Behind even Karma 4/5

Now all of this means this. Whether it’s a whole nation that’s enslaved, or whether it’s a whole body of laborers enslaved to union heads, or another whole group enslaved to a church, they can’t be freed until somebody is accepted in their midst with a Light. That will be their temporary freedom. But what has happened to the Hebrew race after Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, John, and Paul that they can all get burnt up in Hitler’s furnaces? That’s a mystery. They didn’t learn the lesson from any of their Masters. And because they’re still in ignorance, they still pay the same penalty. Had they had one in their midst that they could accept, with a Spiritual Light, they could have been saved. There would have been an exodus from Germany, as there was an exodus from Egypt. But, there wasn’t one enlightened soul in their midst. Or if there was, not one enlightened soul who was accepted. There has to be acceptance, as well as the Light.

Now, to be a transparency for spiritual healing power, there must be no distinction in your mind between ignorance, sin, fear, disease, karma, or any other cause. You have to see every one of those as the arm of flesh emanating from the mind of flesh. And then throw a little spittle at it. Watch out that you do not accept the subtle suggestions that there is some power that can operate to prevent God acting. The only power there is is human ignorance, or density, materialism, not letting the Light come through. If you can be a transparency for healing, it makes no difference what it is. You still will hold to the mind of flesh.

Now, I’ve proven this in the ninety percent of healings that take place regardless of what the cause was. I hadn’t proven it in the ten percent, in which we are still working, for we have not yet completely seen that picture. Although we are seeing it in part, and this week we saw it in part again when the strike was ended. How? Not be changing men, not by condemning evil men, and not by calling evil men spiritual ideas. But by ignoring men and realizing that anything they appeared to be, and the cause of anything that they ever appeared to be, was nothing but that carnal mind made flesh. The mind of flesh, the arm of flesh, nothing there. And realizing that power doesn’t emanate from the mind of flesh. There is no power except the power of the mind that was in Christ Jesus, which is the power that maintains and sustains its own creation. And so we see that nullified.

Well, we are having a grain of proof, but what we are after is actually witnessing, not sick people made well, but the very evidence of the Christ made manifest, the Word made flesh. And it is to that that we have to dedicate ourselves or else we ourselves will degenerate into accepting the belief, “oh well there’s some things we can heal; let’s be satisfied with that.” And that we can’t do, because that would shut us off from the Light. To God, all things are possible. Ah yes, but I have to be a transparency for God. Therefore if there’s no God in this room, it’s my fault. As a man of earth, I’m blocking it out just as much as if I boarded up these windows and blocked out the light. And the light can’t get through, although it’s there, until those boards are removed. Whatever it is that acts in our consciousness as a block, as materialism, sensualism, greed, hate, lust, whatever it is that’s acting in our consciousness that prevents this Light of God coming through, we have to work with to realize its nothingness.

It may be that we have to take for our basic mantra: “Call no man on Earth your Father, for one is the Father, which is in Heaven.” Until we’ve actually brought ourselves to the realization that I am not humanly born, not humanly conceived or humanly born, that I am that I am. Pure spirit. And if I can get that clearly enough, I rule out. Sometimes it takes drastic action, like shutting the door on yesterday. If you keep on thinking of your human history, you never reach it, because there’s so much in our human past to convince us that we’re not pure spiritual being, that if we’re going to cling to that picture, we never will be, unless we can completely die to yesterday, and each day declare our Christ-hood now, with no regard for what we did yesterday, last year, last month, each day claim that Christ-hood and keep that human-hood out, we will not achieve being the transparency. Once Moses had that Light, no sign of his past came back into his experience. He just didn’t bring it up. It had nothing to do with him. Whether it was the part of being the prince at court with his successors, or whether it was the part afterward where he was a slave and a failure, none of that came back into his life. He was now Moses the enlightened one.

So, that’s what I had to say to you. I don’t ever want to forget the main point that made my whole career in Science and that has taken this around the world. I just go around so convinced that those things that operate in human thought, as the cause of disease, isn’t cause. It’s an effect, an effect of the carnal mind, which is nothing—the arm of flesh, the mind of flesh. Nothing. And only on that basis can we go forward and increase it. [Here Joel says the word “Cut.”]

And this brings us now to the strangest part of the whole thing. That so far as healing work is concerned, you can’t heal a single thing with everything that’s been said on that tape. That is the terrible part of the entire situation. That even though we know that, and even if we were to declare it in a treatment, it still is not power, and it still will not heal. And there again, you see how the mind of man is not power. With all of that Truth, it will not do a thing. Unless we through steadfastly abiding in that are lifted up above even that to where we are the transparency for the Spiritual activity, knowing this isn’t going to do us one single bit of good. Now the strange thing is that without this, you have very little chance of attaining sufficient Spiritual consciousness to be able to heal, because always in the back of the mind there will be the subconscious acceptance of a God doing something for disease, and you won’t attain it. And it’s only with the constant realization of this Truth that we’ve uttered here tonight that keeps us in the atmosphere, so that we can meditate without hoping that God through us is going to heal disease, because now with this we have no disease to be healed. All we want is God with us, Immanuel.

And so it is, that in proportion as you can turn to God, as we can turn to God, without any desire for God to do anything or be anything, merely for the realization of that Light. Only in that degree can we be a sufficient transparency to watch all forms of error dissolve in our presence. Never forget that. One of the most puzzling things in the entire metaphysical field is how it can be that there are so many people who know the Truth, and nothing happens. And the reason is that they go no further than knowing the Truth, and that is a mental activity. It’s an activity of the human mind. It’s human knowledge.

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