Consciously Attaining the Experience 2/4

Now this brings us up, then, to the point of actual demonstration of our oneness, and this is the only way in which you will attain positive proof that I and my Father are one, that the kingdom of God is within me, and that the allness of God is already established within me. And that way is this:

Since I am here alone, and since I am not making my needs known to the world at large, I’m going to meditate and I’m turning within. Naturally I’m borrowing now. I’m borrowing the wisdom of Jesus. I’m borrowing the wisdom of the mystics. I’m borrowing the teaching of The Infinite Way because, probably up to this minute, I haven’t proved that I and the Father are one, so I’m now accepting the fact that I’m on this path and I must prove it. And so I’m turning within myself; I’m not turning up to the sky. I’m not turning anywhere outside of my own being. I’m not looking around for holy temples or holy teachers or holy books. I’m turning within.

Here am I and according to these teachings, the very seat and source of God is within me. The abiding place of God is within me. God is within the inner sanctuary of my own being. This is the teaching that I am following and trying to live and demonstrate.

Now in accord with these teachings, I am not seeking my life or what I shall eat or what I shall drink; I’m not seeking my health or employment or opportunities. I’m seeking Thy kingdom, Thy grace. Really what I’m seeking is the assurance that Thou art closer to me than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet, and that thou knowest my need and that it is Thy good pleasure to give me the kingdom.

And so it is that I am praying in secret. I’m not letting man know that I am praying and I’m not letting any man know what things I have need of. I’m not going to depend on man whose breath is in his nostril. I’m not even going to depend on princes. I’m turning within and if these teachings are true, and I and my Father are one, then God is right here where I am. And I need go no further than right here where I am. I must know what I’m going for, and I’m going for Thy grace, for the realization of Thy presence.

Like a child that walks across the street in traffic and can hold its mother’s hand, it has no fears, doubts, or worries because all it needs is the feel of the mother’s hands and it knows all is well. So with us. We need nothing in this world and nobody in this world, if only we can feel and have the assurance of this Divine Presence within us. Once we have that, we can go into a Lion’s cage, even before his meal time. If we have this assurance, we can go out without purse or script. If we have this assurance of Emmanuel, God with us, we can have Pharaoh breathing down the back of our neck and the Red Sea rolling up in front of us, because truthfully, what would anyone need more than to be walking around holding God’s hand, feeling the Presence within, having at least an assurance, “I am with thee.”

Now we’re not going to get this assurance in books or holy temples or fasting or feasting. We’re not going to get it through rituals, sacraments. We’re going to get it only in one way: going for it where it is, within me. And so it is that in this meditation, I’m accepting that the place whereon I stand is holy ground, because God is here. I am accepting God as omnipresence. I am accepting God as omniscience, the all knowing; knowing what things I have need of. I’m accepting God as love, whose good pleasure it is to give me the kingdom.

Now remember, heretofore I haven’t had these things. Heretofore I have known illness and lack and limitation and pain and accident, unhappiness, unhappy human relationships. Why should I expect them now? Why should I expect, rather, the good things now? Why should I expect the elimination of these evils and the manifestation of the good? And the reason is that heretofore even though I have had this relationship of oneness, I have not had the consciousness of this oneness. I have not had this inner assurance. I have not had a contact with the source of my good. Therefore I have been living as a branch of a tree separate and apart from the tree. And of course I must eventually wither and die. But now, if I make this contact, if it is really true that I and my Father are one; and the kingdom of God is within me, then if I make this contact, if I receive an assurance from within me, something that either will say to me or let me feel Son, thou art ever with me … thou art my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. My grace is thine. My grace is thy sufficiency in all things. Once I receive this awareness from within, I will have the entire secret of the mystical life. I will then be enabled to prove that I live yet not I, this Christ, or Spirit of God within me, which I have now contacted and become consciously one with, now is the Presence that goes before me, now is really my meat, my bread, my wine, is my hidden manna, is the meat the world knows not of. But you see all the words and thoughts about this do not make the demonstration.

This is the secret of The Infinite Way: that the only reason for the discords of this world is that we have not consciously contacted the source of infinite good. Therefore, we are living through the knowledge of our mind which is limited to what we read and hear. We are limited to our own strength. We are limited to our own talents, and in that detached state, we have accepted a universal belief that self-preservation is our first law, and therefore do others before they do you.

Now if God is ever to function in the human scene, and prevent the disasters of earth, the wars, the famines, the poverty, the tyrannies, the injustices; if this is ever to happen, it can only happen through making contact with the Father within to the point of realization. All of these words and thoughts that we have been using, you have already discovered did not make your demonstration. They did nothing for you. You went around saying, “I am rich; I am rich; I am rich”; and you were poor. “I am healthy; I am healthy; I am healthy”; and you weren’t. “I am spiritual; I am spiritual; I am spiritual”; and you were still carnal.

And the reason is none of these statements are Truth. They are the truth about the Truth and a teaching that is wholly spiritually correct, is a teaching that says to you, “These words will not come true in your experience until you have experienced the Father within you, experienced the Christ within you, until you have received from within your own being, this assurance of My peace, My grace, My presence.” Then it will be so sacred that you will not talk about your religion. You will only share with those who show some desire to know God aright, and it will be so sacred that you will return over and over and over again to this inner communion and one day it will dawn upon you—you know it’s right. I never had to go anywhere except within myself. Therefore, I and the Father must be one, because when I went within, I found the Father there. Maybe not the first day; maybe not the first month; maybe not the first year. Who knows?’ We are all differently molded in consciousness. My own search took many, many, many years before the realization of this inner Presence was realized.

Now the point then is this: that once you realize that all of your reading and all of your hearing of the word is merely for the purpose of giving you principles with which to work to develop your consciousness so that you can sit down for longer and longer periods of inner quiet, until that contact is made, then of course, you’ll find yourself on the right path.

Now sometimes an argument arises because some very miraculous things have been done with the power of the mind or the power of thought. In the three-dimensional world, mind is not only a great power, it probably is a greater power than all the matter that ever could be assembled together. Mind can be used for constructively helping oneself and others, and mind can be used to destroy others and the entire world, and in the end, destroy oneself with it.

It was the utilization of mind through a propaganda bureau that brought the United States into World War I after it had elected a president on the promise that he had kept us out of war. A few months later he took them into war through a propaganda bureau that operated on people’s minds and within a few months had them shouting, “Let us get at them. Let us go to war.” All hypnotism, all propaganda, all mind being influenced. Three nights before the president was elected for his third term, he said to the public on radio, “If I am re-elected your sons will never set foot on foreign soil in war.” And a few months later they were all on foreign soil in war.

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