And the very moment that you begin to understand God in Its real nature, all of a sudden you don’t find sinners, or sick people, or immoral people, or poor people, you find them responding through your spiritual vision of them. Why you haven’t changed matter. All you’ve done is through your spiritual vision you’ve brought to light, just as Peter did in recognizing that Jesus wasn’t Jesus at all. He was the Christ, the Son of the living God, and in that recognition, the Son of God is revealed to this world.

And so it is that when you begin to look upon each other, not as human beings with human histories, but looking on each other as God. God the Father appearing as God the Son and un-see the physical appearances, the mental, the moral, the financial appearances. Gradually, you bring to light the hidden qualities of every individual, the transcendental qualities, the spiritual qualities, the real qualities, which are there all the time. Then, all of a sudden, their physical appearance changes. Their finances change. Their morals change. Whatever it is that needs correcting begins to change, and the spiritual identity shines forth right through the same individual where the opposite was before. And all of this is brought about how? Not by your denying them their body, not by your denying them anything, but by your recognizing the invisible Spirit to be the essence and substance of true Being.

Now, let me take you a step further with this. In the first chapter of Genesis, you have an invisible God, an incorporeal God making man and the universe in His own image and likeness. And perhaps you haven’t recognized the fact that that man is incorporeal and that you’ve never seen him and never will with your five senses. You never have, and you never will. You will never see man with your eyes. You’ll never hear him with your ears. You’ll never smell him, or taste him, or touch him, for man is as invisible as God, for God and man is one.

Now, what about us? We, who see, hear, taste, touch, and smell each other. What about us? Well, don’t think for a minute that we’re unreal. Don’t think for a moment that we don’t exist. And don’t think for a moment that we’re an illusion. We aren’t. What happened is this. The second chapter of Genesis was written. That was our downfall. Not that it was written. Our downfall caused it to be written. In other words, a belief was accepted. Don’t write me a letter and ask how. I have too many of those. A belief was accepted by us, a belief in two powers—good and evil. And right there and then, we lost our Heaven. We lost our Eden, and a new world was created. That world has as its essence and substance mind. Mind, which was originally intended to be an avenue of awareness, now becomes a creative faculty. And mind forms its own conditions of body. Mind forms its own conditions of form. Mind forms itself, governs itself as matter.

Now, here’s the proof of it. My mind imbued with Truth is the Law of resurrection, renewal, regeneration, restoration to body, to form. My mind imbued with Truth is the mind of those who come to me and of those embraced in my consciousness. My mind imbued with Truth is the mind of individual Being. Mind must always form its external appearance. My mind imbued with spiritual Truth becomes the instrument through which perfect form appears.

Now, watch this in your experience. When you are called upon to heal, you have an instrument, which is your mind. But before you come into metaphysics, your mind is not imbued with spiritual Truth. Your mind is ignorant of spiritual Truth. It is an un-illumined mind. It may be an educated one but spiritually it’s an un-illumined one. Therefore, if someone says to you, “I have a headache,” the best you can do is offer him a pill. But the moment that you are instructed in metaphysical Truth, your mind imbued with this Truth becomes a Law of healing to that person’s headache, and later on, when you go far enough, right to their cancers and consumptions.

Mind imbued with Truth. My mind imbued with Truth becomes a Law of health to your body, or to your business, or to your home, or to your relationships. Your mind imbued with Truth becomes the Law of harmonious form to your family, to your patients. Your mind ignorant of Truth results in diseased and discordant bodies. Your mind ignorant of Truth results in poverty, in sin, in false appetites. And you can’t do anything about it either. Nothing you can do to help yourself. You have to find some medical help of one form or another, because your mind has nothing in it of any benefit on this realm of restoration or resurrection. But when you come to Truth, when you come to any of the Truth teachings, and your mind becomes imbued with Truth, you are a mental healer. And your mind imbued with Truth becomes the substance of the health of your patient, or your student, or your friend, or your relative.

Now, you are functioning in the second chapter of Genesis—a mind-created world but not a mind that made a material world. There can’t be such a thing. The only world the mind can make is a mental world. And therefore, that which we call your physical body, while in truth it’s a spiritual one, to our sense is a mental one, because we have formed the concept of body with mind. Our mind fashioned this body, and this body was fashioned of mind. Therefore, its substance is mind, and it is mind. And that’s why you have the statement, “thoughts are things.” Now, you can understand that what you hold in your mind as conviction later shows forth in body. Why? Because mind is the substance of body. Mind is the substance of the form that we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. And the way we’re seeing it is an illusory picture, because that isn’t the way it is at all. That’s only the way we, in our limited sense, see it. But it in Itself is perfection.

Matter is only matter in the material state of consciousness. Once one rises to a mental state, it is seen that matter isn’t matter at all. It is now mind, and a process of mind changes the product matter. Well, of course, you know that’s a PhD subject. And I won’t be a bit surprised, if you don’t understand it. But to understand it, you must understand the first chapter of Genesis and the second chapter of Genesis. And you must understand that in the first chapter, we’re talking about an incorporeal, spiritual God and His incorporeal, spiritual image and likeness—man. And when we talk of the second chapter of Genesis, we are talking about the mind of man, which instead of continuing to be what it was intended to be—an avenue of awareness—man started to create. And he created a nice world that we’re destroying just as rapidly as we can. And, if we just can destroy it a little bit more, we may be compelled to retire into our true, spiritual Being again.