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How To Heal Part4
Adelaide Closed Class, 1958.
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 204B

Good evening.

That makes it official for all of our students to know that we have met this evening and are still on good terms. And indeed we are, on this last evening of our Adelaide Closed Class, 1958. And by now those who are listening to the tapes will not have to be told that this has been a wonderful week; a wonderful class, and a fine message has come through, because they’ve heard part of it and already know it.

I have two things to bring to your attention this evening, which I am sure will form the complete circle of this week’s class unfoldment. The first I am going to call “God as no power, for God is not power.” And I mean that in the sense that we are not to think of God as a power that can do something to you or for you. For that would be placing God in time and space, and God is not to be limited to time and space. In the same way it would be putting a start on God’s work and that takes you entirely out of the realm of an infinite, immortal God.

What I am trying to convey to you is this: We speak of God as the Creative Principle of this entire Universe, including man. But actually that brings up a picture in your mind of a God that really created something at some time, and as long as you hold to that belief you cannot rightly understand the nature of God, for God has never created anything at anytime. Any such belief puts God in time and space and with a beginning and that takes away God’s eternality and immortality. I ask you rather to see God as an infinite Invisible, appearing as this universe rather than as starting it, creating it, making it at a time.

Let us use the illustration now of the fruit tree again. As you watch the tree; no, the fruit appear on your tree, you could say, “ah, there is God in the act of creation.” But that wouldn’t literally be true, because that creation began before the fruit was visible. There was fruit there when it was still in the invisible, when it was, let us say, sap in the tree. But even that wouldn’t be right, to say that creation began with the sap, because before there was sap there were elements in the ground, which some action of life drew into the roots of the tree that went to form the sap that went up into the tree and formed the bud and fruit. But it wouldn’t be right to say that creation began with the drawing of the substances in, because the substances were in the ground before the drawing began.

And so if you keep going back and back and back again you’ll find actually that you cannot locate in time or space when that fruit began to be created that was going to ultimately appear on your tree. And really if you go back far enough you’d find that when it really began was when God began. In other words, God did not create in the sense that man can create this object, because when you have this object you have man; the inventor or manufacturer and an object. But when you have this universe, you haven’t got God and a universe. There’s no God standing separate and apart from the universe, looking off into a universe, which he created. God is the substance and law of this created universe.

Therefore, it is more accurate to say that God appears as this universe. God unfolds Himself as this universe, and so when you begin to see this, you’ll know that God isn’t a power here, creating a universe here. Nor is God a power here patching up a universe. There’s no such thing. God is the very life, law, and substance that appears on your tree as fruit. God is the very life, law, substance, and activity that appears in your hand as your baby. God is the very law and life and activity and substance that appears to us as ourselves, each other, and this universe. And the creating never began. It is a continuous unfoldment of God revealing Himself throughout all time.

When you see that, you do not think of God as a power to which you can turn now and ask God, ‘heal this body’ or put fruit on my tree or bring me supply. You can’t do that if you understand the Nature of God. All you can do is realize Omnipresence. The very moment you say, “God is,” you have prayed the prayer of all the ages that results in harmonious demonstration.

God is. What is God? God is life. Whose life? Well, surely not my life and not your life. If my life, then it must be your life. If my life, then it must be the life of the tree, since God is one. “Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord He is One.” And the Master said, “acknowledge only one God.” Yes, but God is life. Well, then acknowledge only one life. But God is love. Then acknowledge only one love. But God is law. Then acknowledge only one law. When you acknowledge God as one law, you then can say, “well, then material law, physical law, why they just must be instruments of that one. They can’t be destructive to that one. They must be offshoots of that one.”

Just as, if you want to call your body a physical body, you may. Actually it’s a spiritual body, because it’s formed of the substance of God, since God could not be infinite and then have a God and your body separate and apart from God. Your body would have to be included in the substance of which God is formed. God made all that was made. And anything that God did not make was not made. Well, would you like to say your body wasn’t made? Would you care to say you haven’t a body? And the sun, moon, and stars haven’t bodies? Well, you just can’t be that ridiculous. So if you have a body, God made it. And God must have made it out of His own substance of His own being, for God was infinite in being, and there was no other God, and there was no other being. And therefore, all that is, is God being. God being me and God being you and God being the sun and the moon and the stars.

Now, it is true that as we look at creation, we are not seeing Spirit and its formations as they really are, because we are looking out through those eyes of Adam and Eve’s who disobeyed the order about good and evil. In other words, we today are looking out through eyes that believe that some things are good and some things are evil. Therefore, we are not seeing anything as it is. Nothing are we seeing actually as it is. And that’s why we don’t see things alike. That’s why one likes this kind of art and the other likes that kind of art. That is why, in all generations, the great music masters have been considered not musical. It took a hundred years after they were gone before it was acknowledged that their music was true music.

In other words, we are creatures of habit, and of our inhibitions, and of our background. So if a thing doesn’t conform to our idea of beauty, it isn’t beautiful. If a thing doesn’t conform to our idea of good, it isn’t good. But that doesn’t mean that we are seeing things as they are. I don’t have to tell you how many men were imprisoned in dungeons for teaching that the world is round. And that’s because the world saw it flat, and it was not going to accept anything else but the appearance it saw through eyes. And I don’t have to tell you how few years ago we grownups were ridiculing the nonsensical children who were looking at science-fiction cartoons about people flying through space and satellites going around in the air. And now the children have a laugh on us, because it’s being done.

You see, we are not seeing things as they are. We are seeing them as our finite senses present them to us. Only when you stop judging by appearances and begin to judge righteous judgment, that is, through your soul faculties, only then, can you look at a sinner and see right in that sinner a pure, perfect being temporarily making a mistake. Only when you are looking through your soul faculties can you sit by the side of a dying person convinced that they will not die and that they will be healthy and harmonious and quickly; and watch it turn out to be so. If you are judging by your eyesight, you would say, “I give up.” And in that case you could never be a spiritual healer, because almost every case that comes to you looks hopeless. The people who haven’t got hopeless cases are still trusting doctors and medicine. They only start to get spiritual after the doctor has said, “I can’t do anything more for you.” And those are the kind of cases that make up the bulk of your practice, and so you wouldn’t have those cases, and you wouldn’t be in it if you judged by appearances.