1963 London Work
Joel S. Goldsmith
531A – I Am the Way

Good evening.
One passage of scripture incorrectly interpreted has kept our world in spiritual darkness for 1700 years. That same passage of scripture correctly interpreted can set the world free. But, to accomplish this, there must be “the 10 righteous men in the city” to show forth the correctness, the rightness, the fruitage of an understanding of that passage.
The passage is I am the way. On this one passage hinges man’s spiritual ignorance, spiritual darkness, or spiritual enlightenment. And of course spiritual enlightenment means: freedom, peace, abundance—all that the Master meant to convey when he said, “I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have life abundantly.”

When we personalize that passage, I am the way, and believe that it refers to a person, we are then in spiritual darkness. We are not worshiping God; we are worshiping person. And more especially, a person who says, “I can of my own self do nothing, if I speak of myself I bear witness to a lie.” And think of the degree of spiritual ignorance in which one lives, the degree of spiritual darkness when one worships and prays to someone who frankly, openly, and honestly declares: “I can of my own self do nothing; if I speak of myself I bear witness to a lie.”

Rightly interpreted, I am the way means what it says. The way, the truth, the life, life more abundant, is to be found in I—the I that I am, the I that you are. For you shall call no man on earth your Father, there is but one Father, and this is God; therefore, if God is your Father, then if I and my Father are one, you and your Father are one. And it is in that oneness that you find spiritual freedom, spiritual harmony, spiritual grace—a life by grace. “Not by might, not by power, but by My spirit,” saith the Lord.

I is the way, and that way reveals that I and my Father are one; Son, thou art ever with Me, and all that I have is thine; I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, I will be with thee unto the end of the world; even if your mother and your father forsake you, I will be with you.

Therefore, it is in this word I that you find the entire secret of the spiritual message, given to this world by Christ Jesus, and a message that was destined, and still is destined, to set men free. Break from them all shackles, all limitations that they may live as children of God, completely free, under the domination of no man, under the domination of no circumstances or conditions—under the grace of God.
When this is translated into our practical living experience, we begin to understand some of the passages of scripture that have heretofore been obscure. For instance, He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world.

Now stop for a moment…you are not listening to a lecture; you are not attending a class; you have come here to ponder the deep things of God, not to sit in a chair and hear words. Therefore, pause for just a moment and ponder this: He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world. Who is this He? Is there any He within you, other than the I of your own being, your own Self, in other words? Is there another?

I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within me, He doeth the works. Ponder this for a moment. Who is this Father within me? At least come to the conclusion, that it does mean that there is a presence within you, a power as well, since It doeth those things appointed for me to do.

He performeth that which is given me to do… this He that is within me. Again, let us agree that whoever or whatever this He may be, it refers to a presence, a power within me, and all the others. Fear not, I am with you. Again, can you come to an agreement within yourself that this “Fear not, I am with you, ” again refers to a presence, a power, a wisdom.

Fear not, be not afraid it is I. Does this not refer to a presence, a power… Be not afraid. There must be an omnipotence, if you are not to fear. There must be an omnipresence, an omniscience…Be not afraid it is I; Fear not, I am with you.
Again, ponder, do not merely hear the words that I speak, but ponder them. Does not all of this reveal to you that there is a presence within you, a power, a wisdom…“Closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.”

Whether we accept the Master’s designation of I, or the Father within, or Paul’s statement, “I can do all things through Christ; Christ that dwelleth in me.” Again, the spirit, the presence, the power, the wisdom within me. Not only within Christ Jesus, now within Paul.

The secret of this passage then is that there is an indwelling presence in you, in me, in all. And, since this message was addressed to saints and sinners, then it must apply to saints and sinners now. Since it was addressed to Hebrews then and Christians later, it must apply to Hebrews now and Christians also. And all others who hear this word, who hear that we are not to fear, we are not to be afraid… it is I, the Christ, the presence, the power, the wisdom.

Be still and know that I am God—A man or this presence, power, wisdom within you. Choose ye this day whom you will serve—a man or I, this presence, this power, this wisdom within you.

Once you have perceived this, you embark on a whole new way of life, because now you can understand Isaiah saying, “Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of.” Cease ye from dependence on princes, persons. Cease ye. And remember, that within you is this presence of I, the Father, the Christ, the presence of God, the Spirit of God. Give it any name you like, but remember that it is invisible, incorporeal, impersonal. It is as much in the sinner awaiting recognition, as it is in the saint awaiting recognition. It is as much in the Hebrew, the Christian, the Vedantist, the Buddhist as in anyone who has ever lived or ever will appear on earth.

Because, it is addressed to you who are to call no man on earth your Father. But acknowledge that the creator of your being is spirit, the creator of your being is the creator of my being—the creator of all being for there is but one.

Now, the reason that it is necessary that we ponder these statements, until one-by-one or two-by-two each of us individually comes to the realization there is a presence within me, wherever I may be. If I mount up to heaven I find It, if I make my bed in hell I find It, if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I find It…For neither life nor death can separate me from this presence.

We must not hasten, or attempt to hasten our spiritual journey. We must not attempt to get past this very point, until we have come to the definite conclusion and conviction that the place whereon I stand is holy ground, for where I am there is this presence. Where I am in prison or out, in disease or out, in health or out—where I am at this moment that presence is.

He that is within me—is. The Christ within—is. The I that has come to comfort us—is. The I that will never leave us nor forsake us—is now within me; wherever I may find myself at this particular moment of experience.

I can go no further until I have come to this recognition, until I have come to this conviction, because my tomorrows will be no different than my yesterdays, until I do come to an inner assurance that there is this He within me, this I, because of whom I need not fear, because of whom I need not be afraid. Be not afraid it is I, fear not I am with you.

Therefore, do not leave this moment of revelation even if it takes a month or a year. Do not try to go beyond this moment of revelation, regardless of how many months it may take for you to reach the absolute inner conviction that where I am, God is; that I need never fear, I need never be afraid; this presence is with me.
Because, without this realized presence, you are not only the man of earth, you are the creature, the natural man of whom Paul said, “You are not under the law of God, neither indeed can be, and you receive not the things of God.”

It is only when you agree that the Spirit of God is with you; that the Spirit of God accompanies you; that the Spirit of God is upon you; that the Spirit of God goes where you go. Only when you come to this conviction, are you fulfilling the statement that those who have the Spirit of God are Children of God, heirs of God, joint heirs to all the heavenly riches… only when the Spirit of God is with you. And, this comes only through your recognition.

The Spirit of God is with you, whether or not you acknowledge It, or recognize It, but it is of no avail to you. It is only through your awareness of It, your consciousness of Its presence, that It functions.