You see, scripture speaks of the man of earth, and then, the man who has his being in Christ. The man of earth is the darkened, mortal consciousness. The man who has his being in Christ is probably that same man after the illumination, just as we have seen it with Gautama, who was only a man and then, in the moment of illumination, became the leader of an entire nation. We see it with Moses, who was only a shepherd, only a man, but in one, brief moment of illumination, he becomes the whole leader of the Hebrew people, and is empowered to take them out of slavery into freedom. We find it with Christ Jesus, who was a Hebrew rabbi, but, with illumination, he becomes the whole of the world’s hope, not only in the Christian world, but as you travel the rest of this world, you find out how the rest of the world also realizes that the revelation of Jesus Christ is the hope of all the world. A man! A man, A student, a rabbi.

But no, with illumination, he’s no longer the son of man; he’s the Son of God. No longer is he Jesus, but Peter says thou art the Christ, the Son of God. So you’ll find, in your experience, that there are housewives, and there are clerks, and there are businessmen, and professional men, and they’re just men and women. And then you’ll find that they turn to a metaphysical or spiritual teaching, and they work with it faithfully, conscientiously, consistently, and then all of a sudden, they’re healers and teachers. And you say, ‘what, what brought this about?’ Well, it wasn’t their human learning because if they could memorize this whole bible, they probably couldn’t heal a headache with it. If they could memorize all of the metaphysical textbooks that have ever been written, I doubt that it would help them to heal a headache.

But, the moment that their reading of the Bible or of their reading of their textbook goes a step further into practicing these principles, they begin to develop this consciousness, and their darkened mind, or Spirit, or consciousness becomes illumined. And in one moment, they make the transition from just a man or woman, to a healer, which is the equivalent of the Christ, the savior, that which forgives, that which transforms, that which raises the dead. All of this is the enlightened consciousness of an individual.

Now, our experience shows this: first of all, we as students must have presented to us certain specific principles of practice. I’m sure that all of the metaphysical movements have their particular ones. We, in our work, have the book, the Practicing the Presence, which is our textbook on that subject. We have The Art of Meditation, which is our textbook on that subject. Now, as we practice, faithfully, these particular principles, not merely reading them, or memorizing them, putting them into practice, all of a sudden, enlightenment begins to dawn, and we say:

Whereas I was blind, now I see. Now, I know what an illusion is. It isn’t anything out here. Can’t be. An illusion is nothing more or less than a non-existing mental image, something that has no substance, no law, no cause.”

So it is, when you’re called upon to heal, and you realize, “Certainly God couldn’t have made a disease; therefore, the very appearance must be illusory.” And so, you can start in, not to remove the illusion, but to smile at it, in the realization of the fact that now you know the nature of mirage, or illusion, and you know why Jesus Christ said, “Bless them that curse you. Forgive them that do evil unto you. Resist not evil.” Why? It has no power unless you, in the three-dimensional mind, give it power.

So, just to briefly sum up, here we are, each one a potential Buddha, or a potential Christ – each one with the full capacity for spiritual enlightenment – each one of us with a consciousness that goes beyond the physical, and the mental. And, then the next question is, “What will I do about it?” And the answer to that is, “What do we want out of life?”

Now, we can go as far as we like. Or, we can start with this, and when we get to the stage where we see a few little miracles, some ‘loaves and fishes,’ a few healings, happier home, we can stop and say, “Well, I’ve arrived.” Or, we can look ahead into that Master’s revelation, which says that My kingdom is not of this world. So, even if you have more money, or a happier marriage, or a nicer family, or a better home, that still is not My world. And then you get curious about what My world is like. And once that curiosity is aroused, there’s no more rest. No more rest. Not on earth, anyhow.

But joyous experiences come for this reason, and it’s all worthwhile. The moment that you attain a measure, a slight measure, of this spiritual consciousness, you will find that material and mental laws fade at your presence, even when you don’t consciously give a treatment, even when you do not consciously say a prayer.

The very fact that you are that illumined, that you no longer hate, fear, or love the forms of this world, does it. That is what happened when the woman pressed through the throng and touched the hem of the Master’s robe, and he didn’t even know she was there, but she was healed. And then when he recognized it, and then he knew she had touched his consciousness, a consciousness which did not hate, or fear sin or disease. He could say to the woman who committed the number one crime in the entire Hebrew faith, that which is greater than murder in our day, today—adultery…To the Hebrew, adultery is unthinkable. So much so that a woman guilty of it must be stoned to death. But not the Master, the Master could look at the worst sin in his whole religious catalog and say, “Neither do I condemn thee.” He could look at the thief on the cross and say, “I will take you with me into paradise this night.”

In other words, in the fourth-dimensional consciousness, all of the evils of this world become nothingness, and they’re dissolved.