Removing the Barriers to God 4/5

When God lives on Earth as man, there will be peace on Earth, because God does not war with Himself. And if each one of us in this room knew that the only life we have in us is the Life of God, we could not quarrel with each other. It would the one Life quarreling with Itself, and this could never be, anymore than my right hand quarrels with my left hand. Why so? It’s all part of one Body. And once you realize there is only one Life, we are all part of one Body and that Body is God. And there could be no quarreling between us, not anymore than the branches of a tree could quarrel with themselves. Why so? All branches of one tree, all fed by the same Source, all the one Life, all receiving existence and fruitage from the same Source. How can they quarrel with each other? And nothing but this realization can bring peace, whether in this room, this nation, or this universe. Only in the realization that the Life of me is the Life of you, the Being of me is the Being of you. We are all One in our spiritual relationship to God. We are all offspring of the One, all having the same Life flow in us, the same Mind that was in Christ Jesus. Only in this realization can come peace, whether between two people, two nations, or two universes.

Declaring this with our lips will not establish peace. Going out on a platform and telling this to the multitudes will not establish peace, because the intellect can never accept Truth. The intellect will never agree that Truth is true, because Truth is transcendental. It transcends what the human mind can accept. And once you start to say, “I in thou and thou in me and we in God,” you have outraged the human intellect. The very moment that we say, “whatever I do unto you, I do unto myself,” we have outraged the human intellect, because the human intellect is sure of one thing and that is that each one of us is a separate unit. And usually I am the greatest one of the units. That the intellect can always agree on.

Now, when you transcend the intellect, when you can discern through spiritual vision, as the Master demanded of his disciples. “Whom do men say that I am?” Resurrected Hebrew, prophet, yes. “Whom do ye say that I am?” And he expected a different answer from the disciples than he expected to get from men. And he got a different answer. “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Imagine how insulting that is to the intellect to look at a Hebrew Rabbi walking around in a Hebrew robe and say, “Thou art the Christ.” And that’s exactly what Peter did. Through that mask of costume, through that mask of church membership, Peter discerned the spiritual nature of Jesus, the rabbi, and knew that he wasn’t a rabbi. He was the Christ.

Well, you see it is the same way, if you were in a spiritual healing ministry, and the person were brought to you sick, very sick with many symptoms and appearances of sickness. You could never, under any circumstance, bring spiritual harmony or healing to them, unless you had a consciousness that transcended the human intellect. Because the intellect would say, “you have a fever. Your heart isn’t beating correctly, or your liver isn’t functioning.” Therefore, you would have to have a consciousness that transcended the human intellect and be able to say, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. Thou art spiritual. Thou art ageless and deathless. Thou art immortal and perfect.” And how could you ever say that if you were judging by appearances? And you couldn’t but then, if you were judging by appearances, you couldn’t be a spiritual healer.

Meditation develops that spiritual consciousness, that spiritual awareness, that transcendental consciousness, and except, as I said in the beginning, the occasional few who attain it by a Grace of God without any effort on their own part. So far as I know, meditation is the only way of lifting ourselves above the intellect into the attainment of that fourth-dimensional Consciousness—the Christ Mind. And the reason that it is possible for meditation to do that is this. You have as your first major point when you go into your meditation the fact that you are not going to God for anything. You are going to God only for God. You’re going only for realization. Only that I may know thee aright whom to know aright is life eternal. That I might see thee face to face.

Now, the second barrier that separates us from this union with God is the belief that God is a great power that can do things to other powers. In other words, that God is a great power that can perhaps remove disease, or sin, or fear, or that God can give us supply, or that God can change the weather. And you see you never will attain conscious union with God while you’re under such a delusion. God is not a great power over other powers. That is a false teaching that has been handed down through the generations that has caused men to lose their spiritual lives. Please believe me that God is Infinite and Omnipotent, and beside God there is no other power. And so when you go into a meditation, if you are seeking to have God do something like heal the sick, or reform a sinner, or get you supply, you’ve set up the barrier that will separate you as long as you keep it up.

God is not a power that man can use. God is a power that can use man. But God is Infinite Power. God is Omnipotent Power. Beside God, there is no other power. Therefore, to go to God with some concept in your mind of what God can do or that you want God to do is to lose it. You will find when you attain the realization of God that all these so-called powers—powers of sin, or powers of disease, or powers of lack—they disappear. It isn’t that God has destroyed powers. The experience is exactly that of Light touching darkness, and darkness isn’t there anymore. But God didn’t do anything to darkness or rather Light didn’t do anything to darkness. Darkness never existed as an entity. Darkness is only an absence of Light. And sin, and disease, and lack are only the absence of God. They are not entities. They are not identities. They have no form of their own. They have no power. They have no substance, and they have no law. All there is to sin, and disease, and lack is an absence of God. And where the Presence of God is, there is no sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, wars, or rumors of wars.

Therefore, when you go into meditation, don’t go in wanting God to be the great power. Don’t go in wanting God to do something to the errors of this world, because you will fail as prayers have failed for thousands of years. How many billions of people have been on Earth praying for peace, without peace ever coming? How many billions of people have prayed for prosperity, without prosperity coming? How many billions of parents have prayed for their children? And how many billions of children have prayed for their parents? And what’s the use of it all?

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