Do you not see that there is nothing illusory about this world, the sun, the moon, the stars, the time, the tides, nature, they were all governed by Law and not any law that man governs. Don’t you see that there’s no such thing as a mental activity in this world. It’s only when you decide you want a Cadillac automobile that you start to make the old mind go around and make one for you. It’s only when you decide that you want to create with your mind that you sometimes do and then have it bite you—the very thing you’ve created.

But, if you look out onto this world, can’t you see that man doesn’t pray to have the sun come up in the morning or go down at night? Can’t you see that man doesn’t have to do mental work to bring the tides in or have them go out? Don’t you see that man doesn’t have to do any mental work to put fish in the ocean or birds in the air? That there is a Spiritual activity going on that does all this without any help from the mind of man. And it’s only when man starts to personalize that he starts to use this mind, starting it gyrating to make something happen for him. He doesn’t have to. He does it because of the second chapter of Genesis, and he has to create his world.

But the moment that you, in your spiritual, in your mystical teaching, the minute you leave that world and decide, “I wonder, can God run this universe without my help? I just wonder. Could God take care of me without me staying up all night and doing some mentalizing or imaginationing? I just wonder if the sun would come up in the morning, if I didn’t visualize it.” Don’t you see that? There’s a mental universe. It’s that second chapter of Genesis, and you can play around with it, and you can make things in it. We’ve even made the God of Santa Clause at Christmas time. We’ve made lots of things with this mind. We’ve made a God out of money with this mind. We’ve made a God out of crops. They were all given to us for our use, but now we’ve turned and made Gods out of them, as if they could bless or hate, bless or curse.

Now look, there is a Spirit in man, and God planted it there in the beginning. It is our Savior. It is the very thing that the Hebrews predicted for centuries and centuries—the coming or the realization of “Messiah.” The mistake was made in believing that it was going to be a man, instead of the Spirit of God in man. The Christians went the Hebrew mistake one better. They let the Messiah come and then got rid of him. And so, the Hebrews have no Messiah, because they don’t believe he’s come yet. The Christians have no Messiah, because they believe he was crucified. They’re waiting for him to come back. And so, the world is trying to get along without a Messiah, when the whole of religious history teaches there is a Messiah and Its Kingdom is within you. That’s the Son of God in you.

And the moment you learn to relax and rest in that Word, you will find that the armies of the aliens fight among themselves, kill each other off and disappear, and you just go out and collect the loot. That’s the way it happened in Scripture. Just the way it happened. You do not earn your living by the sweat of your brow. That’s the punishment for believing that mind is power and that you can create something with your mind, instead of letting your mind be a beautiful instrument through which your Soul can express itself.