Rest in the Sea of Spirit 4/6

In the degree then, I start to live humanly, that I start to have human desires and human will, human ambition, human fears, human doubts, in that degree I am denying my Christhood. I am really crucifying my Christhood. Think of this, I have hidden manna, that hidden manna is the divine consciousness which I am. It is the fullness of the Godhead bodily. In its presence is fulfillment. It can say to me, “My peace give I unto you, spiritual peace and harmony and rest and completeness and perfection and guidance and wisdom and direction.”

This is my hidden manna because no one in the world, not even my mother, can see it. No one can see my hidden manna. No one can see the divine consciousness which I am nor can they see my awareness of it because I do not go out in the street and talk about it. Secretly, sacredly, I realize within myself, “Thank you Father that I have learned that God constitutes my being.” This is my hidden manna; the knowledge, the awareness that God constitutes my being. Therefore, infinity is the measure of my demonstration. Immortality is the measure of my life. Nothing less, there is no big or little, there is no great or small, there is no up or down, it is just ALL. It has to be because God is the substance of my days and God is the substance of my nights, and everything flooding into my days and nights is God action, God activity, God substance, God presence, God law. This is my hidden manna and I can rest and relax in it.

In one of my books I have said it is like resting back upon a cloud, floating in a Sea of Infinity and doing nothing. Just floating and taking no thought for tomorrow. “Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, what you shall drink.” Float back in that Sea of Infinity. Swim in it, live and move and have your being in the Sea of Infinity, the divine grace and let it flow. Each moment of every day and night, do those things that are given you to do without anxiety, without fear, without doubt. Why? Because permeating your being is divine wisdom, divine energy, divine love, immortal life, immortal spirit. You have no hidden manna or rather you have no conscious awareness of your hidden manna unless you are able to rest back and float in that Sea of Infinity. When you can do that, it is because you have an awareness that some of the ancient prophets had when they said, “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world” or Paul: “I can do all things through Christ which strenghteneth me.” This is the awareness of your hidden manna. The understanding that because God constitutes your being, God is the essence and substance of your life and that in this presence of your very own consciousness, there is rest, quiet, contentment, peace.

In quietness and in confidence. Why? I am resting. I know that I have this hidden manna. I know that God constitutes my consciousness. I know that God constitutes my tomorrows. You may break up tomorrow into hours and minutes and seconds but what is the substance of an hour or a minute or a second. Can you separate time from God? Can you have time somewhere and God somewhere else? Or is God the essence and substance of all the time there is?

Well now, if you remove the clocks from your thought, you will soon see that there are no days, hours or minutes. There is just an infinite and an eternal NOW. A ‘NOW’ that is going on and going on and going on and it is always being now. It is never being afterward. It is never being before. It is always being now. It is only when you bring the clock back that you divide up infinity into periods called hours, weeks, days and months. All you have to do is see how many times the calendar has been changed and realized that it may be soon changed again. To know that there is no such thing really, in the kingdom of God as a division of time. There is not. Just remove the clock from your consciousness and see that you are just here in this space, in this time and it is always Now. You will not even need a clock to tell you when it is time to eat or to take a bath or to shave. You will see that you can get along without clocks and always know that it is Now and each period of our nowness, we have a function to perform.

Of course, you will recognize the fact that it is not meant to take the clocks out of our human experience because we still need those as a ‘suffer it to be so now.’ Because everything turns on time. But we need not feel the limitations of time in our consciousness. Because in our consciousness there is really no time. It is always just Now.

There must come to each one of us eventually a consciousness that can live by the clock outwardly while being completely free of the clock’s domination within our consciousness. And when that happens, we are living in the eternal Now. However, God is the substance of our time. God is the substance of our days, God is the substance; the activity and the law of our nights and that is why there never can be age. There can only be Now. Once we catch this vision, there will not be any more disease because there cannot be disease in Now. Disease is something that takes place in time. And the moment you have eliminated time as a factor of its own, you have eliminated disease and sin.

Sin always has to take place today, tomorrow, yesterday, day after tomorrow. But the moment we give that up and live now, there is no reason and no season for sin. As a matter of fact, I do not think anyone sins now. It is always something we are planning for the future or fearing because of the past. God is the substance, the law and the activity of my consciousness, of my being.

This just came to me. Do you know that if we live in the consciousness of now, there really couldn’t be sin in our lives? Because while we are thinking of now and living in the now, it would be an impossibility either to think a sin or commit a sin. A sin really has to be planned. It has to be prepared for. And as we are living in this consciousness of Now, certainly we could never consciously plan for sin. This is worth thinking about a good deal.

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