Now, in explaining this, I must also explain to you that it is only by the grace of God that anyone can experience the reunion. And it is for this reason that only those who have already been touched by that Grace will attempt to become reunited. In other words, the fact that you are on a spiritual path, that you are seeking light through meditation, contemplation is proof that Grace has already touched you, because without this, you would be outside with all the millions who would never pick up a book on meditation, or contemplation, or mysticism. You would at first wonder why is it that they will not pick up such a book, or if they do, they would quickly put it down. The answer is they have not yet been touched by a spiritual Grace. They are not yet ready and such a book would be meaningless to them.

It is in the same way that we find many people who could never sit through an hour of Truth teaching. They would be so restless they would have to jump out a window, if there were no other way out, and the reason is they have not yet been touched by Grace, even to the point of readiness to start on the path. In other words, it is literally true what you have read: you have not chosen me. I have chosen you. You have not chosen to seek God. You have not chosen to find spiritual Truth or reality, and never believe that you, that this is of your doing. Never believe that, if you are reading books of this nature, that you are doing it of your own free will and accord, because no one has free choice. Free choice is one thing that man does not possess. Either a spiritual Grace touches them, and puts them on the path, and keeps them there, or he will never seek it, find it, or remain with it.

There have been enough spiritual healings take place on the face of the globe in the last hundred years so that, if mankind as a whole were ready for a spiritual experience, just what they have seen and heard would put them all on the spiritual path. But even the millions upon millions of those who are on the spiritual path and whose lives show forth the benefit of it, even all of this does not convince mankind. And therefore, you have also heard if you raise them from the dead, they will not believe. And so it is, do not think for a moment that you have the power to put others on the spiritual path, that you can proselyte, that you can draw people into the spiritual path. You have no such power. Either they are touched by an inner Grace and come, or they never will be reached. It doesn’t mean that we cannot offer a book or booklet. It doesn’t mean we cannot offer a cup of cold water, but that’s all we can do. For the rest, they must open up themselves and that they can only do when this Grace has touched them.

Now, if you perceive that as human beings, you are the branch of a tree that is cut off and withereth, if you can further perceive that by becoming reunited with your Source that you would be spiritually fed, spiritually governed, spiritually healed, spiritually supplied, then you will understand the part that meditation and contemplation play in our return to the Father’s house. This return, this becoming reunited with God has nothing whatsoever to do with any outer activity of our body. Therefore, we need not go to holy mountains nor holy temples. The kingdom of God is within you, and it is there that you must go within you, so that by an activity of your own consciousness you can become reunited with your Source. Now, this Source is within you. It is neither lo here nor lo there. It is not in holy mountains or holy temples. It is within you. Therefore, there is no need to go anywhere. There’s need only to learn how to retire to the withinness of your own being.

It is true that if you find a teacher who has received some measure of illumination and you can meditate with them that your meditation will be more quickly achieved and your reunion with your source will be more quickly attained. In other words, it is still true that “I, if I be lifted up, can draw all men to me.” In other words, a spiritual teacher in meditation with the student can lift the student up to the point of reunion.

A question arises and that is this: The question of time. Sometimes an individual meditating for the very first time with their teacher reaches their Source, attains their at-One-ment. It can be a second time, a third time. It can be a hundredth time. And there are some who may require a thousand, because it has been found that with some it is an instantaneous experience and with others it’s a matter of many, many years before the attainment of that experience.

Therefore, the matter of time is a serious one. It isn’t always possible to find the teacher to meditate with. My own experience shows me that there are not many teachers on Earth capable of lifting the student to that period of at-One-ment. And in the Occident, there are almost none. I am sure that you could count the teachers on one hand, on the fingers of one hand in the Occident and have several fingers left over of the teachers who have attained that degree of Light in meditation, or through meditation, or illumination to be the avenue. The Orient has more of these, because the Orient has worked with meditation for centuries. Unfortunately, there are not too many even in the Orient for the simple reason that all who meditate do not attain Oneness. And even those, of those who have attained the right to call themselves teachers, by virtue of their discipleship, even most of these have not attained Oneness.

So the amount of teachers on Earth to whom one could go for this meditation and Light is certainly not many. And that throws the responsibility on each one to do as much of the meditating as they can alone or occasionally unite with others who are seriously on the path, because it is still true that where two or more are gathered together in this name and nature there is a higher degree of spiritual realization than one might attain alone. It has often happened that where two, or three, or twelve, or twenty gather together for meditation that the at-One-ment takes place.