How to Heal part 3 5/6

There just isn’t room in an infinity of God for anything destructive to life, for God is infinite, all One. God is One. God does not embrace in that oneness anything destructive to its own life. And have you any other life but that One? Has your tree any other life but that One? Has your dog any other life but that One? No, because there isn’t any other life but that One. There is but one life and that’s the life of God, whether it appears on earth as Joel, Jane, Mary, Bill, whatever. It makes no difference. It’s the One Life and the Life, which is God, contains within itself nothing destructive to itself, for God is spirit, and God is all, and God is power.

If you ever wonder why Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden you’ve only go back to Genesis and find out that it says, because of the belief in good and evil. That’s what threw them out of the Garden of Eden, the belief of good and evil. And the very moment, aught again, in proportion as we overcome the belief in good and evil. In that proportion are we back in the Garden of Eden, without problems, without old age, without falling away, without dying, without sinning, without lack and limitation; we are back in the Garden of Eden as children of God, heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ in God to all the heavenly riches and we then learn that it is our Father’s good pleasure give us the kingdom. Only, only God says, “one thing I ask of you.” Don’t believe in good and evil. If you just leave that tree alone you can have everything else on earth. Everything beautifully and bountifully, everything you can have. God promises us the whole kingdom of heaven if only we will stay away from one tree—one belief, the belief in good and evil.

Now, as you are faced with problems, you’ll have the courage to look at them. Don’t turn away from them. Don’t try to hide yourself like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Take your problem right out and look it right smack in the face. I’m not eating of that particular tree. I am not believing that power for good or evil. I’m not going to accept that you can do me any good or that you could do me any harm. Yes, you my problem, I’m looking right at you. And I’m not fearing you or hating you or loving you. I’m knowing this, that if there’s a God within me, it must be the only power. Not you. And you learn to face every problem. Don’t run away from it. Don’t hide. Don’t take to alcohol to get away from it or any other of these sense indulgences. Face the problem. Look it squarely in the face and come up against the word of God.

You can have anything in this world, if only you’ll give up the belief of good and evil. You remember what he said to Adam? Adam decided that he would know good and evil and then all of a sudden he got ashamed of himself and God had to say to him, “who said thou wast naked.” Who told you one part of the body is different than another? What are you hiding over there? The belief of good and evil touched him, that’s all. And that’s all that touches us. The belief in good and evil. If it weren’t for that, we’d be the most normal, natural people in all the face of the world. We wouldn’t know a wrong desire. But because we’ve accepted both good and evil, we’re paying the penalty of it.

In proportion as you can give up that tree and say, “Good! I’ll be satisfied with all the other trees in the orchard of life. And I’ll leave that one strictly alone.” You will find yourself in possession of health, harmony, wholeness, joyous companionship’s, relationships, and what is so very important in this particular era, the ability to heal. And yet it won’t be your ability to heal. It will be your knowledge of the truth that error isn’t power. And therein lies healing power. The person who has to fight error, the person who has to try to find a reason for it and then get rid of it is not a spiritual healer. A spiritual healer is one who says, “Yes, I know you exist as an appearance. I know you seem very real.” But I also know something else: there can’t be God and a power destructive to the life of God. And so you sit in contemplation; inner contemplation, quietly, peacefully contemplating the nature of God as divine wisdom and divine love and you begin to perceive that a God of intelligence and a God of love couldn’t be guilty of placing anything evil in the consciousness of his own beloved child. And as you contemplate that, you come into the realization of one presence, one power and that’s when healing take place.

So you see, it really isn’t a healing power, although we do use those words, and when we’re asked to pray for the sick, we tell them we do but we’re not really praying for them as they believe we are. We are contemplating truth, and the truth we are contemplating is Oneness, one God, one life, one substance, one law, one cause, one presence, one power, and when we have contemplated it long enough, a peace steals over us. We call that the spirit of Christ and when that steals over us we are released from our fear of the other power. When we are released, the patient is released.

Remember we do not project thoughts in our treatment. Remember that we never address the consciousness or mind of a patient. Remember that we never take you into our mind when we’re helping you. When you have asked for help, you have completed your part in our picture. From then on, we drop you and all thought of you and sit in contemplation of truth. And when we have contemplated truth until we have arrived at the place of conviction that there is only one power, a feeling of peace descends upon us. And you feel it. Why do you feel it when we haven’t directed it to you at all? Because you were the one who hooked unto our line. It is as if I lifted up this receiver and talked into it. And I don’t know who is out in the world and but if a thousand have picked up receivers on this line, a thousand will receive whatever I speak. Because they have brought themselves to it right here. You have brought yourself to my consciousness of truth. Therefore you have united yourselves with me in spirit, in truth, in consciousness; therefore any truth that takes place in my consciousness you automatically feel it. Do you see that?

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