Rest in the Sea of Spirit 6/6

You have to remember often that the Christ Self is your true identity. The God Self is your true identity. The natural man is that part of you which has been imposed upon you by birth and which you are now overcoming. The degree in which you lift up the ‘I’ in you, in that degree are you dying daily to the personal sense of ‘I’. In that degree you are taking no thought but resting in the Sea of Spirit. In the degree that you are doing this, you are letting Christ live your life and in each moment of the day, you do those things given to you.

An understanding student will not believe for a moment that this is a way of doing nothing. It is in one sense a way of doing nothing but in doing nothing it lets you lead an awfully busy life. The doing nothing is not really a doing nothing. It is doing nothing of a personal nature or doing nothing with personal fear; doing nothing with personal doubt, doing nothing that is purely of my will or of my desire. In this sense, it is a doing nothing but otherwise, it is a very active existence because God is fulfilling Himself as our individual experience.

Think of the meaning of this, will you? God is fulfilling Himself, its destiny as our individual experience. This is not your life or my life to do with as we would like. This is God’s life which God is living in our form. Once you begin to perceive this, you will understand immortality. You cannot understand immortality while you think of your life as being yours because you know right well that that personal sense of life comes to an end. Therefore, you can have no sense of immortality. There is no way of perpetuating eternally that limited sense of self. It is only as you die daily to that limited sense of self and realize it is not my life that is eternal, it is the God life which is living itself as my life. Then you will know it cannot die. Then you will know it cannot age. Then you know eventually it cannot be diseased.

The more you realize that this is God’s life, God consciousness appearing as you, you lose concern for your own life in the realization that God knows how to maintain and sustain his life which is mine. This is the hidden manna, knowing your true identity, the ability to rest back. God cannot die, God cannot sin, God cannot be sick. God has no limitation whatsoever and God liveth my life.

Christ is the eternal Son of God. Christ is my life. My life is eternal only because Christ is eternal. Christ was never born. Christ will never die. Christ lives as you and Christ lives as me. The divine Son of God. Relax, rest back in this truth. Let this be what the Master referred to, “I have Meat the world knows not of.” Let this be your meat that the world knows not of but which you know. This is your meat, your secret meat, your spiritual meat, the substance of your life, the understanding of your true identity, the understanding of your Christly life, of your Christly mind, of your Christly soul, of your Christly being. Then, you say in a minute “what about all the sins that I am guilty of?” No, you never were. This is a personal sense, the natural man which has been the cloak, the mask. Yes, that is it. Is it not? Persona, mask, our personality is a mask we have been wearing. Strip off the personality, there is no more mask and we are revealed. Christ is my identity.

Thank you.

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