Rest in the Sea of Spirit 5/6

God is the activity of my time and God is the substance of tomorrows, this is my hidden manna. And because of this, I can relax. Now, I am in God’s time. Now, I am in God’s care. Now, I am floating back in that Sea of Spirit, that ocean of contentment. I have felt this often as a cloud around my shoulders. It is as if I rest back right from the shoulders up in this cloud. This cloud of spirit, of peace, of rest. This is what is happening.

As you dwell in the awareness of divine consciousness, the natural man of you is dying. Why is it dying? It is only fed by your thoughts. The moment your human life is not in your thoughts, it is dying. The moment your carnal selfhood is not in your thoughts, it is dying. The moment you live up here in the conscious awareness of God constituting your being, the more the natural man is being depressed and depressed and depressed until it fades.

We sustain the evils, the errors and the discords of our lives by thinking about them. In the moment when we no longer think about them, they no longer exist because they never existed at all outside of our thinking. There is neither good nor evil but thinking makes it so. And the very moment we stop dwelling in our triumphs and in our failures, they no longer exist. And we find that I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life.

How are you going to demonstrate Christ liveth my life? How are you going to demonstrate that I can do all things through Christ? The first way, you have to give up that personal word ‘I’. I fear, I doubt, I am not able, I do not have the ability, I do not have the time. All these must be given up and you must remember your hidden manna. The hidden manna is your awareness of this indwelling Christ.
As long as you abide in the awareness of your indwelling Christ, the things of this world must lessen and lessen and lessen until they disappear. The longer you carry around in your thought the fears of this world, the less chance you have of losing them. They must be dropped first. They cannot be dropped psychologically. That has been tried. They cannot be dropped psychologically. You cannot “psychologize” yourself out of your fears.

There is only one way in which you can drop the concerns of this world and that is to let Christ fill your consciousness. That is, to have the constant awareness of this hidden manna. “I live yet not I, the Christ liveth my life.” My life is in good hands. “I can do all things through Christ. I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly.” You cannot be living up there with that and hating or fearing something down here. “I am come,” the Christ is come to your consciousness that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.
Ah, but it is your conscious awareness of this that makes it happen. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” If you do not abide in this word, you will be as a branch of a tree that is cut off and withers and dies. It is you who must abide in this revelation of your hidden manna. You have to know that you have hidden manna and what it is. Do not have blind faith that it is something or other. It is not a charm, it is not a sacred word, it is the understanding that God is your consciousness. It is the understanding that Christ is your mind. It is the understanding that it is Christ that is the law that operates through you.

If you are Chinese and like the word ‘Tao’ better, I do not blame you. But have a word that to you represents spiritual Sonship or divine power. Have some word or some term that denotes spiritual Sonship or divine power and then realize that the ‘I’ of your being is that. I am that Christ. I am that Tao. I am that Spirit. I am that Son of God and then rest in that truth. This is your hidden manna. This is the secret you cannot tell the world because you will be crucified for it as others have been before you. If you are not crucified on the cross, you will be crucified in your soul by being ridiculed, laughed at, misunderstood. However, if you keep this locked up in your consciousness, your demonstration turns the laugh on the other fellow. When they see the practicality of this, the practical nature of this; when they see the harmonious lives that unfold, there is no argument left. Even if they do not believe, there is still is no argument left.

Be Still. Be still about your hidden manna. Let God see your understanding in secret and be assured you will be rewarded from the house tops. “I in the midst of you am mighty and I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.” Rest in this. Abide in this word. You can see why these customs in the human world, the language of the human world, the mode of human demonstration; you can see why it is a very difficult period as you try to hold steadfastly, as you try to maintain this word in your consciousness, as you attempt to abide in this word and let this word abide in you. You can see the difficulty because you pay lip service to the world’s conversation and at the same time have to always maintain your spiritual integrity within and yet not voice it without.

Can you see why it is necessary to have these many periods of ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds or minutes for pausing in the midst of the day or night, to relax and to remember and to sort of float back in the Sea of Spirit? Can you see why it is absolutely essential to close your eyes at times to the sense testimony and just get back there and float for a second or two or three or ten and remember “Thank you Father, I in the midst of me is my hidden manna.”

All of this time, you are lifting up the ‘I’. You are lifting up ‘I’ in you from the personal sense of I to the I that I really am. You are really crucifying that personal sense of ‘I’. Keep it up long enough and it will be dead. And there will be nothing left but the I that I am and with it, my peace and my grace, my wholeness, my completeness, my harmony, my justice, my fairness. All of this while you are crucifying the personal sense of I and you are lifting up the I that I am, the Christ Self.

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