So it is that our Infinite Way unfoldment, revelation, had its beginning with this: there is no God in this world until you experience God. There is no Christ in this world until you experience Christ, and therefore anything and everything can happen to this world because it is living as a branch of a tree that is cut off. But nothing can happen after we begin the experience of surrendering our lives to this inner Spirit and then, under the guidance, direction, and protection of the Spirit performing anything and everything in the outer world that we may be called to. And there may be those who will be nurses and those who will be doctors and those who will be lawyers or those who will be anything and everything, but as long as the work is performed under the grace of God, it must be harmonious, successful, fruitful, abundant, and always with twelve baskets full left over to share with those who have not yet awakened to the experience.

Then let us remember the meaning, not only of The Infinite Way, but I know that this is true, the meaning of all true religion is the experience. Whether in Buddhism you experience the Buddha or the Buddha-mind or whether in Christianity you experience Christ or the Christ-mind, it’s the same thing. It means the fourth dimensional, the Spirit of God, the consciousness of God, the presence of God.

You do see, I hope, that everyone of you on this path is really seeking to have God so govern this body that it’ll always be healthy and young and strong and with vital faculties. Everyone on this path has to admit that that’s their hope, their dream. But I’m afraid that too few remember that this cannot be until you also surrender your mind to that same Spirit, because you cannot have your mind run loose in one way and have your body governed another way, because God’s government is through the mind and the body.

We receive the realization of God, probably through our unconditioned mind, through the mind when it is not thinking personal thoughts or selfish thoughts or evil thoughts, and in receiving God in the mind, it becomes the harmony of the body because mind is the substance of the body. And therefore, when the mind is full of God, the body is full of harmony. And this is also according to Scripture, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. Lean not unto thine own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways.” You’ve got to acknowledge Him in your mind as well as in your body, and if you do want God government of the body, remember it has to come through the mind then you must accept God government of the mind. Therefore, you must be willing when you go into meditation, to receive God in your mind and not expect God is going to do something to your body without getting through your mind. That just is not going to happen.

Yes, you have to surrender your business to God. You have to surrender your art, your talent to God, because you cannot have God’s government in one part of your life and say, “But don’t touch this one.” We have had experiences in the past where we have been asked for treatment for a condition of health and the person would say, “But don’t treat me for smoking. I want to keep on smoking.” Well, if it’s up to us to tell God what you’d like I’ll be very glad to deliver a message, but whether he’ll perform, that I can’t be sure. He sometimes doesn’t listen to me.

Do you see how that is that when you go to God it is only in a complete surrender. And a complete surrender doesn’t really mean making yourself nothing, or making yourself an automation or anything of that kind. It really means surrendering yourself to the influence of purity, of harmony, of grace, in every department of life and not saying, “I want to save out this department for myself.” Because there is the barrier for many: They want a religious life, but then when they go to business, if they have to cheat a little bit or do a little false advertising, well, they don’t want God to look in on that department. But actually it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. And that is the reason for so much failure, you see? We are holding out an area in which we really don’t want God to butt in. Give me my health, ah yes, do that, but please let me alone over here. I’m having a very, very good time.

Yes, this brings this up then. I suppose this is the subject of forgiving or praying for the enemies. In surrendering ourselves to the Spirit within, since God does not function on a personal basis—God won’t do anything for me, personally—there must be within me always the remembrance that this that I seek I seek for all mankind, for everyone, friend or enemy, because it would be as impossible to channel God into me or into you as it would be to channel the rain into my garden. If I want to pray for rain, I’d better just be praying for rain and not specify my garden. I’ll have to be willing for it to fall on the garden of all those I don’t like as well as those I do.

And so it is that we, when we are realizing this divine Presence, we have to include world work in that. We must include the fact that let thy grace be upon all mankind. Let all men be receptive to Thy presence. Whether or not they are is not the point. The point is that we are surrendering personal interest in the act of loving our neighbor as our self. There’s no way to love our neighbor as our self in a quotation. We can only love our neighbor as our self in praying for ourselves, and then including the neighbor, friendly neighbor, enemy neighbor, in the prayer. In other words we have to realize the universal nature of God’s grace and never believe that it can be channeled to good people only or to white Protestants over twenty-one. It doesn’t function that way. God’s grace is universal and to love our neighbor as our self, means that when we do have this God contact, let us pray that it touches all mankind. You see then we’re surrendering all personal self interest. We’re praying aright.

Now notice this difference—I have to emphasize this because I think this is the first time in the entire history of The Infinite Way work that we have brought in the subject of surrendering ourselves to God, mind and body. In other words, desiring health, but desiring also the purity of mind. And do not forget this part of it: that in this you are not choosing right thinking over wrong thinking or pure thinking over impure thinking; that you are opening yourself really only to spiritual thinking; that is to whatever flows forth from the kingdom, the consciousness within you.

And so remember that all that we have said today means that when you go within, you’re going within your own consciousness because that is where you live. That is the sanctuary of your being, your consciousness. As a matter of fact, it isn’t your consciousness; it is the consciousness which you are. You are consciousness and you go within to that consciousness which you are and out of the consciousness which you are flows spiritual grace.

Thank you.