Our outlook on life in our healing ministry has to be based completely on: I don’t care if it is karma. I don’t care if it is malnutrition. I’m not trying to change a picture of the carnal mind. I am beholding the mind that was in Christ Jesus, appearing as individual being. I’m not trying to see a well human being. I’m trying to see the Christ of God made evident.

You see, if only you live enough in the human world, you can get trapped beautifully until you never can heal, because before you get through with a karmic disease, it’s hopeless and a medical disease that’s hopeless, and an accident, the results of which are hopeless, and a sin that’s hopeless, all of a sudden you’re left with nothing but curing colds and bad disposition. But it isn’t true. There’s nothing impossible with God.

Now, strangely enough this does not mean that we can walk into a hospital and empty it out. I will go back again and repeat to you, and you can watch it when you see “Ten Commandments,” Cecil B. DeMille’s “Ten Commandments.” The Hebrews, for hundreds of years, are slaves under Pharaoh, and Pharaoh was a hard taskmaster. They were beaten; they were starved; they were horribly mistreated; and they were mocked over and over again for their worship of the one true God. Well, where is this God? What does he do for you? Let you be our slaves? Let us beat you all we want? Let us starve you all we want? Where is this great God? You love him so much. How he doesn’t love you.

And you know that for all those centuries, God did really nothing about the Hebrews. Nothing. And they were probably better at that time. Much better than they were later when they were with Moses, because at least they were holding to their faith and seeing no evidence of it. Whereas later after they saw evidence with Moses, they went back on their faith.

Now somewhere miles and miles and miles away, Moses has an illumination. And this Light, which he received, made of him a transparency. I think he worded it this way; he said that you have to be like glass. You have no God power of your own, but you are like glass. And the Power and the Light of God shines through you. We call that a transparent, being a transparency, or an instrument for God. But once he became a transparency through which God could operate, God could reach the Hebrews. And not only reach the Hebrews but what he did to those Egyptians. Why God just made fools of them at every direction, all their wanted power was mocked, with an unarmed Moses.

Well there are so many instances of that throughout the Bible. Of the great things done by Isaiah, Elijah, Isaiah, Joel. And always it was of the same thing the people were in trouble, and God was doing nothing about it. Nothing. God couldn’t break through, because God can only break through the consciousness of an individual. But if the Light of God can come through one individual, everybody who has brought themselves under that influence can benefit by it. Because the Light is so infinite that it’ll shine right out all over this place, touching only those who are open to it.

So it is. Truth is truth. But that does not make it demonstrable. All the truth that we have about electric lights and phonographs and so forth were true long before there was a Thomas Edison, or an Alexander Graham Bell, or a Morse, or anybody that brought these modern inventions to us. But how could they break through until there was a consciousness reaching out for that? So it is with this. There is a God, and this is the thing that would shock the world, but God can’t help this universe, except the through consciousness of individuals. You see that?

You could have a person lying here dying, and God does nothing about it. Let the person come in with metaphysical experience or spiritual power, and the person gets up well. Where was God before that happened? It’s a shocking thing, isn’t it? But you have to make up your mind to it that that’s the truth. But all over this world, there are people from babies up to the others dying. Where there in the midst of all the need for a strong president in the United States, he gets stricken with disease three times. A religious man, a churchman, a believer, but he gets stricken.

What’s the answer to all that? It doesn’t mean there isn’t a God. There is a God. But God only breaks through when consciousness is opened, and one becomes a transparency for God. That doesn’t mean intellectually knowing about God. Intellectually knowing about God are only the first steps, maybe necessary ones, but the first steps leading up to the dissolving of the carnal mind in us, to the point where the mind of God can get through, the Light of God, the Spirit and the Presence of God.

In the days of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament, he healed, he rose, raised them from the dead, he fed them. Where was God without Jesus Christ? And did nobody of those days mean anything to God but that one man? Certainly not. God means nothing to, nobody means anything to God. No mortal, no human being means anything to God. He doesn’t care if it’s Fourth of July and 600 want to go out there and get killed. And it may all be needed to support families and everything else. It doesn’t faze God. It doesn’t faze God if 250,000 people get wiped out with an atomic bomb. It doesn’t faze God if tonight a million men are lying drunk in this country. It doesn’t bother God one little, doesn’t lift a finger. Let an individual come on the scene with this Light of God, with this transparency, and then all these errors begin to disappear. The sick walk again.

Now, all of this means this. Sin, disease, and death will go on forever, unless the consciousness of humanity is opened to the Spiritual impulse. Wherever an individual appears, in their vicinity, there will be healing. But that will not be the ultimate saving of those that are healed, for they themselves must go and do likewise. Otherwise, no matter what they’re healed of this week, they’ll need another healing next week, next month, or next year. You see that? And you haven’t changed the picture one bit.