As you watch this world breakup today, as you watch the wars and rumors of wars and bombs, as you watch strikes, as you watch all the discords and inharmonies among men, if you have Spiritual vision, you know what you will see? You will see God at work breaking up all of the evils everywhere on Earth in order that the good may appear. You will begin to see what some doctors have begun to see that when you have a fever it isn’t entirely bad, it may be burning up some of the bad in you. In my childhood days, a fever was something so terrible, the doctors got scared out of their wits the minute it was a hundred. Not so now. Now they encourage a little fever once in a while to burn up some things inside. So it is these conditions that we’re witnessing the world today are not evil. And with just a little Spiritual vision, you will see that what is going on in the invisible is the breaking up of concrete forms of evil.

Don’t think for a minute that anything good is going to be destroyed. It isn’t. Liberties are not going to be destroyed. Freedom is not going to be destroyed. Man’s relationship with God is not going to be destroyed. Love for God and love for man is not going to be destroyed. Harmony, peace, joy is not going to be destroyed. But the crystallized forms of error are going to be destroyed, whether they’re crystallized forms of government, or crystallized forms of religions, or crystallized forms of health. You see there’s a higher sense of health than physical health, because no matter how physically well you are, you’re disintegrating, even if you’re only 30, because you’re getting on towards 70 eventually, or 80, or 90. No matter how healthy you are, you’re disintegrating. And so you see that physical health is really not the real sense of health, and one of these days, and it takes place in the experience of everyone on the spiritual Path, physical health is destroyed, so that you may come into the realization of your Spiritual immortality. And when you get to that point, you can be like the Master and say, “go ahead crucify this body if you want. You’re never touching me.”

You know there is a story, and it’s supposed to be a true one of a man in the Middle Ages who was imprisoned because of his religious belief, and he was given an imprisonment that amounted to a life term. And for a while it grieved him, this sense of confinement, until all of a sudden the realization came to him: “I’m not body. I’m man. I’m Soul. I’m a Spirit. I’m a child of God. My body may be confined here, but they can’t confine me.” And he meditated and contemplated that idea, until the first thing you know, he developed the ability to walk out of that prison at will. And he did every single night. He left his body there, but he went out.

He never was confined again after that except during the daytime hours when that was the best place to be to rest anyhow. But he came, and he went at will. Why? Because he realized his true identity. I, I am not body. This isn’t me. This is mine. I am a soul, a living soul. I am why God has sent Itself into expression as my individual being. God has incarnated Itself as my life, my soul, my spirit, yours, because God is no respecter of persons. What is true of one is true of all. We demonstrate it in proportion to the degree of our awareness of it. But whether or not we’re demonstrating it, we are all equal in that respect. God is our real being. God has sent Itself into expression as our individual being and the greater our degree of awareness of that the greater our demonstration of it. There is no such thing as Spiritual demonstration without first realizing one’s true identity. I am Spirit. I am Soul. I am Life. I am God Consciousness. All that God is I am, and I can demonstrate it in proportion to my conscious awareness of it, not more than that, not less than that.

And so you see, the whole thing comes back to one thing: Spiritual vision based first on the letter of Truth. Now as you meditate on this, cogitate, ponder, as you dwell in thought on this, as each time an opposite of it comes into your awareness through seeing, hearing, and you reverse it. Every time you see sin, sickness, death on the street, accident, limitation, and immediately translate it. No, no, no. No, the invisible is still there, and the invisible is coming into visibility. The invisible is breaking up every form of discord in form in order that its own nature may appear. As you do that, you are awakening yourself to the Truth of being. But it takes practice.

Each one of us must take these Truths from every angle and hold them. “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, on Truth. Lean not onto thine own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and he will give thee peace.” And so as we let this Truth become active in our consciousness, as we continue to abide in this Word, we begin to unfold.

Now that is why I started off by saying that by now we should be finding it easier to meditate, to ponder these Truths, to get into a state of stillness, because with every single week that passes, we are being lifted higher and higher in consciousness, not only by the nature of the Truth as it’s revealed here. Not only because of my consciousness, which is continuously in prayer in the lifting up of those who come to me, but because among us here are students of this work who also are praying without ceasing. Every day they are lifting their own consciousness above the level of the Earth and in that proportion they are raising up everybody else who is here.

And just so we’re going to find that each of us as we unite every month in these monthly letters is going to find ourselves in each other’s consciousness and lifted to the highest extent of those who are among us. And those who are down here will be lifted up here. And those who are down here for a day will be lifted up here. Why? Where two or more are gathered in my name, in this Spiritual truth, in this vision of the Infinite Invisible, there am I. There am I. There is this consciousness of God among us we can’t miss.

What is important for us is that we, like these other prayer groups that are meeting, that we do meet, that we do unite, but that we bring to ourselves the highest concept of prayer that we can achieve in this age. Never be satisfied with “Now I lay me down to sleep.” Never be satisfied with reciting “The Lord’s Prayer.” These are all fine in their places. But each of us must rise and rise and rise until we come into such a consciousness of prayer that we attain an actual union with the Father. An actual communion to where our relationship with God is as intimate as it is with mother and father and sister and brother.

Ah yes we are given such things as “The Ten Commandments,” as the “Sermon on the Mount,” as “The Lord’s Prayer.” All of those things were given to us to help us enrich our consciousness. 23rd Psalm, 91st Psalm, all of these things are given to us to enrich our consciousness but not to make us dependent on them, because they are only effects. They are only words, until those words become alive in us, and we attain the consciousness of the individuals who wrote down those words. That responsibility rests upon our shoulders.