How to Heal 3 6/6

Now, if you understand the spiritual law of one power, you will know this; that the only thing you can ever feel from me is a spiritual thought of truth that I have and the reason is because we are one in spirit. And that One is all. But you could never feel a wrong thought in my mind, a lie or a sinful thought or a sensual thought, you could never feel that. And do you know why? Because it is a false belief that only the believer suffers from and so it cannot be transferred to you unless you are a believer in mental telepathy. If you open yourself to a belief in mental telepathy you can pick up all the thoughts of everybody in the world and pay an awful price for it. But you will not be suffering from their thoughts but from your opening yourself to their thoughts. If you open yourself only to the spirit of God, you will be free from the malpractice of this world. You will even be free from the suggestions that result in colds and grips and flu and all these things that fly around through mental telepathy; thought transference.

Understand this. That human beliefs never escape from the believer, and then the beliefs of this world will not touch you. I may sit here with all the rottenness of the world in my head but it’ll never touch you if you are sitting there realizing that Truth alone is power. Do you see that? Truth alone is power. Then lies cannot transmit themselves. You have taken the power out of them. Now in the same way, this world is filled with sin, disease, death, and the fears about them. You read perhaps in your paper today the great change that has come over the consciousness of the people of the United States because they have “Usnik” or “Iknik” or whatever they call it up there in the sky, and you read that very definitely they were a nation of people in fear, in doubt, discouraged, and everybody over there felt that in the air. It was a hypnotism, a national hypnotism, so much so that your reporter notices that it isn’t there anymore.

Now, if you have decided to give up that one tree in the Garden of Eden, if you have decided that you will not accept two powers, you could be in the midst of all that and not feel their fear or their doubts. You would still be in your Heaven. The fears and the mesmerism of the world would not come nigh your dwelling place. But, if you still believe in the power of good and evil, then when they feel uplifted, you feel it, and when they feel discouraged, you’ll feel discouraged. And so it will be over here. If you have prosperity over here as a nation, you’ll feel wonderful about it. And when you begin to read that there’s a recession, you’ll start to feel discouraged. But that can only happen if you are still clinging to the belief in good and evil. If you can accept the fact that God is a Spirit and the Spirit of God alone dwells in you and feeds you, sustains you, maintains you unto eternity, you will have no fear of external conditions, and it will not come nigh unto your dwelling place.

Do you see why I say, however, that the responsibility now rests upon you? To what extent will you develop the consciousness of the Truth that we’ve been having this week? The mere fact that I have voiced these to you will result in some measure of temporary benefit, not permanent benefit. The permanent benefit can only come through your own individual acceptance and continuous practice of them, until it becomes second nature or a state of consciousness with you. Always remember this, any good effect that you get from this class, in the way of uplift or healing, is only a temporary affair, except in proportion as you take hold of these Principles. Jesus said, “Take, eat of my body, drink of my blood.” In other words, take this message and eat it up. Drink it. Practice it. Live with it. Until you yourself are convinced that there is only one Power in this universe and that the sins, diseases, deaths, lacks, limitations; these aren’t powers. They only act as powers while they are believed in and feared.

Then, this class can become a permanent dispensation of harmony to you. How many do you really think benefitted out of the multitudes that heard Jesus Christ for three years? Why you could almost name them. The twelve, the seventy, the two hundred, five hundred that witnessed the resurrection. And out of all the multitudes in all the Holy Lands, that’s about all you know of that really benefitted by his message. Why? The others heard it. Like Lazarus, some were raised from the dead. But they died later anyhow. Some were fed. But they came back the next day looking to be fed again. They didn’t benefit by what they had witnessed. They only benefitted by being fed one meal.

No, they’d have been just as well off if they’d gone to the Salvation Army. Better because they could go back day after day but Jesus wouldn’t allow them back after the second time. You either learn the Principle or do the next best thing, but he did not set up food kitchens or medical clinics. No sir; he taught Principles, and he demonstrated the efficacy of those Principles, and then he set the people free to accept it or reject it, to live by it or not live by it. He preached it morning, noon, and night. He told the great beauties of it, the power of it, the wonders of it, and then he had to finally say, “Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem, I would but ye would not.” I would love to put my arms around you. I would love to comfort you. I would love to see you free. But you’re too lazy. You haven’t got enough energy to sit down and really think it through and understand that there’s one Power, one Presence, and put your whole faith on the spiritual side and none at all on flesh side.

And so we have it today. We talk to thousands, tens of thousands read our books. As I’ve said, I think in this month or last month’s letter, out of the tens of thousands of books that we have published, five thousand families receive the letter. That about represents those who are really willing to dig in and do something about the errors that confront them, the problems. The others are willing to write a letter and say, “Will you help me?” and let it go at that.

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