Expanding from Withinness 4/4

So it is that our consciousness announces its nature. Whatsoever takes place in the inner sanctuary of your being, in the silence of your being, God announces from the housetops. You never have to say to anyone “I am honest.” You never have to say to anyone “I am moral,” because if you are, your presence announces it. Well, in the same way, you never have to say to anyone “I am spiritual,” because saying it would be a denial of it. But if you are, it announces itself. Therefore, we never have to dress differently than anyone else. We never have to appear differently than anyone else. We don’t have to have holy faces. We can just be our ordinary joyous selves and what we are as attained spiritual consciousness appears outwardly, even if those who come to us can’t identify it. They feel it, and they know it is something.

But, and this now is the summary of all I’ve said today. Within your individual consciousness is freedom from sin, disease, death, lack, limitation. Within your own consciousness is that which restores the lost years of the locusts. Within your own consciousness is that which resurrects, even the body, even after it’s diseased, even after it’s old. Within your consciousness is that which resurrects. As a matter of fact, it is your consciousness itself, which does these things, because your consciousness now becomes the substance of your body.

Instead of calling man your father on Earth and acknowledging that I have a body of flesh and blood, call no man on earth your father but recognize consciousness to be the creative Principle of your being, of your body, of your home, of your fortune, of your family life. Recognize that your consciousness is the substance of all form. And you don’t have to make it do anything. You only have to acknowledge that and leave it alone.

We are not going back into mind science where we tell mind what we want and then have it go out and do it. All we have to know is that Consciousness is the substance and the law and the cause unto all form—the form of my body, the form of my wealth, the form of my home, the form of human companionships. My consciousness is the substance of all form, and my consciousness is Infinite, because God is my consciousness. And then rest, rest, and let that silent Truth go out and be the Presence that makes the crooked places straight, that prepares mansions for us.

Never direct your consciousness. Never tell it what you want. Never tell it your desires or your hopes. Only live in the realization that God constitutes your consciousness, and your consciousness is the substance of all form, and let it go at that. And then you’ll find that God has a way of solving our problems, because God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. God’s ways are not our ways. So therefore, no matter what we would tell God, God wouldn’t understand, and the only way we can understand God is through silence.

Never, never, oh yes, God is already the All-Knowing. There’s no excuse for you ever to try to tell God anything. Not for yourself, not for your patient, not for your family. Unless you can believe that God is the All-Knowing, you have no God. You merely have a false concept of God. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Therefore, God is Love. Therefore, you never have to ask God to give you anything, because it’s already His good pleasure to give you. Therefore, you dishonor God when you ask God for anything. You dishonor God as Infinite Intelligence, if you try to tell It something. You dishonor God as Divine Love, if you ask It for anything. But if you acknowledge God to be the substance of your consciousness, if you acknowledge God to be closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet, if you acknowledge God to be the All-Knowing, and if you acknowledge God to be the Divine Love, you’ve done it.

Now, go out and act as if it were true, by living your own life. Then, when you’ve done that you can turn on your television, if you like, and look at the westerns, or the mysteries, or anything you like. It won’t hurt you. It’ll just be a little past time. Then you can go out to the theater or dance. Then you can out and do your shopping, or marketing, or business, because God has built your house. God has built your house. Unless the Lord builds your house, you’re going to labor in vain. The only way you can have God build your house is to acknowledge, first, that God is your individual, Infinite Consciousness, and that God is the All-Knowing Mind, and God is Divine Love. And I can of my own self do nothing.

Now, you see in proportion as you demonstrate that, twenty of you, thirty of you, think what happens here in the city, where each one of you have access to thirty or forty people, fifty, sixty. Think what happens, if one among you is one with God. Think what happens, if there are ten righteous men in the city. Then, you’ll save the whole city. Now, the responsibility isn’t up to the city. It isn’t up to the governor, and it isn’t up to the mayor. No, no, no. They are merely temporal people filling temporal jobs with limited human wisdom. The responsibility’s on your shoulder, because ye know the Truth, and you can’t afford to withhold it.

And that’s it. Thank you.

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