How to Heal part 4 2/5

But if you have come to discern the Nature of God, you have come to see that the infinity of God makes unreal any condition unlike God Itself. If you have perceived at all the Nature of God, the invisible, you can never again fear what mortal man can do to me or mortal things can do to me. I remember so well a woman coming to my office in California in great tears and self-righteous horror, because her husband was an alcoholic. And that would have been all right, if it was only his business, but he had gotten to the place where he wouldn’t work, and she had to work, and not only she had to work but she had to give him her money to buy the alcohol with. And that to her was just a little bit, going a little bit too far.

But there it was, and there he was at home, and the only day that he got out of bed was on her payday. And that’s when he went down to the store to buy some whiskey. And she was fed up with it. And now I guess she got spiritual, too, and wanted to know what I could do about it spiritually. And as I sat there talking to her, I said, “you know something, it comes to me that your husband isn’t an alcoholic at all, it’s you, and you’ve almost got me being one.” “I don’t know what you mean,” she said. “Well,” I said, “you seem to be more afraid of alcohol than your husband.”

She looked at it and she said, “I am. I’m seeing what it’s doing. He doesn’t think it’s terrible; he likes it.”

“It’s a difference of opinion there.” “Yes.” “You really do believe alcohol is bad, don’t you?” “I certainly do.”

“And yet the basis of our work is that there’s neither good nor evil. What are we going to do with that? Alright, let me put it this way, supposing your husband wanted that money to buy coca cola, would you object?”

“No, I’d gladly go to work, and he could have all the coca cola he wanted.” “Well, then coca cola is good but alcohol is evil. So there we are back with Adam and Eve. “Now,” I said, “your husband thinks it’s good, and you think its evil. Now you’re deadlocked, and I guess that’s where you’re going to stay for awhile, unless you can commence to see what I see. That actually coca cola isn’t good and whiskey isn’t bad. That there’s no power in either one, if all power is in God. Now I said, that’s the vision the way I see it. God is the infinite all power and beside God there is no power for good or for evil.”

“What does that mean, what am I suppose to do?” “Well, you go right home, and you tell your husband you’ve made a terrible mistake. That you don’t that think whiskey is so terrible after all; he can have all he wants of it.” Ah, oh no, that was going too far. But then she went outside, sat in my outer office a little while, came back later. She said, “Well, I’m not getting anywhere this way, I can’t do worse that way. So I’m going to do it. But it’s very difficult.” “Try it, and see.”

So she went home, and she waited for the proper time. And when her husband wanted whiskey, she said, “Oh yes, sure, here it is.” He kind of looked at her, but he made no comment. A few days later, he came to her and he said, “You know, there’s no use drinking this stuff; they’re just making war-time whiskey again. It has no power.” And that’s how he was ultimately freed. He just couldn’t drink it anymore. It just didn’t give him the kick. And gradually he saw what he’d been doing.

Now, that’s kind of an extreme case, but it really happened. But it bears out the Principle that I’m trying to bring to you, which has evolved in the Infinite Way. The Principle is that there is neither good nor evil in any creature or form. That all good is in the Invisible, all power rather is in the Invisible acting through the visible. Therefore, I can say that my hand is not a good hand. It’s not a generous hand. That only the Spirit of God could use the hand through which to do good. And that is why there are some healers who heal actually by laying on of hands. And they accomplish healings. And the belief is that the Spirit of God flows through their hands to the patient. And as long as that is part of their belief, it works.

And so it is, the hand can be an instrument but the hand can’t be good. And the hand can’t be dishonest. That’s why they never send anybody’s hands to jail for stealing. Now it wouldn’t do any good. It wasn’t the hands. They were just the instrument. And so it is you begin to perceive the Nature of God. The Nature of God is an invisibility that is always appearing as visible form. And as long as you attach no good or evil to the visible form, the invisible spirit will function harmoniously as visible form. That’s as clearly as I can state it.

