How do people get changed that way? Of their own accord do they do that? No. They are worked on mentally. There is a power in the human mind. A couple of years ago a form of advertising was discovered in which you could sell any product you wanted without letting the purchaser know that you are advertising it to him. In other words, you could make him go in and buy it even if he couldn’t afford it, even if he didn’t want it. Well, that was soon stopped because there was a higher power than mind about which they didn’t know at the time.

But, on the three dimensional level, the mind is very powerful and if you or anyone were to persistently hold on to good thoughts and right thoughts and loving thoughts and charitable thoughts, you’d make some measure of progress in that direction in altering your nature and character. And on the other hand, if you just lent your mind to the obscene, the destructive, the carnal, there isn’t any question about it that in a few months you’d tend to become that way and look like that too. Because whatever you are in your mind, begins to show forth in your face. And so it is that in the third dimension of life, which is mind and matter, you can make quite a power out of the mind and you could choose. You can make it for good, and you can make it for evil, because the mind is not a power, but an instrument and it is the individual who is using the mind and he’s using the mind for good or evil, through good thoughts or bad thoughts, constructive thoughts or destructive thoughts.

So it is never the mind that is power, it is the individual on the human level of life who still can choose whether he will be good or evil, and whether he will use it for good or evil or even if he’s using it for good, if he’ll be sure that he’s using it for impersonal good, not just for my good, which may be at your expense. Now I bring this out to you for this reason. Once you have chosen the mystical path, the spiritual path, you can no longer be either good nor evil. You then have no powers to be good or evil because when you meditate and you make contact with the Spirit within, It performeth that which is given you to do. It lives your life, and It is neither good nor evil; It is just spiritual and perfect and infinite. There is no such thing as good and evil in Spirit. There is no such thing as rich or poor in Spirit; there’s infinity. There’s no such thing as health or sickness; there’s immortality.

So therefore, when you are not living by bread alone or exercise or diet, when you are not living just for money alone or property or investments, but when you are living by the word of God that you contact in your meditation, you are no longer living according to your will to be good or your will to be charitable or your will to be moral. This is no longer your choice. This no longer lies within your power. Now it is that every time that you go within, since the kingdom of God is closer to you than breathing, every time you go within and feel a release in there, the Spirit is performing the functions of your life, and whatever function you have, will be done infinitely good, and it will be done eternally, not just for today or tomorrow and torn down next week or next month by a depression or a boom or a war. In other words, the evils of this world will not come nigh your dwelling place, because it won’t any longer be you dwelling. It’ll be the Father within doing the dwelling.

Now it is for this reason I make this a complete lesson, so that you will see that there are temporal powers: the germ theory or the hereditary theory or bombs or bullets. These are all temporal powers. And there are temporal powers of the mind. But in the presence of this which is released when you touch the center of your being, these are not power. Neither matter nor mind can function in any injurious way in your experience. Matter and mind both become servants and tools, never destructive. Therefore if we have a material body, it becomes our instrument to be governed and controlled by the Spirit within me, and since I have a mind and it’s always thinking, then it isn’t I thinking, it is the Spirit thinking and those thoughts then are spiritual and eternal and therefore both mind thoughts and body, all of these: mind, thoughts, and body, become instruments for the Spirit. And my mind has to become a blessing to this world and all who come within range of me. My thoughts must be a blessing to all who come within range of me and my body must be a blessing to all who come within range of me because all is governed by the Spirit which is released in meditation, which is touched and consciously realized in meditation.

Without this experience in meditation, we are living really on words and thoughts, on that which is not the real power. It is only when the actual experience of meditation comes, the actual release of the Spirit, that I live, yet not I is no longer a quotation; it is lived. Or the one which has been so prominent in my experience these last few weeks: Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things, and there is a sufficiency of Thy grace ever-present with which to meet the need of this moment. Well now you know this statement isn’t true at all if you look out in the world. It isn’t true at all. Look at all the people who are sick and sinning and dying and in prison and in everything else, and you say, “Why that makes a liar out of this quotation.” Yes it does, but actually I never meant that the quotation would make us free. I meant Thy grace would be my sufficiency, not the quotation. The quotation is only to tell me that if I attain Thy grace, the sufficiency is here.

That is why there are many, many people who do not believe in the Bible because there are so many wonderful Bible promises, and they’re not true out in the world. They just are not true. God is an ever present help, and then people get in trouble and God isn’t there. The Bible lies. Ah, but they were depending on a quotation, not on God! They didn’t have God, they had a quotation, and they thought that a quotation was God. They thought you could recite the 91st Psalm, None of these evils will come nigh my dwelling place, and lo and behold the next day they did. Well, the Bible’s all wrong. No. They forgot the first sentence, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High; he is the only one to whom the evils do not come. In other words, the Bible has been trying to reveal to us that religion is an experience, not a book full of promises. And the world has been living on a book full of promises instead of the experience.

You go to communion service, and you take a sip of wine and you eat a piece of bread, and you say, “I’ve communed with the Christ.” Maybe up in your mind you have, in your imagination. The communion is an actual experience that takes place within when you come face to face with the Master. When the Master speaks or imparts himself in some way or other, this is communion. Of course the church service of communion is actually symbolic of the real thing. But it is taken as if it were the real thing, and it cannot be because nobody can give you a communion until you and the Christ meet within. That’s communion.

So it is then, that we have been led to believe that Jesus’ crucifixion saves us from all the punishment for our sins. In other words when we’re born we should get a certificate saying, “Sin all you like, because Jesus was crucified and we hereby give you a license to enjoy life.” But you know this isn’t true. And yet symbolically it’s true, because when Christ is risen in you from the tomb where you have Christ buried in you, your sins are forgiven you and from then on there are no more sins because He always accompanies his forgiving with the words, “But go and sin no more” lest something worse happen. And you never quite forget that because it comes with a sharp voice. You say, “I thought you were so gentle.” Well, not when I say that part of the sentence. I’m gentle when I say, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” but the other part I…you know, I remember the sins of the Hebrews.

Now everything in the Bible is truth when it is experienced. You can have Pharaoh at the back of your neck and the Red Sea in front of you and you can come out without even the smell of smoke—if you have the experience—not just by reading the Bible and quoting it or memorizing it.