How to Heal part 3 3/6

Now, there is an important step that each one of us must take before we can claim to have advanced very far in the direction of living after the spirit instead of after the flesh.  There is a reason why we have become people who live after the flesh.  And there is a way in which we can gradually rise out of that estate into those who are lead by the spirit.

In all human existence, there are two powers. It is called the power of good and evil.  It is sometimes called the immortal and the mortal.   It is called the flesh; the spirit and the flesh.  But regardless of the terms that are used, it is accepted humanly that there are two powers: a power of good and a power of evil and we are always trying to get rid of the power of evil and to get more of the power of good and so we end up in the ditch.  For the spiritual truth is this.  There are not two powers.  There is only one.  And that power is the power of the Spirit.

Now I know that you can quickly point out to me all of the good and all of the evil there is in the world.  That is what we sometimes have to meet up with when we say that we are immortal and some very wise person in their estimation tells us they’d like to lead us down the street and show us the cemeteries.   I know, I know all the appearances of good and evil.  I know lots of them that you haven’t met up with yet.  Lots of them.  But I know this; that what gives them the power is our acceptance of them.  There is no inherent power in evil.  It is thinking that makes it so.  As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he percieveth.  As he becomes convinced, so is he.  “There is nothing good or evil but thinking makes it so.”  Some of the very things that you people especially would be terribly shocked about are commonplace things over in some of the islands that we know about.

Good and evil all depends on whose eyes you’re looking out through; in what age you were born, in what country you were born, what happens at the moment that happens to pass for good or evil.  I’ve even brought out that in our country you may not even be married.  It all depends what state you’re in.  You may be married in one state and not married in another state.  It doesn’t seem possible but it is so.  As long as you or I, or let us say in proportion as you or I accept two powers in this world, we will demonstrate in that degree two powers.  And if today our faith happens to be a little stronger on the side of good we’ll demonstrate a little more of good than of evil.  And if tomorrow we lapse into some fears and think evil a little more powerfully than good, the chances are we’ll demonstrate a little more evil than we will good.  It will fluctuate with our own mood of the moment.

Now, here is what happens when you begin to perceive that good and evil or the belief of good and evil exist only as states of humanhood and exist only to those that continue to believe in them.  Here’s what happens.  Someone calls upon you and says I have a headache.  And you have begun your metaphysical; your spiritual studies, and you have been told that God is the only power in reality, and that nothing else is power but God, since God is infinite.  And even with just that tiny little bit of understanding, you close your eyes and declare to yourself: God is the only power so there can’t be any powers in aches or pains or heads or feet.  All power is in God.

I have been taught that and I’m beginning to understand it and I’m going to believe it and I’m going to stand right fast in that Truth.  I will not accept that anything in this world is power.  And you know by that time your friend ought to be telephoning you and saying that headache left immediately.  Because your recognition of one power was sufficient to prove that headaches and the things that cause headaches aren’t power.  It’s a very simple demonstration and it won’t support you too long.  But someone will come along then with a cold or grip or flu.  And say; well, I know you are studying this, do you think you can help me.  Will you pray for me?  And you answer yes.  And then to yourself, you say “oh, heaven why did I say yes.  I don’t know enough to take care of this.  But I said it, so now what am I going to do?”  And then all of a sudden, “ Oh!” you remember, “ wait a minute!”  The basis of what I’ve been taught is that there is only one power.   And God the spirit, the invisible is that power.  And now here is somebody who says they’ve got a germ or sat in a draft.  Is that power?  According to the human it is.  According to the materia medica it is.

But is it?  Is it?  Why are we taught in the spiritual world that a germ is not power, that a draft or sitting in a draft or standing in a draft is not power, the climate is not power, the weather is not power.  Only God is power.  Can that be true?  Can all mortal man be liars and only God be true?  Yet, what led me to this study?  Something was leading me away from this human belief in a lot of powers.  Something has been leading me and telling me, you must know God.  You must know God.

And God is one power, the only power.  God is infinite.  And so if God is power, God must be infinite power.  And that does mean that there is no other power, so I’ve got to accept the fact that neither germs are power nor infection nor contagion nor sitting in a draft is power.  And I’m going to stand on that.  And it shouldn’t be very many minutes before you get a call, that I’m feeling better or it’s completely healed or something of that kind.  Because that is the basis of your metaphysical life; of your living after the spirit instead of living after the flesh.  Living after the flesh you have believed that germs were power, climate was power, sitting in drafts was power, eating the wrong food was power.  Now you are no longer living after the flesh but after the spirit.  You’ve placed your reliance on the invisible as the all and only power.  Now you’re living after the spirit.  Now you’re the children of God.  Now you have been ordained to heal the sick.

And yet now somebody, if one of these two people should call you and say, ”Oh! You’re a wonderful healer.”  Wouldn’t you have a good laugh?  As a mere healer I know nothing about it.  All I know about it, is God is one power.  That did the work.  And so you will know why Jesus could say, ”I of my own self can do nothing.”  And that’s why you’ll never meet a spiritual healer with a trace of egotism.  They just can’t have it because it’s a joke! All this nonsense about having spiritual power to heal and being ordained by God to heal and all this nonsense.  The ordination comes the very moment you stop living after the belief that flesh is power, form is power, creature is power, and then it isn’t you that did the work.  It is that Truth that did the work.

That’s what makes you very humble in this work.  Why you know, it’s ridiculous to believe that I have power or that Jesus had power.  Only one thing has power and that’s Truth. ‘Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’  Not a man.  Truth shall make you free.  And the Truth is, that if you live after the spirit you will acknowledge that only Spirit is the creative, maintaining, and sustaining power of this universe.  And everything else is the form, effect, or creature.  Enjoy it if it’s good.  Eat it if you like it.  Be at peace with all forms of creation.  If you like diamonds, wear them.  If you can afford them, enjoy them.  But don’t, don’t ever worship them.  Don’t ever believe that they’re your life or your supply or they make you great.  No, no, no! They’re the baubles of life.   We can all enjoy the baubles of life, as long as we don’t worship them or fear them; love them, hate them, or fear them.  Those are the evils; to love, hate or fear them.  Just enjoy them.  Just use them.  Be practical.

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