You have to get used to the idea that God is not a power that can change its course of action. God is not a power that can do something to something or for something or to somebody for somebody. God is a state of IS. Another way of saying it is, God is Being. And what God is being God cannot stop being. God cannot alter its being. God is Being but God is Being infinitely, immortally, eternally, harmoniously, joyously, prosperously. God is infinitely being, and God is an invisible Spirit appearing as a visible universe. And if you withdraw from your mind the belief of good and evil, you will find that the invisible Spirit will function visibly, spiritually, and harmoniously. As long as you attach qualities of good or evil to visible form, you create that condition. That is called the Second Chapter of Genesis.

Originally, we lived in the First Chapter of Genesis, where God formed all that was formed of Himself, of Spirit, and it was spiritual. Even, even the crops were in the ground before seeds were planted. Light was here before there was sun in the sky, because it all happened through and as God appearing. It is only when the next chapter comes along, and a false sense of creation comes, which revelation taught me is a mind creation. It is through the mind that we begin to know good and evil. It is through mind that we think that we are creators. And through mind, all limitation comes.

Now, when you use your mind not for a creative purpose but as an avenue of awareness, you’ll find a different story. For instance, the story is told of Thomas Edison and his inventions that whenever he was inventing something, his habit was to put his hand up behind his ear, as if he were listening; then he’d close his eyes and he’d come back and say, “do this.” In other words, he wasn’t creating anything with his mind. He was listening with his mind and into that listening awareness came the ideas. And so we know this is the truth about composers. There never was a composer that invented a melody. There never was a composer that created a melody. A composer is a person who has the gift of settling back into a quiet communion, and then something pours into his awareness, and he writes it down. And so it is with artists and sculptors.

Only recently I read the story of Michelangelo standing before his statue of the angel. And a woman saying to him, “Oh, what a great man you must be to do such a wonderful piece of work.” And he said, “Oh, I didn’t do that. Oh, I didn’t put that angel there. That angel was in the stone, and I saw it and just chipped away the parts that weren’t needed.” Yes, that is the secret that you don’t create, you don’t go out and try to be a great I AM of yourself. You sit always, whether you need an idea for business, invention, art, music, or metaphysics. You don’t invent these things or make them up. I hope that our people all know that I never made up anything that’s in the Infinite Way writings. These things came to me. I didn’t know them when they came. They came to me. I never thought them out. They flowed from somewhere, somewhere within me, because when it happened I’m listening.

Now, it’s the same as I do when I’m sitting here talking to you. Inwardly, I’m always listening, always listening. And there are times when I stop myself in the middle of what I’m saying and say something else, because I’ve just heard something else. And it has come.

Now, once you begin to perceive the nature of God, you’ll know that because of Omnipresence God is here and now where we are. The very place whereon thou standest is holy ground. If you go up to heaven, It is. If you go down into hell, It is. If you go through the valley of the shadow of death, It also is holy ground, for God is there. Now, as you learn to live in that realization, that where I am, God is, wherever It is, then fulfillment starts to flow, and God begins to appear as the harmonies of your existence. God does not give you supply. When you attain the realization of God’s Presence, it appears as supply. God appears as supply. God never gives anyone health. Ill health is a sense of separation from God. Therefore, when you attain a realization of God’s Omnipresence, your health appears. It was there always. God can’t take away your health or give it back to you. Your health is always omnipresent in God. But when you entertain a sense of separation from God, you entertain a sense of separation from health, from supply, from companionship, from home, from inspiration, from art, literature, or music.

But when you begin to understand that God is an invisible, infinite, Divine Presence, ever present where I am, and you learn to live in that; practice it morning, noon, and night, whether or not you have any evidence of it at the moment. Something within you must tell you it’s true. Where I am, God is. ‘Whither shall I flee from Thy Presence. If I make my bed in hell, thou art there.’ And you commence to acknowledge where God is, I am. Where I am, God is, because we are one, not two. God is the substance; I am the form. You might just as well try to separate glass from tumbler. You can’t. But you can entertain a sense of separation. And entertaining a sense of separation acts to keep from you the realization or demonstration of God in infinite form and variety.

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