It isn’t that easy, probably it is right to say that from the moment that you enter this path seriously, your problems are on their way out, but this is the secret: they can’t go out any faster than your consciousness can develop spiritually, because it is the development of your spiritual consciousness that lessens and finally ousts the problem. In other words, your developed spiritual consciousness is the substance, essence and law of the harmonies in your life. And therefore answering some letters also as to why some practitioners and teachers who are far along on the path still have some problems, the answer is: Whatever degree of human hood is left in us must externalize itself in a human state of consciousness; sometimes good and sometimes evil. Therefore, as long as there is human hood left in us, that degree of human hood will manifest itself outwardly. And usually in the form of a problem.


Actually this is our blessing; this is truly our blessing, because without problems we would very quickly settle back into a state of satisfaction. In other words, let a student lose their physical diseases and discords and their moral and financial ones; there is no reason why they shouldn’t settle back with a good health and a good supply and really believe they have attained the Kingdom of God. They have only attained the first step of spiritual living, which is greater human harmonies. But oh, that is only a way station on the way to the Spiritual Kingdom.


Actually, before you are through with your Spiritual journey, you will be called upon to overcome your health and your wealth and your happiness, because human health and human wealth and human happiness are also no part of the Spiritual Kingdom. They are still of the earth; earthy. There is a Kingdom, which the Master called: My Kingdom, which is not of this world and he said so: “My Kingdom is not of this world,” not even when this world is good. He said: “My peace, give I unto thee, but not as the world giveth, give I unto thee.”  And of course, the peace that the world can give is a healthy physical body or a sufficient dollar supply and a moderately, happy family.


This is the peace the world can give, but it has no relationship at all to the Spiritual Kingdom. And so it is, that the Master says: “Few there be that enter,” because a vast majority even of metaphysical and spiritual students are so very happy to rest; when they have a measure of health, a measure of supply, a measure of happy family. But they are the very ones, ten or twenty years later, who wonder why they´re beginning to show signs of age.  Wonder, why their families are not quite turning out the way they had hoped for them to.  And then they learn that they have not gone the full distance of the spiritual path. They had only gone the first ten percent. So it is, do not believe, the physical harmony or your sufficient dollar supply or your moderately happy family life is your spiritual demonstration. It is only a sign that you are on the right path and that if you continue, you will ultimately make the Kingdom of God and attain the peace which passeth understanding.


Now, the attainment of all of this comes through the ability to commune with God. Communion with God is the absolute necessity for every individual. Communing with God is not a statement in a book: it is not an affirmation, it is not a cliché; it is an actual experience and it is one which every spiritual student must achieve. There is a God, in spite of the fact that the world does not see much evidence of it: there is a God. God Is. And next to this we know that the Kingdom of God is within you. In other words, there is no need to go to some far-off place, there is no need to think that you must achieve Tibet or India or Rome or Boston or Kansas City. Going there is very, very nice, but do not believe for a moment that your spiritual wealth depends upon it: your spiritual wealth depends on your attaining conscious communion with God within you; this is a necessity.


Many people have gone to Tibet and to India; many people have studied with Zen Masters and swamis; many people have made the trek to Mecca and Rome and Boston and Kansas City. And have not yet attained that which they were seeking and the reason is this: I think its best described in a poem of one of the Middle Age mystics.  A woman, she had already attained the conscious awareness of God, but because it was considered necessary for everyone to make the trip to Mecca, she too, felt she must make this trip to Mecca.


And so when a pilgrimage began one year, she joined it and they traveled over mountains and they traveled through valleys, in the cold and in the heat. With and without sufficient food, they suffered great privation, but ultimately they came to the outskirts of Mecca and there, of course, everyone became so excited they couldn´t wait and they rushed headlong on into the city; to reach Mecca.  But,  this one girl more fortunate than the others, all of a sudden paused and asked herself: what am I doing and what have I been doing,  fighting and struggling and slaving to reach God, the God who already found me?


You see, when we have found God, it is not because we have found God, it is because God has been enabled to break through the barriers we have set up and has found us.  And so it is that going to places, to holy mountains or the holy Temple in Jerusalem, is not the way to find God. The way to find God, is to realize that the Kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there, but within you.  Then when you have found the Kingdom of God and when God has found you, then go to your Mecca and carry the good news of Omnipresence; carry the good news of the great truth and share it with those in Mecca.


In the early years of my work of course I wanted to share my own experience with my patients: in those days I had no students, I had only patients. But they too wanted something more than physical healing and I found it impossible to give them the one thing that to me was more valuable than all of the healings in the world.  And that was the attainment of the realization of the Presence of God. I seemed to find no way to bring the experience of God to them; the experience of healing: this was simple.  Anyone can bring the experience of healing to another who has attained conscious communion with God, because it is that conscious communion with God that results in healing, whether for oneself or another. But to bring to the other the actual God experience, I found difficult.


And so it was that through many, many enfoldments; heartaches, pondering, praying; the secret of meditation opened to me and then after that, the practice that led to the possibility of meditation.  At first I thought that meditation itself was the secret, until I found that in our Western world, people can’t meditate. They do not have the, on the whole I mean, the ability to meditate: they don’t have the faculty that makes it possible. And therefore, some way has to be found to develop this faculty, this ability to meditate and it was through the practice of the Presence that this way was discovered.