How to Heal part 1 2/6

Now, with this in mind, I must tell you one of the great laws of prayer given to us by the man who knew more about prayer than perhaps any individual of whom we have any record and that is Christ Jesus.  When you pray, if you remember that you have aught against any man, get up.  Leave the altar.  Go out and make peace with your brother.  And then, return to the altar and offer your gifts.  You will find after experience that you will not have answers to your prayers until you have purged yourself of negative feelings toward anyone on the face of the earth, that is, your neighbor or your brother.

In other words, when you sit down to pray, whether for yourself or others, whether you are starting treatment for someone else, always begin by getting still within and then consciously remembering “I and my Father are one,” and since this is a universal relationship, all men are one with God.  Therefore, all men are in the bosom of the Father and no one, no one is separate or apart from God.  Not that all men realize this relationship, but that isn’t your business what the other fellow realizes.  Your business is what you feel towards your neighbor—“love thy neighbor as thyself.”  How do you want to be loved?  You want to be forgiven for your sins.  There isn’t a person in this room who doesn’t want complete forgiveness for every sin or offense that they have ever committed.  Not one.  Not one of you wouldn’t gladly receive a divine light saying to you that as of this moment, though your sins were scarlet, you are white as snow.  And that no offense, minor nature or major nature, is being held against thee.  Henceforth, from now on, neither do I condemn thee.  Go and sin no more.  Wouldn’t you rejoice at that?  So will your neighbor, who is your friend, your relative, or your enemy.

And so it is, that you must take the attitude that Jesus Christ took.  Neither do I condemn thee.  In my heart at this instant, I release every individual from criticism, judgment, and condemnation.  I pray that no man be punished for any sin but rather that he be forgiven, that his eyes be opened to the Christ light.

In this moment of spiritual communion, I have no envy in my heart.  I have no desires in my heart.  No jealousy, no greed, no lust, no animality.  I set this world free.  There’s nothing it has that I want.  Since I and the Father are one, I receive my good by the grace of God.  And whatever good should flow into me and out from me, I freely give to all, to every neighbor, friend, or foe.

Now, if you have purged yourself to that extent and can honestly feel that you have released anyone and everyone, then you are ready for your prayers to reach the center of your being, because there is no obstruction.  Scripture tells us that love is the fulfilling of the law.  So, don’t try to get the law to operate in the absence of love.  And love means forgiveness.  Love means forbearance.  Love means to be inwardly clean; clean of hate, jealousy, envy, malice, greed—all of these negative, minor qualities.  Oh, it may not be possible to go through an entire day or night with some of these negative qualities creeping in on us.  That is why we have become human beings instead of still being back in the Garden of Eden.

But, we can purge ourselves twice a day and three times a day so that we can look every man and woman in the face and say I have released you into the realization of your God being.  I know that you and the Father are one and all that the Father hath is yours.

Now then, when you yourself are a clear channel through which God can work, you are ready for the next step in healing work.  But not until then.  There must be a clear instrument for God to use.

Now then, never pray to God that God heal anyone, for that form of prayer is useless.  People have been praying that their loved ones be made well for thousands of years.  But you’ll notice that with all of their prayers they take care to have a goodly supply of doctors on hand and surgeons and all the other paraphernalia of materia medica.

Remember we are not talking about that kind of prayer.  We are talking about spiritual healing, such as was practiced by the Master, was practiced later by his disciples.  It has been practiced in this modern age by thousands, tens of thousands of men and women purely through the principles which are now known that result in healing.  Healing spiritually does not come about through praying for help.  It comes about through a conscious knowing of the truth.

The first and the starting point for all healing work is this.  Since I and the Father are One, I am Spirit.  I am life eternal.  I am truth.  There is not truth and me.  There is not life and me.  There is not soul and me.  There is not God and me.  Be still and know.  I in the midst of me is God.  I in the midst of me is the very presence and power of God—the Father within.  I, and there is only one I, only one I in all this world, only one ego infinitely manifested as you and as me.  One infinite, eternal I.  One Selfhood.  And therefore, I am Spirit.  I am life eternal.  I embody within myself the qualities and properties of God by the very nature of my being, which is the offspring of God, or child of God, or Christ of God.

Of myself, I am nothing.  I am as a branch that is cut off from the tree and withereth.  Of my own self I can do nothing.  If I speak of myself I bear witness to a lie.  But in my relationship as child of God, offspring of God, I am of the substance, the same law, the same life, the same activity.  Otherwise, by the grace of God all that the Father hath is mine.  I am heir with God, joint heir with Christ to all the heavenly riches.  Therefore, I embody and I embrace within myself immortality, eternality, spirituality, integrity, life itself, the joy of living, the peace that passeth understanding.  I embody these; I embrace these within myself, and so do you.

And if I have a patient, this is the truth that I must know about my patient.  And if I have a student, this is the truth I must know about my student.  God isn’t going to make you spiritual or whole.  Wake thou that sleepest, and Christ will give thee this light.  Thou art whole, for thou and thy Father are One, and all that the Father hath is thine.  Awake thou that sleepest.  Do not pray for help.  Acknowledge your sonship and that by the grace of God all that the Father hath is thine.  And you’ll awaken into harmony.

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