How to Heal part 1 4/6

Now, by knowing the true identity of individual being, individual you and me, individual he and she, individual cat and dog: By knowing this and knowing that the fullness of the Godhead bodily is represented in each individual expression of that infinite Godhead, you are knowing the truth of the Self-completeness of every individual. And that word Self is spelt with a capital “S,” meaning completeness in the one Self or God. By virtue of your relationship with the one Self, capital “S” Self, God-Self, you are Self-complete. You need not think of any man whose breath is in his nostril. You are Self-complete in God.

Now, to constantly abide in that realization is the first, (pause) I could probably say most important step, although the one that comes next to it is so close in importance that I would hesitate to say that it isn’t equally important. And that is this. Throughout your entire lives, from the moment of conception to this very minute, you have been taught to either love, hate, or fear something that is in the form of effect. The body, the fever, the lump, the dollar bills or pound notes, the properties, the climate, the weather, the tyrant, the gun, the knife. You will find as you review these things in your mind, that you either love, hate, or fear these things. Love some and hate others and fear still others.

And this is the major point that must be overcome in your experience so that you can look upon all form, or effect, or what St. Paul called “the creature” without love, hate, or fear. He tells us that we worship the creature more than the Creator. And we do. We do. We either love, hate, or fear some creature, some form or effect. And we either love its effect upon us, or hate its effect upon us, or fear its effect upon us. And we should do none of these things.

The things which ordinarily speaking comprise our natural lives: the beautiful sceneries, the mountains, the valleys, the hills and the dales, the heavens, the stars, the suns and the moons, the times and the tides, the oceans and all there is therein. These are not to be hated, loved, or feared. These are to be enjoyed or used, as the case may be. Experienced. Works of art, works of beauty, these are to be enjoyed, experienced. Properties, homes, farms, ranches, castles, yachts, these are to be enjoyed. They are not to be loved, hated, or feared. Just enjoyed, used, without attaching emotion to them. Without fear of losing them, without desire of possessing them. Enjoying everything in the normal state of existence as it comes and goes.

Even on the subject of food, the Master has given us the answer: it is not that which goes into the mouth that defiles. So, enjoy your food. If you have been brought up as a meat eater, and you feel the need for it, eat meat. If you have come to a place where it no longer attracts, or you feel any need for it, drop it. But in any case, do not hate it, fear it, or love it. Just use it. Eat it or not eat it. Eat it or leave it alone. Learn to take all things as they come and as they go without undue attachment and with no fear and no hate. Then, you will develop this state of consciousness.

I have been traveling since 1909—all of this world. No, not quite that but three quarters of it anyhow. And often people say, “Have you found one place that you love more than all others? Or have you found one place that is more beautiful than all others?” And frankly, I have never understood such questions. Because honestly and truly, I do not know any one place on the globe that I would call more beautiful than another or more desirable than another. For the simple reason that wherever I go I see something of a distinctive nature. And that interests me, and I enjoy it. But the attractions that Rome has got are not to be found up in Switzerland. The attractions that Switzerland has got are not to be found over in England.

But, is one more desirable than another? Heaven forbid. Heaven forbid that any part of God’s globe should really be called more Godly than another. It isn’t so. As you travel this way and meet thousands and thousands of people, you come to the same conclusion about people. You cannot enjoy one people more than another or less than another. And even if it comes down to individuals, if you get to know them well enough, you will find such characteristics in each one than you could not duplicate it in another.

And what does all this mean in spiritual healing? I’ll tell you what it means. It means that we of ourselves are nothing. There is a grace of God, an invisible spiritual something that makes us individual you and me. And so long as I’m not looking at you, but through you, I am understanding that the qualities of God are your individual qualities. Then when we meet personally, you prove it in some one way or another.

So it is all over this globe. You never look at people. You look through them. And in looking through them you perceive that since they are all children of God they must have that meat, wine, and water the same as all others have. They must have the same qualities of God, even though all people may not at the moment be using them. But you’d be surprised how the moment you commence to recognize the presence of God in an individual, they begin to act that way toward you. You change the nature of men and women by recognizing their true identity. It’s a marvelous thing that happens. You begin to perceive that every individual is an inlet and an outlet for the grace of God. And your recognition of it in them brings out that quality to you.

Now, this is called the impersonalization of good. It is what enabled the Master to say, “Why callest thou me good?” I’m just an instrument through which good is flowing. I’m just a child of God, and the Father within me is flowing out to you. So don’t call me good. You’ll get yourself all tripped up. It’s God that is good. I merely let the flow take place.

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