea that Jesus could have used when he had only a few loaves and fishes and a multitude to feed. He could have said now wait a while, let them all starve to death until there’s just enough left for the food we have. And that, that was the idea they presented exactly and they surely were conditioned to accept it.

But the point is this, that from the moment of conception on, we are being conditioned into accepting beliefs and theories that have absolutely no truth in them. And we go through life, most people, with many of these convictions and carry them across with us. When we have a conditioned mind and insist on holding to it, we have no way at all of making entrance for the spiritual presence or the Christ. It is only as we begin the un-conditioning process, that eventually we arrive at the mind that was in Christ Jesus. But what we have to watch out for is this, if we were approaching life from a psychological standpoint, we would try to find out all of the untruths we know and get rid of them and substitute for them something that we consider to be truth. And that way we would be conditioning ourselves with some more fiction because we have absolutely no way intellectually of knowing what is truth.

When we approach this subject from a spiritual standpoint, we do not try to discover which of our beliefs are truth and which aren’t or which of our thoughts are truth and which aren’t but rather, we accept this, that spiritual truth is within ourselves. And that as we learn to go within, this truth reveals itself to us and thereby, produces the unconditioned mind or pure mind. In other words, becoming unconditioned is not a mental process, nor is it a process of sorting out what is true and what isn’t and trying to discard the untrue and hold to the true. It is rather, not sitting in judgement as to what is truth or is not truth but realizing that truth is within us. The kingdom of God is within me.

No, I cannot take up time to go back through my lifetime and find out what I learned that is right or what is wrong. The only thing I can do is go within and be instructed by the Father within me. We are told in scripture that eventually we will be all taught of God and if eventually, why not now? I think that is copyrighted by somebody but they won’t mind my using it.

Truth is within ourselves. At this very moment, all of the truth that has ever been known in the history of the world is within you. You don’t need books to find out what that truth is although truth will lead you to books, books which you use for a different purpose. But unless you can realize that truth is within yourselves, and all of the truth, I like to use that scriptural passage, “Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine” and I like to think of that. That all that the Father hath of truth, all the Father hath of love, of life, of wisdom, all that the Father hath is mine. It’s all within me, all been given to me as a gift of God.

I am broad minded too because I know that this is the truth about you, and about all of the people of the world. I can’t claim that as an exclusive inheritance or else we have to set up a new religion with a new figure up here which would eventually get crucified. But that won’t happen for this reason, that I do know, that the Kingdom of God is within me. I do know that all that the Father hath is mine. I have seen it operate over the years. But because I have taught it, I have watched it operate in the consciousness of many students of the Infinite Way. I have watched how as they opened themselves to the withinness, the kingdom within themselves that ideas began pouring out. Some were ideas of truth, in other cases it brought forth music, art, literature, ideas, inventions, discoveries. In many cases hidden talents and the reason is, that it was always locked up within.

Son, thou art ever with me and this is true because I and the Father are one, and not two. Therefore, if I and the Father are one, all that the Father is, I am, and all that the Father hath is mine. And now, according to the poet, I must open out a way for this imprisoned splendor to escape. Therefore, when I turn within in meditation, not for the purpose of using God or truth but for the purpose of being taught of God, eventually I come to that place of stillness, quietness and confidence, in which and through which, truth begins to appear.

All that you have read in the Infinite Way writings, you know have come from within. You know that a person isn`t born knowing that and a great deal of it is certainly not written so you know it has to come from within. So it is, music and a true composer must come from within. Art must come from within. But it only comes in proportion to our ability to turn within. To listen, to be still and then the mind becomes unconditioned of its beliefs, its theories, its false ideas, its misconceptions, and misperceptions, and all of a sudden instead of thinking along the lines that we have heretofore, we begin to perceive new ideas, new thoughts, new truths coming into expression.

So it is then, that, recognizing that as human beings, we are very much conditioned in our thinking and most of it with false thinking and that even if we spent three or four or five years on the psychiatrist’ couch, we still wouldn’t be able to tell him all the lies that are stored up in us. We are better off to save that time and make the acknowledgement right now that since so much of what I know or think I know isn`t true, let me ignore that and `Father, enlighten me, Speak Lord, thy servant heareth’. And we are then emptying out the vessel, making room for something new. And when that something new appears, we quickly recognize that it is the presence of God or the Christ.