Expanding from Withinness 1/4

Original IWIhub Transcript Transcriber: Hilda Soon Proofreader: Zane Maser

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Expanding from Withinness
1960 Canadian Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 312B

You see now why there are some things that cannot be said in public, because they would be of no interest to the person who is coming to hear only something that is going to immediately benefit their health, or pocketbook, or so forth. Whereas, we have to be of that group of disciples who are willing to let our own demonstrations be secondary to the demonstration of attaining this Consciousness and seeing that it goes out into the world.

Now, you see how the printing press, the wireless, the television has opened the consciousness of mankind and given him the opportunity to learn not only the ways of the world, to know the nature of his neighbor and of his neighbor’s problems, to develop a greater sense of giving-ness in helping his neighbor, and it has brought to him all of these great mechanical inventions, which make life easier. It has brought him higher ideas and ideals than just living within himself or for his own family, and through this his consciousness is being prepared for the next and final step.

After a person has found their health and their wealth, they realize that they have found nothing, that there is still something missing, which is greater than that which they have found. In other words, even though they have health today, they have no guarantee of its permanence. They have wealth today, and they have no guarantee of its permanence. There is still something beyond health and wealth, and what is it? And that is what eats at their inward parts, until in one way or another, something dawns in their consciousness and says, “why not try God, or have you thought about God, or do you know that there is a God?” And the final step in their journey begins, and that final step is the seeking of spiritual Wisdom.

Now, spiritual Wisdom, requiring a depth of consciousness beyond the human, has never gone beyond the “ken” of a few in every age. And yet, the spiritual comprehension of the few has been responsible for the mental and material growth of mankind. Spiritual Wisdom cannot be spread, or taught by books, radio, or television. This requires contact with an individual or group already imbued with the light of Truth—that which is called the Buddha mind to the Oriental, or the mind that was in Christ Jesus to the Occidental, Tao to some Chinese, Satori to the Japanese.

You can witness this, if you like, in homes. You will find that it is impossible for parents to teach children honesty, integrity, loyalty, justice, equality by giving them books to read on those subjects. You will even find that you can’t teach it to children by preaching it to them. That is why not only this age but every age has had problems of children, because parents who weren’t living it were mouthing it. They were telling their children to be truthful; and they were lying to them; and they were lying to their husbands, or their wives, or their neighbors; and the children knew it. They were telling their children to be generous and to share, and they were being stingy and withholding. They were telling the children one thing with their mouths and another thing with their lives, and the result is the children didn’t learn. All they learned is what they picked up some way somehow. The only children who really learn from parents learn from the parents who are living what they are teaching, and then they don’t have to teach it. Their living of it is the teaching of it or if they do find it necessary to teach it in words, at least the child can accept it, because it feels the livingness of it in the one that’s teaching it.

Well, so it is with all spiritual teaching. The members of a church, ordinarily speaking, can’t attain wisdom from their ministers, because their ministers are only giving them good service, which they have gotten from books, rather than an attained livingness in the Spirit. That is true, too, in our metaphysical work. A student, of course, I can say this to you, too, being the group that you are, that I get more letters than I can answer about, “how can I do something for The Infinite Way, and how can I take part in The Infinite Way, and how can I spread the message of The Infinite Way?” And then when I write back, “you can go out and heal,” then I find out, “oh, well, it wasn’t that way; it was some other way.”

And so, there is a man who’s been writing to me. Oh, he’s got to serve, he’s got to give, he’s just got to do something, and I would write back, “Heal, heal, heal, that would lead to all the rest but without healing, you have nothing to give.” But, of course, I really don’t know anything about these things, and so he went to a Truth movement and asked if he could be a Truth lecturer. Well, they gave him a long paper to fill out, and it concerned all of his qualifications, education, how many languages he knew and which books he had studied. It asked him everything except, “did he heal?” And then they put him on the platform to hear what his auditory was; but it’s very good, so he’s going to be a Truth lecturer. Well, I don’t know what he is going to lecture on, because he doesn’t even know their message of Truth. He’s been studying The Infinite Way. That doesn’t make any difference, as long as he can say something about Truth, I guess, but heaven forbid if someone should say, “that’s so beautiful, now help me with it.” “Oh, well, I can’t do that.”

When I say to you that Truth cannot be taught by books, radio, or television, I mean to you it cannot be taught out of the human mind. It has to be taught by an individual who has attained enough of that measure of Christ Consciousness, so that the words are imbued with Truth, with the Spirit of Truth, with signs following. It’s as true in your, you teaching your children and living a life contrary to what you’re teaching, as it is for a teacher to be teaching words of Truth, without having attained the Spirit of Truth.

Now, books and radio do carry to the masses the knowledge that there is a deeper plane of Consciousness than the material and mental and inspires more men and women to aspire to the higher realms of Consciousness. Therefore, they all serve their purpose. The attainment of ripened, spiritual Consciousness opens to the individual the Laws of life on every level—spiritual, mental, and material. This expansion of consciousness embraces within itself the secrets of God, man, and the universe and opens the mass consciousness to a degree that otherwise would not be possible of attainment for humanity.

Now, whatever of spiritual development, whatever measure of the Kingdom of God that is going to be established on Earth has to come forth from the consciousness of the illumined. It isn’t going to come forth from their brain.

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