Expanding from Withinness 2/4

I will illustrate that briefly for you. You’ve all been listening for a year past to the explosion of population. You all been reading about the fact that there are too many people on Earth to be fed and that with the growth of population as it is now, we will all starve to death eventually. And you have also been hearing that we have discovered a way out. We’re going to murder half the population on Earth and murder nearly all of the unborn population. We’re going to teach everybody how not to have children and so by not having any more children born and murdering most of those that are already on Earth by letting them starve to death, at last we’re going to have enough food on Earth for those of us who are left. Well, of course, there won’t be any of us. They’ll just be a few of our children and grandchildren.

Now, that is as much intelligence as you can expect from the material state of consciousness. If there’s only one loaf of bread, don’t let’s multiply it. Oh no, no, no, let’s murder the population and have fewer to divide it with. But out of spiritual Consciousness, you find we have a multitude of people and only a few loaves and fishes. Well, let’s multiply the loaves and fishes. Ah, yes, a professor wouldn’t think of that. It has to be a spiritually endowed individual.

And so it is that we learn now that the solution to this explosion of population has been found and not through murder but through multiplying. A professor in Israel has discovered how to get fresh water out of the sea for so little expense that an American manufacturer has already manufactured the machinery for it, and it’s being shipped to Israel. And soon all of those wildernesses that took Moses forty years to travel across, and all of the other wildernesses, and all the deserts in the United States, and all of this bleak land up in Canada. A few years from now, that’s all going to be blossoming. All going to be full of roses, and vegetables, and fruits because water, salt water that covers 7/8th of the Earth is going to be turned into fresh water and piped into every desert area, and every wilderness area, and we can multiply food until beef steaks are a nickel a pound.

Now, you see that has to come forth from a spiritually endowed individual. And coming forth from one individual, four billions will eat. And the forty billions of future population will eat because of what came forth from the consciousness of one spiritually endowed man, while murder was coming forth from the consciousness of all the professors. See that?

Ah, yes, you can get atomic energy from a brain and then go out and slaughter the population with it. But you can’t get life eternal from a brain. You have to get it from a spiritually illumined consciousness. Certainly, you can go out and get revenge, and hate, and sue your neighbor from the brain. But it takes a Jesus Christ to say, “Put up thy sword. Resist not evil. Live not by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Certainly, certainly, you can kill populations, but it takes a spiritual healer to restore the lost years of the locust and rebuild the temples of the body.

Why am I saying all this? For one reason, it could just as well be your consciousness that brings forth food for all these people. It could just as well be your consciousness that feeds the multitude, heals the multitude. It could just as well be your consciousness that teaches the generations integrity but only by virtue of the degree of spiritual illumination to which you open yourself.

Your consciousness is Infinite. Your consciousness has the capacity to heal the sick, to raise the dead. Your consciousness has the capacity to feed the multitudes, and you don’t have to use magic. A simple way like getting water out of the ocean will do. But there has to be love in your consciousness, or your whole thought will be on how to divide, not multiply. Subtract, not multiply. Love alone multiplies. Love alone adds. Love alone shares and that means a consciousness imbued with love, not with cold knowledge.

So, we go back to the beginning of The Infinite Way. The secret is Consciousness. The second secret is that this Consciousness, which is God, is your individual consciousness. And the third secret is that out of your individual consciousness has got to come not only the healing of your body and your purse but the healing of the nations. But not your consciousness in its un-illumined state. Not your consciousness in its merely educated state but your consciousness in its spiritually illumined state. That state which is called the mind that was in Christ Jesus, or spiritual Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, or Fourth-dimensional Consciousness. Out of that consciousness will come forth the healing of the nations.

We all have that capacity. We have it one hundred percent. We can’t bring it out a hundred percent, but we can bring it out in. I say we can’t bring it out a hundred percent; some will eventually, of course. But we’re not thinking in terms of bringing it out a hundred percent. We’re thinking in terms of starting now to bring forth spiritual Illumination in our consciousness and then the ability to let it flow. We can’t start where Jesus left off, but we can start where Jesus started and that is where he was when he was a boy. Where he was when he was an infant in Truth. Where he was before the healing capacity was developed, and we can spend our days, weeks, months, and years to the development of our consciousness and to the ideal that what we want to do with it is not so much meet this immediate problem at hand but to heal the nations of the world, to bring spiritual light and redemption into the world.

Now, you can’t save the world with ceremonies, rights, creeds, or doctrines. The world will want some of those for a long time to come. Let them have it because to take it away from them before they’re ready to give it up is verily to take their “Lord” away from them and leave them hopeless. Rather, let them lean on a false reed for a while, until they’re able to make the transition. But that has nothing to do with you or me. We no longer must lean on anything external to our own consciousness and even when we’re reading books, and hearing tapes, or going to classes. Even then, it should be for the taking into consciousness those Truths for practice and meditation, which will enhance the expansion of our consciousness—develop, enrich, deepen, lighten. Out of the illumined consciousness of a Jesus comes an entire teaching of non-power, which can save the world.

Now, I think that this appeared in one of my letters and it disturbed, or it may be in one of the books. And it disturbed some of our students no end, because I said, “do not think that liberty and freedom in our country is necessarily a permanent dispensation. That it may be with us forever. Don’t think that we cannot still be deprived of it and put back into the middle ages. Because the signs are all too evident that the coming years will find us with far less of freedom than our particular generation has known. In other words, the next generation will have much more of supervision than we knew, if not far worse.”

And recently I received a letter from one in high station repeating that our country is in greater danger today of the loss of liberty than at any times since it was founded. And that unless some solution is found, our liberties may be taken from us, that the forces are in work that would do it. Well, it is a statement of fact based on knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes. And if anyone were to start a crusade, I’m sure they will quickly get an army together to go out again and fight for freedom. But you see that the freedom that the world has attained has all been attained by the sword. Every nation that has attained any degree of freedom has fought for it with swords, and guns, and knives, and pistols, and all forms of warfare.

Not realizing the nature of the Master’s teaching, “Put up thy sword.” Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. And so, when Germany was sinking submarines, was sinking ships with their submarines, right and left, carrying wives down to the bottom of the sea with them. Oh, I think we all read many, many times in print and became convinced: they’ll pay dearly for it; the price will be awful; they can’t get away without it; against the laws of God; there’ll be punishment for it. However, we never have thought consciously that the bombs we threw would react upon us, that the sword we took would be a sword that would destroy us. No, no, that was all right for Germany and Japan. They would get all that was coming to them, because they did it, but, of course, we won’t. But we will and in a measure we already have, and we haven’t received it all. “With what measure ye measure, it’ll be measured to you.”

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