I Beyond Space or Time 2/5

So that until you impersonalize evil and then nothingnize it, you have no place to go in the Infinite Way. This is all embraced in the 1959 work—nine months of it—in every single tape that was made in 1959, this point is emphasized over and over and over again. Evil does not exist in me, or as Paul would say, “I find no sin in me, merely a sense of sin.” In other words, I am not a sinner, but I do feel this universal sense of sin tempting me. Just imagine, if you were a witness to the Master, facing his three temptations in the wilderness, and you were to say, “Jesus, those temptations aren’t outside of you; they’re inside of you.” Think how you would have made the Master feel to accuse him of those three evils. And I would feel just as badly if you accused me of being evil, even if I were tempted at some moment with a sense of evil.

Now, the first point that every Infinite Way student must learn is this: evil is never personal. You are never sinful. You are never evil. You have no hate, envy, jealousy, or malice in you, even if it seems to be pouring out of you. It still isn’t in you. It is still in and of the carnal mind, of which you may at the moment be a victim. That is why it is so ridiculous when we have an epidemic of flu and then some metaphysician says, “I guess the evil must be in me.” Here it is so self-evident that it’s an epidemic spreading all over the world and some smart metaphysician saying, “I guess it isn’t out there in the world; it’s in me.”
Of course not. No evil is in you. All evil is in and of what we call carnal or mortal mind. But this is not really a mind. This is only a universal belief in two powers, and it has no law, no substance, no cause, never is ordained of God, and therefore must fall of its own nothingness. So never again talk about an image in my own mind. An image in the carnal mind, yes. As long as you follow it up with “ah, but the carnal mind is not power.” Now in that 1959 work, you will also find that I have traced for you the reason for all of the error that is on the earth today. It all had its beginning when the word devil or Satan was first misunderstood. When the word devil or Satan first came into being, in whatever its original language may have been, it meant an impersonal source of evil. It was only in some later generation that devil or Satan was personalized and became an enemy of God. Now when it was impersonal, it was no enemy of God because it had no person or personality in whom or through whom to work, therefore it could have no enmity. It was an impersonal nothingness.

As soon as an individual recognizes that anything is of the devil, that should instantaneously mean they’re healing, because being of the devil, it is impersonal. And not only that, the devil itself being mythological, there is no entity, identity, or law. And so it should really be a simple thing to say, “I know thee who thou art; thou art of the devil” to any form of error. And then snap your finger at it because if it is of the devil, it is impersonal, meaning it has no person in whom, on whom, through whom to operate.

Now, once the devil became personalized as enmity against God, you’ve had all of these thousands of years of a battle between good and evil, when in reality there is no battle between good and evil. Good is infinite and evil is nonexistent, and therefore there can be no battle between them. So in order to have a battle, you first must personalize evil. That gives you a battler. And remember that without personalizing it, there is no battler. There is no one to battle or to combat.

Now, Paul changes the word devil to carnal mind. But he makes the mistake of making the carnal mind enmity against God and thereby personalizes it. And what happens to Paul: every week he gets beaten; every week he gets thrown into jail; every week he’s pilloried; every week he’s put in the stocks. He just meets carnal mind every week of the year, and he ends up dying in prison. Of course he did it to himself. He built himself a carnal mind as enmity against God, and he woke up every day starting out to do battle.

Now, anyone can repeat Paul’s experience. Just get yourself a devil or a carnal mind, and I think you’ll find yourself with a bloody nose too. Now, after many, many centuries, Mrs. Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, invented a new word for the sum total of all evil. She called it, or term rather, she called it mortal mind. But she so thoroughly understood its nature that she said mortal mind, the term mortal mind, is a solecism. It is a term denoting nothingness. And on the strength of that statement her practitioners did such miraculous healing work that within 30 years there were 3,000 established churches all over the world and all legalized to do spiritual healing, which before that was not legalized in any country. But only because the healings were of such a tremendous nature, so outstanding that the laws of every country had to finally acknowledge that Christian Science healing is legitimate healing and made it legal. And all of it was based on that: the carnal mind is (or mortal mind) is a term denoting nothingness. It is the sum total of all error, but it is a term. It isn’t an entity or identity; it’s a term. And it’s a term that denotes nothingness. And miracle works took place.

Until, as in the case of Gautama the Buddha late in his life and late in Mrs. Eddy’s life, the younger students began to make an enemy out of mortal mind. And so they set up a system of protective work from this mortal mind, and they began naming mortal mind. And so the first thing you know, some of them were calling Roman Catholics mortal mind and some were calling the Hebrews mortal mind and some said that Orientals were mortal mind, until after you get through with it, by now everybody is mortal mind except you and me. And sometimes me wonders about thee.

Now if you can see the word devil or carnal mind or mortal mind as being an impersonal source of every claim of evil and then say, “so what,” in other words “I’m glad I have you out there in nothingness;” then drop it, and you will find that instead of trying to overcome mortal mind or rise above it or destroy it, you will have done that very thing by declaring its nothingness. Now exactly that which is I’ve said to you is first discovered by Gautama the Buddha, is next revealed by Jesus the Christ, is next revealed by Mrs. Eddy, is now again revealed in this Infinite Way. The nature of error is always impersonal and universal, and it is always without law.

Now remember it has no person in whom, on whom, or through whom to operate, and therefore it operates in us individually and collectively only in accordance with our agreement that it is a power, that it is a presence, and that it is personal. And the very moment we lend ourselves to such a statement as, “is the evil within me?” We have made our own little private carnal mind and then set out to battle it.

You remember last night’s lesson that the height of our work is attained in the realization of no power. We do not need a power, not even a God power, to destroy our enemies, or our sins, or our diseases. We need only the realization of Truth. Ye shall know the Truth, ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. So you don’t need a God power.

You need only to know the Truth. And what is the Truth? I in the midst of me am mighty, all mighty. I am God endowed, God empowered. God has given me dominion. Therefore, the carnal mind, mortal mind, devil, all of these are without power. For all the power there is in the world manifests itself in and through me. God has endowed us with spiritual power, not to be exercised or used. It isn’t that kind of a power. It is a power that brings us forth into manifestation and maintains and sustains us without conscious effort.

Now the moment you use your mind, or the moment you use your thought, or the moment you use Truth or attempt to use God, you are outside the realm of the Infinite Way. The Infinite Way is a realm of realization. I and the Father are one. All that God is I am. And all that appears to me as evil, regardless of its name or nature, is the carnal mind, mortal mind, or nothingness, the arm of flesh, not to be battled, not to be fought, not to be overcome, just to be recognized as impersonal nothingness. But that big word is “impersonal” because it means without person.

Without a person in whom, on whom, through whom to operate. So never again bring evil as being in your mind or in the mind of your patient.

Question: You said the other night that India had received the greatest message of all time, yet today she is conspicuously poor and underdeveloped. Would you please enlarge on that?

Answer: I cannot because the other evening in that class I gave that in its fullness. I don’t know of another word that could be added to what I said. Once, once you have accepted the belief that this world is a mirage or an illusion or maya, you’re hopelessly sunk, for this world is the temple of God. The only maya or illusion is the false sense of this world we entertain. Not because the evil is in me, because of the acceptance of the universal belief in two powers.

Here it is again.


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