Rest In The Sea Of Spirit 1/6

Original Transcript. Transcriber Hilda Soon, proofread by Linda Quiring.

pdf  Rest in the Sea of Spirit 

1962 Princess Kaiulani Open Class
Rest in the Sea Of Spirit
Tape 477A
By Joel S Goldsmith

Good Evening.
There are three major steps or three major periods of life on the spiritual path. The first one is a very pleasant one. The second one is not so pleasant and the third is pleasant again. The reason that the first one is pleasant is that our thoughts are primarily on changing the conditions of evil, error, discord, and inharmony to more harmonious conditions. Many of these changes do take place as so many of us have discovered. We do have a better sense of health. Very often, we have a much better sense of supply. Our human relationships straighten themselves out and become much better than they were before.

It is safe to say that in this first stage of our spiritual unfoldment, it is quite a joyous thing, watching some of the old man die and the new man be born, watching some of the old conditions disappear and new and harmonious ones appear.
The second stage is the difficult one. It is probably the longest period and the most difficult one. The reason is that in the second state you are living in two worlds. You have yourself glimpsed something of the nature of reality. You have yourself glimpsed some of the nature, the unreal nature, of the phenomenal world. In other words, you come to a stage where you do not run around looking for an aspirin the moment you have a cold. You do not start looking for medicines the moment this or that happens to you because these outer conditions no longer have terror for you. You have no fear of them.

But unfortunately, your friends are all thinking the way they did before and they make life pretty miserable by reminding you that you must be practical and there are things you must fear, the things you must protect yourself from and how unreasonable it is to forgive your enemy and so forth. You actually find yourself living in two worlds and you must cater to both of them. There is no way of running away from either one of them. You cannot all of a sudden lose the spiritual ground that you have gained with so much work and study and meditation. On the other hand, there is a law against killing our friends and relatives so that these must be put up with in some way or other. Not only that but we have to love them as ourselves. That means that sometimes we may be called on to feed them with medicines and to commiserate with them when we do not feel like it.

However, outwardly we have to be in this world. Outwardly, we have to let them see how loving we are and we are not. Not in that sense anyhow. As a matter of fact, we are not even patient with it but we cannot let them see our impatience because that would not be loving. So it is that we engage in double talk. In business, we use ordinary business language and at the same time we do not believe it.
I went through a period of taking bayonet lessons with Major Biddle who was very famous for training of the marines with a bayonet. Of course, with every lunge we were saying “you filthy Hun, you so and so, so and so, and so and so” and here I was inwardly forgiving my enemies and loving them. It is not easy to live a double life but you do it. You really do it.

It is difficult also because you are not yet firmly grounded into actually believing all the things you know. You do not yet have the full conviction that it is true. Yes, it says so in the books and yes, so and so says so and yes, I believe it but, but… So here you are, holding firmly to something that you have not yet completely demonstrated. This really becomes our difficult period.

Once we get past the second stage, which might be anywhere from our second to our twenty- second year of study, when we get past that, we are really enjoying life. Because now we are so completely removed from the hates and the fears of this world and the doubts of our principle that we can live the double life without any reaction upon ourselves. It does not touch us anymore to use human language and to speak in the language of the day and yet in the back of our mind, live in the consciousness we have now attained.

As a matter of fact, this third stage is where most is demanded of you. This is where others with their real problems begin to seek you out for help. And every problem that is brought to you is just another opportunity for the living of the consciousness you have attained. And it does not strike you as a problem. Remember in our first stage and somewhat in our second, every time we have a problem we say, “Why did that have to come to me? I have been so serious in my study. I have been so faithful. Now why did this come to me?” So we really begin to fight with ourselves.

However, in this third stage, we know that it is inevitable. That the higher we go, the more problems are going to be presented to us. Only now, they are not all our personal problems. They are mostly the problems of the rest of the world; the friends, the family, the patients, the students. These bring the problems but they are no longer problems, they are opportunities.

Understanding this, you must have periods of conversations with yourself so that you make it clear to yourself that, first of all, if you have temptations that do not seem to yield immediately that you are going to understand this. No demonstration can rise higher than the consciousness from which it emanates. Then you say, “Ah yes, I have God consciousness.” Indeed you have but that is not yet the consciousness that is governing your daily life. Not yet.

That is when you come to the third stage, when you are God-governed. In the first stage you are hoping for it. In the second stage you are beginning to see some fruitage in it. But it is only in the third stage where you really become the child of God, an heir and live by grace.

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