Removing the Barriers to God 1/5

Original Transcript. Hilda Soon transcriber, Zane Maser proofreading.

pdf    Removing the Barriers to God

Removing the Barriers to God
1961 Lausanne Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 423B

Good afternoon.

Now let us start with this foundational point of our entire work. As human beings, we are branches of a tree, cut off from our Source, withering and dying. That’s the history of the entire human race from its beginning until this moment. If human beings were not cut off from their Source, they would never know sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, wars, rumors of wars. They would never have a drought. They would never have too much rain. They would never know such a thing as a tornado. There would be no such things in existence, even here on earth. There would never be too much heat, and there would never be too much cold. The only reason we have these things is that we are cut off, as a human race, from the Source, and we wither and we die, just as it is revealed in the Master’s teaching.

When we are cut off from our Source, we have a human experience that may last 10 years, 20, 60, 70, 80, or 90. It is composed of good experiences, bad experiences, and medium good, medium bad, and sometimes horrible. None of this could be true, if we were not cut off from God.

Now, the whole of the Christian teaching, that is the Master’s teaching, was a revelation of this and the further revelation that it is possible to become reunited with God—to once again become one with our Source. We have in the fifteenth chapter of John the entire explanation of it that when the branch is separate from the vine, it is no longer spiritually fed. It withers and dies. When the branch is reunited with the vine, it can bear fruit richly.

Now just think of this, a branch in and of itself can’t bear fruit. A branch of a tree in and of itself has no capacity to flower or bear fruit. It is only as it is connected to the trunk of the tree and the trunk, of course, with its root and the root grounded in the earth that the branch is able to bear fruit. So with us, we have absolutely no capacity for any form of good as individuals. None. Even the Master could say, “why callest thou me good?” Even he could not attain goodness, and no one can. No one can attain goodness. No one can attain health. No one can attain spiritual riches of himself. Only as he is reunited with the vine, only as he is one with God can he then, by the grace of God, bear fruit richly. All kinds of fruit. Fruit in the body—health. Fruit in the mind—sanity, intelligence, love. The fruits of the Spirit—rightness, purity, harmony, infinite good in every form.

Now, the question is brought up, how can a human being who is literally born separate and apart from God, knows nothing but sickness from the time it’s born, how can an individual return to the Father’s house, that is, become one with God?

In the ancient Schools of Wisdom, it was taught how this could be brought about. It is only when the church was founded, 1700 years ago, that man was cut off from the possibility of being reunited with God, because nothing was introduced into the church teaching that would enable a person to establish themselves again in their oneness with God. It was falsely taught that if you were baptized, or if you had communion, or if you went through some other forms of worship, or ritual, or ceremony that this would establish you in God, and this has been a lie from the beginning. This has never been true. You cannot become reunited with God through any outer form of worship, service, devotion, ceremony, rite, or creed.

And the reason is this. The place in which at-One-ment takes place is within your consciousness. There is no other place for this experience to happen. If it doesn’t happen within your consciousness, it isn’t happening, as far as you are concerned. It could be happening to the person next to you, and you would never know that anything was taking place. In other words, whatever of a spiritual nature is to take place within you or for you must take place in your consciousness. It must be an act of your consciousness. It must be an activity of your consciousness, and it must be consciously attained.

Now, there are rare instances of individuals who have this experience in consciousness without any will or desire for it on their part, so far as human experience is concerned. It is an act of Grace that happens to some people sometime. It happens in their consciousness, but it happens without their having had a desire for it or a knowledge of it. It would be difficult to explain why that happens from any human standpoint, and it is for this reason that the most reasonable explanation of this is that in some previous existence a person had been prepared for it. In other words, each one of us in this room is now on the spiritual path. It may be that there are some here who never were on the spiritual path, until they entered this particular life. It is possible that there are others who found their way to the spiritual path in a former lifetime or ten lifetimes ago. It is for this reason some people come into this world more spiritually endowed than others. It is for this reason that some people are materialistic, and throughout their span on this earth, they cannot overcome their materialistic nature, although someday, somewhere, somehow, they also will be led to the spiritual path. And so it may be that we have lived many lifetimes and that on one or another of these, we touched the spiritual path and came to this plane more ready than others.

Now, in that case, it is possible that those who have had spiritual vision before they came to this plane may, by Grace, have their awakening, their illumination, or initiation, without even having a conscious desire for it or knowledge of it. It may be latent within them. If there is any other explanation, someone else will have to give it. That is the explanation that seems most reasonable to me.

But, if it were necessary to wait for an act of Grace to attain our Oneness, there would be no hope for mankind on Earth, except to wait throughout this lifetime, or the next, or the next, or the next. But it has been discovered, it was discovered in the days of the ancient Wisdoms that there is a way whereby we can become reunited with God. You will remember that this fifteenth chapter of John is one way of explaining humanhood and its sense of separation from God. That the story of the prodigal son is another way of explaining the same thing. The prodigal son is originally the Son of God, one with the Father, joint heir to all the Father, all that the Father has. But cutting himself off from the Father’s house, he wanders around, as we humans do, using up this three score and ten year substance that we originally receive from the Father but which is not renewed, until eventually we come to a place of barrenness. In the case of the prodigal, it is described as his meal with the swine. In our experience, it can be described as an incurable disease, or insanity, or dire poverty. Some extremity of human life that brings about us, in us, the feeling, “is there a way back home? Is there a way back to the Father’s bosom? Is there a way back to the Father’s house?” And then we turn.

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