Meditation on the Invisible 4/6

As a matter of fact, there was nothing going on here during the writing of that book except one thing. A search, a deeper search for God. A deeper search for prayer. A hope for a deeper awareness of God. That’s what was going on here. And yet the result is a book. And another result is religious groups in another place and who knows where else. I know of a dozen groups out from Illinois that are reading The Infinite Way books and the Don Blanding books. Why? Something happened on the beach in Hawaii. Do you follow what I’m trying to say to you? That you cannot know what the answer to prayer is or what form it will come. There’s only one thing you can know and that is I must know God. I must feel God. I must have God in my soul, in my heart, in my mind, in my being, in my body. I must come into the realization that there is a God. Everybody in the world knows there’s a God. How many people have ever met God face to face? How many have ever had a God experience? How many have ever felt the flow of the Spirit in their mind, in their soul, in their body, in their hands? Only a few, few dozens, a few hundreds, a few thousands in a generation. And yet God is available to every man, woman, and child on the face of the globe, but.

There’s a quotation out of the Hebrew scripture. “God is a jealous God.” Never doubt it. God is a jealous God. You just try to flirt with supply, or homes, or companionship, and see how angry God gets. God is a jealous God. God demands of us that we love God and that we love God supremely. That we love God with our whole heart, with our whole soul, with our whole mind, and we have no room left for loving homes, or places, or persons, or things. We have room only for God. Then, in our love of God, we do love each other. We can’t help it. Who, who that has ever known God and loved God and been touched by the love of God hasn’t loved all mankind? Ah, you’ll soon find why it is said that if you say you love God but do not love your fellow man, you are a liar. Plain language. You are a liar. Oh it’s an impossibility to love God and not love your fellow man. Not only love your friends but your enemies. Even to the extent of Father “forgive them; they know not what they do.” And if they hurt you seventy times seven, you’ll still love them in the sense of forgiveness, in the sense of compassion, in the sense of knowing that they’re only doing it because of a sense of separation from God. Some unfulfilled desire still exists within them, and it always will until they find God, until God becomes a living reality within their own being.

Now, faith, we’re told, is a substances of things hoped for. Faith is the substance. But faith isn’t something blind. Faith is awareness. Faith is knowledge. Faith actually is inner vision. In other words, if I have faith that I can play piano, that’s a misguided faith, because I can’t. But the faith that a Hoffman would have when he sits down to the piano is understanding and vision, because he knows. Well, that’s the same thing if a person sits down and says, “I have faith that you are spiritual.” That’s of no effect. But when an individual sits down who has caught a glimpse of this great Truth that God is your being that is a faith that sees through the appearance to the reality. And that is the faith that brings forth demonstration.

It is not making a statement that you are spiritual, or you are perfect, or you’re God’s perfect child. Those statements may be all right to lead us up to a state of consciousness. But unless they do lead us up there, they’re just the statements of the blind leading the blind. Only when such statements pass from being statements of the mind to being convictions in here of the soul, only then do they become healing consciousness. When an individual has that touch, has reached a feeling of assurance within that they can look out here, and in spite of appearances, say, “God is good.” There’s a beautiful world. And then every time a call comes for help or a picture passes before the eyes of sin, sickness, death, lack, limitation that the individual can see right through that appearance to the activity of God going on in the soul of that person. That is faith, because it is Spiritual discernment. It is not mental knowledge. It is mental knowledge passed down from the head to the heart level. Mental knowledge that has become Spiritual awareness. Then, you look out and you see the beauties of this universe.

When you are able to be on that seashore looking out at that ocean and realizing one little bit of what’s going on under the waves, if you can catch a glimpse of how the fish are continuously being replenished, how the coral is growing, how even flowers, colored flower are growing down there in the bottom of that sea. If you can see the magnificent formations down there, even while you’re on shore looking from the top, then you’re commencing to vision that which is invisible to the eyesight but which you know about in your heart.

Now, in the same way, if you can look into the sky and realize what it is that fills the air with birds, if you can look at night and see the formation of stars, moon, sunsets, and realize the nature, the invisible activity that is going on producing those effects, that is Spiritual vision. Anytime that you can look into the invisible and catch a glimpse of its activity coming out into form that’s faith. That is the faith of Spiritual discernment, because now if you saw the fishermen empty the ocean, you’d never get a feeling of lack or limitation about next year, because this inner Wisdom would show you that an Invisible power is going on replenishing those fish. If you saw all the birds shot down in the air, you’d have no fear about lack next year because you would know that there’s an invisible something somewhere. We call it God, others call it by other names, but you would know that there is an invisible presence, an invisible power replenishing, replenishing, replenishing as all of these things pass out of our eyesight.

Now, faith, then, is a Spiritual discernment. Spiritual discernment is your ability to look into the invisible and vision it coming into visible form. Faith, or Spiritual discernment, is your ability to look into the heart and soul of an individual, which you can’t see with your eyes, and seeing the pure waters of life coming out, the pure essence of Spiritual being coming out, the divine Powers of God coming out. That is faith. That is Spiritual discernment. That is the ability to look into the invisible and watch it becoming visible. Even though you know it’s only going to come visible in April, May, June, July when the flowers come into bloom, or when the fruit comes out on the tree, or the new crop of fish come along, or the new crop of animals come along. Or, after the coal has been taken out of the ground, you know that there is a Presence going on forming more coal should more coal every be needed in other generations. And so you see. Ah, yes, uh-hmm.

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