I Beyond Space or Time 5/5

And so as I meditate, I really am contemplating the I within me. And it reminds me in that very book, this English book, English Mystical Verse, one bolder than all the rest wrote, “Before God was I am.” Before anyone had a concept of God, before anyone dreamed of a God, before anyone thought of a God, I still am. And you will find in your contemplative meditation that this is true, that the one thing that has been from everlasting to everlasting is the I that I am. It takes me back centuries and centuries and centuries. And it carries me forward far more years than are in evidence physically. This I encompasses all time and all space, because it is not limited in time or space.

Those of you who are familiar with the tapes that have the meditation on the discovery of this I will remember that as you searched from your toenails all the way up to the top of your head, searching for yourself you could not find your self. You were not in your feet, and you were not in your limbs, and you were not in your stomach, and you were not in your chest, and you were not in your head, and in the end you came to the realization that from head to foot I am not there. And then comes the realization, why, of course not, I can never be entombed. And then you will understand that scene at the tomb of the Master when his mother was told he is not here. He is risen.

And you will understand that as you look for your life within you, as you look for your identity, eventually you will have to acknowledge I am not here. I too am risen. I am risen above time and above space. I am not inside of time or space, but time and space are within me. They are within my kin, within my wisdom, within my knowledge, within my understanding. I embrace time and space within me, for I am unlimited. I am free. I am unencumbered. I and my Father are one. If thou seest me, thou seest the Father, for there is only one I, and I am that I.
Goodbye until August.

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