Behind even Karma 5/5

Spiritual healing, or regeneration, takes place only in an absolute silence of the human mind, a stilling of the human mind. But it’s a stilling that cannot be achieved as long as God is thought of as a power. That is why with even the most religious people in the world, there’s no spiritual healing. Why? Because they haven’t the faintest concept of what God is. And so they are looking always, consciously or subconsciously, for some great experience or some great power that’s going to do something to something. And it’s like looking in a diamond mine for fish or looking in the ocean for diamonds. They’re looking in the wrong place for what they’re seeking.

To be a transparency for God does not mean to be endowed with power to heal disease. To be a transparency for God means to have a conscious experience of God Presence. And then all of these appearances of the world, both the good ones and the evil ones, evaporate. It isn’t that only the evil ones evaporate. It’s that the good and the evil evaporate, and it’s because of that that so many people lose their demonstration. They are trying to see the evil evaporate and hold onto the good. They loose their whole demonstration.

It is as one man put it: “I want to be healed, but please don’t stop my smoking because that I want to keep.” Yes, that is a brazen way of saying what almost everybody else is saying. Certainly I want to be healed of this disease, so I can go back and do all the things that I want to be doing, take care of my family, or make another fortune, or do this, or do that, or paint more. Surely, surely. It isn’t that they want God for God’s sake. They want to be healed of the errors of their existence, so they can start in some other human form of good, and you see, that’s where it misses. It misses fire. You can’t have a single idea in your whole head as to what the realization of the Christ will do. Now we do know that the Master said, “leave your nets,” and he stopped them from fishing. And fishing was their livelihood. Well you know what would happen to us if we said to our people, throw up your jobs and follow me. No, what they would like is a treatment that would increase the productivity of their jobs.

Now, no one on the face of the globe has any way of knowing what effect the activity of the Christ will have in their lives. It may not give them the physical health they expect, because it may be the very struggling out of ill health that will help them attain their demonstration. It may not give them the financial affluence they expect, because that may be the very worst thing for them at that particular time. Maybe they’re not, that may not be their mode of life. No one has a way of knowing what effect the activity of the Christ will have when it touches one, and yet, every day, our students are all supposed to be turning inward for the realization of the activity of the Christ.

Yes, but the minute it begins to take some form of human good away from them, they howl. There’s that problem. Why is it that the minute I started studying this, I started getting problems. I didn’t have them before. Well certainly, if you’re grounded on the physical sense of health or the physical sense of wealth, and you have the activity of Christ, it’s going to knock that right over. And then you have to begin to understand what is the Spiritual health and what is Spiritual supply, until eventually that unfolds and comes.

It’s the cry in the daily mail. Pray for me for health. Pray for me for supply. Pray for me for companionship. Pray for me for a home. And even occasionally where they’ll say, well pray for the realization of God, but they in the back of their minds are thinking of the effect of that and the effect they’re thinking of is the removal of a human evil. Never are they thinking of it as the removal of a human good. And yet the activity of the Christ moves both.

The way of the Christ is not a way merely of good human-hood. It is a whole new activity, a whole new experience, a whole new life, and it isn’t like the old idea of demonstration that, well now I have a Cadillac instead of a Ford. Maybe for a while we’ll have a Ford instead of a Cadillac, or not even a Ford. But the point is that once you have this letter that you can work with, so that at least when you do sit down with the Christ, you’re thinking of it as a superpower that’s going to remove the evils of the world. All of these people in the world today are praying for the overcoming of Russia or communism, but won’t they still be left with human-hood? Won’t they still be left with an enemy somewhere else? Won’t they still be left with whether it’s a religious domination, or a labor domination, or a partner? Won’t they be left with something? Certainly. And that they don’t think of.

Somebody said recently that everybody’s for the four-day working week except the wives. Sure what are they going to do with husbands around three days a week. Bad enough one day, then one-and-a-half days, now two days. Pretty soon, they’re going to have them around three days a week. That sure will mess up the home.

Keep that in mind. That you need every bit of the letter of Truth. Not that it’ll heal anything or do anything, but that it’ll get you into an atmosphere where you don’t expect it to do anything and where you want nothing but the glory of the freedom of the Spirit. And then when you’re a transparency, if It sends you to free the Hebrews, or the Negroes, or the Catholics, or somebody else, you’ll go out and do it. And again, like Moses, not by wielding power. Over and over he had to remind those people that he wasn’t wielding the Power, that he was a beholder. He was witnessing God, and you could see it all through there, couldn’t you, that all he was doing is standing still. Sometimes he’s wondering if it was going to happen, but just looking, looking, waiting, waiting. Sometimes there he was biting his lips when the last minute was coming along and it wasn’t there.

Well, I think that’s it. We’ll see for a minute.

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