Now, this time freedom, liberty, and justice is going to be established without the use of the sword. It will have to be, or it won’t be permanent. No nation can permanently gain its good through the sword, through the destruction of other nations. There’s no such thing as righteous murder. There is no such thing as righteous slaughter, retail or wholesale. And therefore, “thou shalt not kill.” Therefore, thou shalt not take up the sword, lest the sword be used against you. Therefore, the freedoms and the liberties that have been won with the sword must now be translated, must now go through a transition, until we gain our liberty and our freedom by virtue of God, the Spirit, Truth. You may think this can’t be done, but it must be done, and it is being done, first in your individual experience.

Wherefore or rather heretofore, you have found your health in pills, and plasters, and surgeries, you are beginning to visualize that you never did have a permanent health through those and that nobody else in this world gains permanent health through them. Regardless of what health they get, it’s temporary. And so you know that if you are ever to attain health of a permanent nature, you will have to attain it through spiritualized Consciousness. You know that. You know that, if you are ever to demonstrate permanent abundant supply, it will have to be by other ways than human. You will have to do it spiritually. You will have to demonstrate your supply as a gift of God, as the Grace of God. It isn’t going to be easy to change our mode and method, either of healing or supplying. But it will have to be done. Each one of us individually, that is on this spiritual path, has a mission. And that is to demonstrate that we do not live by bread alone, that we do not live by the sword, that we do not live by money, that we do not live just because the country’s prosperous and has a high tariff, or the country’s prosperous because it shuts down the mills, or the country’s prosperous because the government gives away enough money.

Each one of us individually on the spiritual path will have to prove that we are prosperous because of the Grace of God. And that we are healthy because of the Grace of God, and we will have to prove the Master’s teaching that this temple is the Temple of God. This body is the Temple of God, and therefore, this body is eternal, and we will have to resurrect it from the tomb of three score years and ten. That’s the tomb we’re all living in—three score years and ten, or eleven, or twelve, or twenty.

We will have to overcome the carnal belief that we are acted upon by something external to ourselves. And as we remember that there is no love in this room, until we come into this room and express love from within our consciousness. And there’s no supply in this room, until we express it from within our own being. None of us can sit here and look at the other and say, “I’m trying to get supply for you.” Each of us must know that we get supply by our letting it flow from within us.

So, eventually you are going to demonstrate that your body is the Temple of God, not by any circumstance external to you, but because your consciousness is the bread that feeds your body. Your consciousness of Truth is the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water. Your consciousness of Truth, your attained degree of spiritual Consciousness is your bread, your meat, your wine, your water, and everything must come to you from within, until you can say with the Master, “I have meat the world knows not of. I have a source of health the world knows not of. I have a source of immortality and eternality the world knows not of. I am not dependent on the weapons of the world.” That was it. Weapons of the world, the carnal weapons. The weapons of the world. He who uses the weapons of the world. The world’s weapons. Resort not to the world’s weapons. Resort not to the world’s ways, because I have a defense against the carnal mind that the world knows not of. I have a defense against age, a defense against poverty, a defense against the tyrants of the world. And what is it? It is my spiritual Consciousness, which is a Presence that goes before me to make the crooked places straight. It is that which enables the Master to stand up before Pilate and say, “thou couldst have no power over me. This meat that I have within me is the only power.”

In other words, I live by virtue of my withinness. I live by virtue of the fact that my consciousness is the Kingdom of God. I live by virtue of the fact that I am not living in a world; I’m living, and moving, and having my being in spiritual Consciousness. I am not in the world; the world is in me. I am not acted upon by the laws of the world. I am the Law, the dominion unto the world. And so you will find that if you individually gain your freedom from sin, false appetites, disease, accidents, and lack that you will have proven that freedom doesn’t come to you from a government, freedom doesn’t come to you by anybody external to you, freedom doesn’t come to you by anything external to you. Freedom comes from Grace, and your freedom is of God.

Once you can demonstrate that you don’t have to tell it to your children. You’re teaching it to them in the livingness, because now you don’t say to them, “don’t talk to a stranger; he might kidnap you,” and thus set up a fear in them of their loving neighbors. And you won’t be shouting, “watch out you’ll get run over; watch out you’ll get killed,” but rather you will be shouting continuously, “you’re not out there in the world; you’re in love; you’re in God. Your safety isn’t outside on the street. Your safety is inside of you, and you carry it within you wherever you go, because “the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”

The place whereon thou standest is holy ground. You’re not in any danger on the street, up in the air, down beneath the earth. The place whereon thou standest is holy ground, and your child will carry its safety and security wherever it goes. And sometime your child will be disturbed, you say, “don’t be disturbed. Nothing external to you can disturb your peace, because God gave you peace, not the peace the world giveth but peace that passeth understanding, and you have it with you all the time. So walk, walk but don’t be disturbed.” My peace, have I given unto thee, not as the world giveth, my peace, the peace that the world can’t understand. The meat the world can’t understand. The prosperity the world can’t understand. It’s all within you, given to us of God. It’s the Grace of God.

But do you not see that the world is seeking safety in bombs and missiles. The world is seeking. The French revolution gave them their liberty and look at them in the last forty years. They don’t have any more liberty in France than they had before the French revolution, and they don’t have any more prosperity there either. And so then, wherever you turn, wherever you look, walk through India, walk through China, walk through all these countries of the South Seas, and you’ll find out that there isn’t any more freedom, and there isn’t any more prosperity, and there isn’t any more anything than there was hundred years ago. And then you’ll say, “ah, but we have more.” Yes, we have by the grace of swords; we have a little more for a while, but we also have that penalty ahead of us. He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. As ye measure, so it will be measured unto you.

So, let us make a transition. First individually and then watch it operate universally. That if I can attain my freedom from the discords of sins, by an activity of Truth in my consciousness, then I’m doing that for all those who touch my consciousness, and eventually it will go around the world. And it is going around more rapidly than you know, but it can’t go around more rapidly than we as individuals do it, because, at this present time, there isn’t a teaching anywhere on the face of the earth that reveals that the issues of life must forth from your consciousness, except The Infinite Way.

This is, at present, the only teaching of any nature on the entire face of the globe that has revealed that whatever is to come into your experience must come as the out-flowing of your own consciousness. Every teaching is based on trying to reform the other fellow, improve the other fellow, get the other fellow to do something. This is a revelation that the nature of God is Consciousness. That Consciousness is individual, so that it can’t be divided, and therefore, your consciousness is Infinite. And if you want something, draw it forth from within your own consciousness, and you do that in proportion as you spiritualize your own concepts. Bring more of spiritual life into your world.

Then, whether you teach orally or not, you are always teaching, because the state of your consciousness is manifesting itself unto those you meet. Whether or not you are healing as a practitioner, you are always healing, because the state of your consciousness is felt by those who contact you. I have a letter recently from a school teacher who tells me that she has already had many, many instances of children coming to her to tell her of ills, and the hurts, and accidents, and that when they got there, it had all stopped. The pain had stopped; the discord had stopped, without her ever uttering a word. And now, several children have come to her and asked her, “why is it that when we come to you with the pain, it stops before we can tell you about it?” Because she is a healer without being a practitioner, as such. She is a healer, not by virtue of what she says or does but by virtue of the fact that she knows her consciousness is imbued with the Christ. Therefore, anyone who touches her consciousness must get supply, must get companionship, must get healing of any and every nature.