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    340B I Beyond Space or Time the pdf

I Beyond Space or Time
London Closed Class 1960
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 340B

Good afternoon.
This is our last session of this very wonderful London Closed Class 1960, and I have no further words to say about this class but these tapes and another surprise that will come to you later will tell the whole story.

Question: What is the second death spoken of in the New Testament?
Answer: I could not actually say. I don’t think that I understand it sufficiently to speak about it. I probably have my own idea of it, but I have no idea as to whether that is the idea expressed in it. And I think on that subject it will be wiser to go within.

Question: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Was this the making of something out of nothing?

Answer: No, indeed, you cannot make something out of nothing. It has been tried by many. That’s why we have prisons.

You cannot make something out of nothing. God created the heaven and the earth out of Himself. God is the substance of all form. And whatever is created is the emanation of God. And to understand that clearly, and it is possible to understand it clearly, let me ask you to close your eyes for a moment and build in your mind an edifice. I don’t care whether it’s a country home, or a city home, or an automobile, or a yacht. Just create an image in your thought. And I think you will realize that you have not created it out of nothing. You have created it out of your mind. And along with mind as a basic substance, there is also your imagination and also your education, also your knowledge of life, of buildings.

Because into that picture that you formed, you really put the benefit of all of your life. In other words, if you built a country home, remember that the country home is what you visualize now as a country home after having lived all of these years and seen country homes or been in country homes and finally evolved your ideal. And that’s what you’ve just built. If you built an automobile, it was out of your knowledge of automobiles.

And so it was not out of nothing that you built it, there was your mind as substance and as activity. And there was your imagination, and there was your experience and your knowledge. And all of that went into building whatever it was that you built. And so you can imagine that God did not build this magnificent universe out of nothing but out of Himself. When God said let us make man in our image, who or what is the us and the our?

Well, I have an idea that that is probably something like Lindbergh who when he flew to Paris from New York spoke about “we.” And he actually meant himself and his airplane. At least the world gathered the idea that he spoke about himself and his airplane as “we,” but in the light of something that he has recently written, he may not have meant that at all, because recently he wrote how he managed to reach Europe on that occasion, because actually it wasn’t the way it seemed. In this plane, which you will remember was a very small, single-engine plane, he describes the difficulties of the weather that he encountered and the strain it was on him and the fact that several times he fell asleep.

When he awakened, he realized that his plane had drifted off course, but having been asleep he did not know how far or in what direction. And ordinarily he really would have been lost. But he says that each time that he fell asleep and then awakened, there was a man in back of him, inside the plane, who told him what adjustments to make on his machine. To regulate or adjust the drift and put him back on course. And he says that when he left New York, he figured on landing somewhere between fifty and a hundred and fifty miles from his expected point of landing or his arranged point of touching the European coast. And anything between fifty and a hundred and fifty miles off would have been normal. But because of this presence in his plane, telling him what adjustments to make, he landed right exactly on the point of expectation. So probably he was referring to “we” as this invisible form, which became visible to him. Maybe he was referring to the plane.

And so when Scripture says make man in our image and likeness probably also it is referring to God realizing the infinite nature of God’s Being. And this would enable him to say “we” and “our.” On the other hand, if it should not turn out that it was that way, it may be that in the many translations that have taken place, that is how the translations come out.

Now this is a most important point. I’m glad this question came, because it gives me still another opportunity, and although I haven’t kept accurate count, I would say offhand that this is the 1,796, 824th time that I have brought this to your attention.

Question: When I look out upon the world and see selfishness, unkindness, and false sense, should I recognize that none of this is taking out there but is really an image or conception in my own mind? And what is the basic point of the entire Infinite Way? What is its major discovery that sets it apart from every other metaphysical teaching in the world?

Answer: The fact that no error is in your mind. That evil is not personal. This entirely sets the Infinite Way apart from every metaphysical teaching and from every psychology teaching, because we do not uncover the error within you. There isn’t any. You are the temple of God. God is your mind. So how could there possibly have gotten any error into your mind, which is God.

And so, unless you recognize that this sin, selfishness, unkindness, hate, envy, jealousy, malice is not out here, is not in you and is not in me, but that it is the universal or carnal mind, an impersonal belief in two powers. Unless you see that you have no possible way of doing Infinite Way healing. You can do lots of other kinds of healing. But all Infinite Way healing is based on two major factors: that all evil is impersonal, is in and of the carnal mind, the universal belief in two powers, and that this carnal mind isn’t a mind but is nothing but a belief in two powers, the arm of flesh or nothingness.