Practicing the Presence Cont. 1/4

Practicing the Presence Continued   ( Original transcript)

part 1/4
tape 319A

Good evening,

In these two evenings that we have, let us take up as far as we can, the subject of Infinite Way healing principles. Spiritual living itself is universal in its truth, and truth itself is universal in its teaching of spiritual living. You would find, whether your background be that of Christian Science or Unity or even some of the New Thought teachings, that all would agree on the need for living close to God. As a matter of fact, even closer than that; living in constant communion with God. And living in accord with spiritual law and principle; more especially as outlined in the Sermon on the Mount.

You would find all of our teachings in agreement as to the need for living lives of charity, benevolence, kindness, love, and forgiveness. You’d find that we would all agree that spiritual living has only one law and that law is love. In whatever way love may be expressed, still love is the major part of all spiritual living. If love could be brought to individual experience in sufficient degree, there would be no need for healing principles; there would be no need for specific rules of practice, because it isn’t really the letter of truth that heals, it is the Spirit of truth or the consciousness of God’s presence.

The healing agency always is spiritual consciousness and this is true regardless of whether you have been studying Christian Science, Unity or New Thought. They all agree on this: that it is spiritual consciousness that performs the healing works and not the letter of truth. We all disagree as to the specific principles and not because one is right and another is wrong, but because each has had their own revelation on this subject of healing work. But always remember this: The basis of spiritual living must always be the same; whether it is presented by Christianity, by Judaism, by Buddhism: the basis of spiritual living is the same in every case and love is the foundation of it.

Now in our particular work, first of all, I have received enfoldments on how to develop this spiritual consciousness: how we may specifically develop it and how we may help others to develop it and that part of our work is embraced under the subject of practicing the Presence and meditation. Along with our work tonight and tomorrow night I want to give you a blueprint; an outline of the specific studies that are aimed at specific purposes. And so I will start by telling you that the development of spiritual consciousness; that is, of healing consciousness, can be brought about by starting with an actual practice of the Presence of God, leading to the actual practice of meditation.

Now I will explain this: Ordinarily, we as humans have been brought up to live our own lives and to think of life from the standpoint of being a success on our own efforts; by our education, training, knowledge, wisdom, and strength. More especially on this continent, we are go-getters and we are that, because we have so much knowledge, wisdom and skill. But from the most ancient of days, it has been known that “except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” And that a life lived without God as a conscious partner, is a life lived in vain; even if it does end with leaving a fortune or attaining fame.

There is no ultimate satisfaction in a life lived separate and apart from God and there is not too much success to be attained in life without an active partnership with God. And so it is that through an actual practice of the Presence of God, we are able to bring God into partnership in our life. I will tell you right from the start that our goal is the one voiced by Paul: “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life.” Our goal is attaining a state of consciousness in which the actual Presence of God takes over in our experience and then we do not merely quote or affirm; we do not merely indulge in clichés about ‘Christ is all.’

We attain an actual experience in which never again are we alone, never again do we live a life by ourselves. But always, forever and forever, there is another Presence within us of which we are conscious at all times. And it is this Presence that performs our work; whether our work is religious, artistic, whether it is scientific, skillful; whether it is of art, literature or music, business; regardless of its nature, our lives are lived actually by this Presence and we follow its guidance, its leading and we do the outward things that it gives us to do.

However, under no circumstance do we inaugurate an act, a deed, a thought. Under no circumstance do we undertake a work of any nature, except that this work be given to us and that we be the entrusted servant of this work. And again, this is true in the religious work or out in the business or artistic or professional world. Now then, the question that inevitably arises, is: Is it possible for the ordinary, average human being to attain this conscious awareness of the Presence: this actual demonstration of the Presence, and permit It to live our lives? And the answer is: No, it is not possible for the ordinary, average human being.
Scripture reveals that you have not chosen me, I have chosen you and therefore it is only those who are actually led to seek and find the spiritual way of life, who can attain this. It is folly to try to proselyte: it is folly to try to sell this idea to the man in the street: it is folly to advertise to have people come to our work, to tell them about this. The only wisdom lies in keeping the finger on the lips and live our lives with this Christ, this Divine Presence and then as an individual here or there, or a group here or there are led to us, and then, of course, we share and we share to the fullest extent of which we are capable.

Once an individual is led to us for instruction, for introduction to the Spiritual Life, we are not permitted to neglect them; we are not permitted to in any way shirk our duty to them, because this work that we are engaged in, is not my work or yours: this is the work of God and we have been called as instruments or servants. The Master rightly said that we are not Masters, we are servants. All who are engaged in this work must feel that the call that comes to them, from an individual or a group, is sacred and they must give to it all that they have. Now then, granting this, that you have been called to the spiritual way of life; that you have been called to one or another of the metaphysical, spiritual approaches to life; you may safely assume that it is possible for you to attain the realization and demonstration of the Christ.

The way will not be easy. There are no shortcuts; no one has ever discovered a short-cut to the Kingdom of God. When the Master said: “The way is straight and narrow and few there be that enter,” He was stating something that was true then and is equally true now. There are no shortcuts; not only that, those who believe that entering this way of life means quickly disposing of all of their problems or as some have written me after a year or two of study, “I have studied for a year or two and I still have some problems, what’s wrong with me?” Meaning of course what’s wrong with the message, because they know it isn’t wrong with them, they spent a half-hour every day with it. It must be wrong with the message.

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