Now, I say then, try to see that God isn’t a power in the sense of going to do something for somebody. You can look at the shrubs, the plants, the trees, and see that God is a power in the sense that without God none of that would be there. All of that you are witnessing in your garden is the presence of life, which means the presence of God, and it is the presence of God that is the maintaining and sustaining influence. But don’t think that all of a sudden you can say, “Now, God, how about doubling up the crop on my tree?” Or how about….? No, you can’t. There’s another thing. You cannot use God. Don’t let anybody think that you can use God or use Truth. You can’t. You can let yourself be used by God. You can be an instrument showing forth the glory of God. But you can’t use God, or you’d be greater than God, and that isn’t true. Now. And never will be.

But you can contemplate, and that’s what we’re coming to next, contemplative prayer. And you know that’s what we’ve been doing here all evening. Contemplative prayer. The contemplation of God and the things of God is our form of prayer. At least, it is one of our forms. There are many forms of prayer. The highest is when this is all so clearly established in you that you no longer have to go through it as a mental process. When your prayer becomes merely sitting back and being completely a blank. And then the whole of God begins to pour through you. That is the highest form. But it is arrived at through contemplative prayer.

Now, when you have contemplative prayer, or you can even call it metaphysical treatment, if you like, as when you are called upon to help somebody, and you sit back, and you’re not going to think about the patient and you’re not going to think about their disease. Otherwise, you’ll perpetuate both. You’ll have an immortal patient and an immortal disease. You drop them, and you turn to God. And of course, there’s nothing more profound than the two words: God Is. Of that I am sure. God Is. Everything in this life testifies to the fact that this Universe is run by Law: the stars in their courses, the sun, the moon, nature, apples from apple trees, peaches from peach trees, fish in the sea, birds in the air. Everything points to a law that man neither made nor can man control. It’s a Law, which existed before there was a man on earth, according to the First Chapter of Genesis.

Therefore, I say, “God Is.” God is, and God is about the business of being God. It means God is functioning as the sun, and the moon, and the stars. God is functioning as my individual being. In fact, if it weren’t for God I wouldn’t have a mind or a soul or a life. Therefore, God is functioning as my mind, as my life, as my soul, even as my body, for my body is the Temple of the Living God. And this is true of my patient, of my student. There’s nothing true of me that isn’t true of thee. Nothing true of thee that isn’t true of me. God is, I’m sure of that. I’m sure that God is a Lawgiver. But if that’s true and God is infinite, God must be the only Lawgiver. Therefore, all Law is spiritual. Then, I need have no fear of material law. No, I will have no fear of material law, since the spiritual Law is the real, and material law must only be some form of it. Therefore, it has no destructive element.

God is, of that I am sure. God is the power that formed this universe and maintains it and sustains it. Once upon a time, the church taught that this universe was 7,000 years old. And now we’re finding skeletons that are a hundred million years old. So evidently this universe was here before churches. So there must have been a God here before churches too. And there must have been one universal God because it seems to have operated in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. So it wasn’t a Jewish God, Muslim God, or a Christian God. It was just God. God, the One. God, the one power; and if God is the one power, then there are no other powers.

Then I need not fear any power of disease. I need not fear any power of climate or weather. Oh! yes, yes, I well know that in this human world, there are two powers—good and evil. And the world is suffering from that belief. I know that we never will go back to Eden, to harmony, until we obey the Master and live by the First Commandment: “Thou shalt acknowledge no other power than God. Thou shalt acknowledge no other presence than God. Even to Pilate I will say, ‘Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from God. Even to death I will say, ‘Thou hast no power. Come on, young man, get up. Come forth Lazarus.’” Death has no power. Since God is infinite, God is the only power and I acknowledge no other power.

God is life’ I’m convinced of that. And I’m convinced that the immortality of God means the immortality of life. Well, then why should I fear disease? Would it have any power over God, if God is the only life there is, and that life is immortal? Why, then should I fear the power of disease? Well, certainly I know all the world’s claim that disease can kill you. But can it, if my life is God, or if God is my life? Can it? No, of course not. And the Master said, “You never will know immortal life unless you lose that personal sense of life.” You have to lose your sense of life and belief that you have a life of your own which began in 1880, 1890, 1900.

You have to give that up and claim that the only life I have began with God, for it is the life, which is God. God is life. God is the life of my being and of my body. God is the life of my orchard and of my ranch. God is the life in my garden. And I know no other life. “I know no life divided,” says the hymn. Only one life, and that life is God. I don’t need any God power to preserve life, for God power is life, and life is God power. I don’t need any God power to heal disease. What for? What can disease do? It certainly can’t touch the life, and I have no other life, nor have you nor he nor she. I shall not fear any form or effect, because I know that actually God made all that was made and all that God made is good. Why then should I fear any creature, any form, or effect? If I can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, I must not fear it, for there is neither power of good nor of evil in it.

What a blessed revelation. I must not love, hate, or fear anything that I can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. I can enjoy the good of life. I can use all that which is given to us for our use. But I must not indulge love, hate, or fear. For the power of good or evil is not in it. All power is in God. All power is in the Invisible appearing as visible form. Therefore, all visible form reflects and expresses the Divine Power of the invisible creative essence, substance, law, activity. A heart does not give me life but the life which I am, functions my heart. The digestive and eliminative systems cannot give me health, but the health of God, which I embody, functions my digestive and eliminative organs. My muscles cannot have strength but the Spirit of God, which functions my muscles, has the strength and is the strength of my muscles. The health of God, the invisible Spirit, is the health of my visible form, for these are one and not two. The secret word is Omnipresence. The Spirit of God is within me, functioning in every organ of my body, functioning in every cell of blood, functioning in every bit of tissue and hair.

God, the Invisible is appearing visibly as form, and God is not separate from the form He creates. Anymore than God is separate from the times and the tides, and the suns, and the moons, and the stars. God is the invisible substance, law, cause, and activity, and all these things are the forms as which God appears. God appearing as. God appearing as.