Now you are living after the flesh if you believe that flesh is power. Whether that flesh is a germ, a weather, a climate; whether that flesh is a growth or a fever, if you honor it by believing it is a power to kill you or to give you pain, you are living after the flesh. You are living after the spirit when you can walk up to the leper and touch him and say I know you have no power, only God has power. When you can touch the blind man with spittle and say that’s enough to heal you because blindness isn’t a power. When you can accept this within your own being, again I should say in proportion as you can accept it, because you can all accept it in a minor way.

You could go home tonight and if you had a telephone call, somebody had a headache I’d know you’d heal it instantly. I’m not quite so sure that you’d heal a cancer. Not that there’s anything difference in healing a headache or a cancer. But at the present moment there is something more dreadful in the name. And you might not be quite so ready to accept the fact that a cancer is nothing but a form, a nothingness, but that the power is in the spirit. But gradually you will go from headaches to colds and grip and flu and stomachaches and toothaches and one thing after another until you get hit with something really serious to the world’s sense and then you’ll break your head and heart until you meet it, and when you have met it you will have proven this Principle.

My testing time came in just that way. When I first learned, I did not know the letter of Truth or know how to heal. To me it was a spiritual experience. And I didn’t know I could heal until friends began to ask me for help. I didn’t know how to give it to them but they got healed; they got well. And I had to discover how that happened and I began to study. I was doing beautifully until lo and behold, one day I received a call to take a case of an immigrant girl in a tuberculosis sanatorium who was already in the death shack and not expected to live until Sunday. And someone had spoken to her about trying spiritual healing and she was agreeable to it. And that case was placed in my lap in the very third month of my practice. And I don’t mind telling you that for a moment I wondered also if I was up to it.

But there was no alternative, and I took the case and went to work. And you don’t ever imagine what took place in me for thirteen weeks. Thirteen weeks of day and night work. I would get a telegram “slightly better today.” And I’d just feel relieved and the next telegram would come “patient dying.” And there we’d go again. And then there’d be just a lifting up and then again a slipping back. It took three weeks of that night and day work before that girl was taken out of the death shack and put back on the veranda; open veranda of this hospital. It took thirteen weeks before the doctors sent a report that there wasn’t a germ left in her system. And thirteen months before she was discharged with a completely perfect body. And that girl is one of our prizes today because this happened in 1930 and in 1958 she writes, never has she been to bed from that day to this except to sleep, never a sick moment.

Now this is not a testimony to my healing ability. This is a testimony to the truth that death itself has no power against your ability to stand in the truth that death isn’t a power; germs aren’t power; disease isn’t power. How can it be if God is infinite power? But, oh! the determination and the vigor and the relentlessness with which you have to stay awake at night, sleep in the day until that case is broken. My reward has been that in all the years since 1930 I have lost only one case of tuberculosis. And every case that’s been met has been quickly met. That’s been the reward of putting in those thirteen months of struggle with that particular claim and case.

So it is. You may think that once you’ve won, that never again can you be brought down to believing in two powers but don’t you believe it. The power of mesmerism and suggestion is such that even after 30 years you’re apt to say, “Father, Father why did you desert me?” No, no, no, you never can get to the state where you’re so convinced that you can’t be moved that you’d be willing to bet on it. Oh, no! Even after all of these years, cases come to me that give me hard work; day work, the night work, constant work. Because they can only be broken in proportion as we have learned to turn from idolatry, which is the belief that there is power in matter. Atheism, which is the belief that God isn’t the all and only power.

And so it is. Our struggles are less but occasionally they come. For the most part, healing work is a joyous experience because it really has nothing to do with your patient and it hasn’t too much to do with you. It has entirely to do with the truth and your acceptance of the truth and your ability to stand on the truth. ‘ I will not be moved. I will not fear what mortal man can do to me or mortal conditions can do to me.’ And anytime you feel yourself fearing, you only have to remind yourself that nobody fears who knows God. And that’ll pull you up short. If you find yourself fearing and then say to yourself, that means I don’t believe in God, you’ll quickly snap out of it. Because not one of us wants to believe that we don’t believe in God. But we don’t while we have fear.

Fear is the degree of our lack of faith in God as the principle of life; as that which created, maintained, and sustained it. And the very moment that you know that God the spirit, the invisible is the central theme of all life, the law, the cause, the substance, and the effect, in that moment you have no more fear. You have problems for awhile, but you don’t fear. You can take them as problems, opportunities. You know you’ve got something to work out of but you do not have fear. And when fear does come in, just remind yourself you’re indulging a little atheism, a little belief that God isn’t available, that God isn’t where I am, or that God is a respecter of persons and has probably deserted me for some more worthy person.

So we come to the conclusion that one power and the acceptance of one power is that which removes us from living after the flesh to living after the spirit. The very moment that you have one power, you are sons of God. That is the position of Jesus Christ when he faced Pilate, the great temporal power: You wilt have no power over me except it came from God. That was the attitude of Jesus Christ facing leprosy, facing death, facing sin, facing disease. No fear and no doubt. God alone was power and he gave no power to anything else. And that was his secret. And for whatever its worth, that’s the secret of the Infinite Way.

Not that we attain the fullness of it. As Paul said, I don’t claim to have attained the fullness. I only claim that whatever measure I have attained, I have attained and I’m really looking forward to higher attainments in that line of spiritual unfoldment. For I know that it is the truth. Whatever success I have had in healing and teaching work has been based on the fact of not fearing disease, not fighting disease, not fearing sin; hating sin, but sitting quietly by in the realization there can’t be God and you too.