Dedication 5-5

Now in continuing your spiritual activity, bear in mind in-so-far as this message of the Infinite Way is concerned, that when you know the message; when you have read it; when you have heard it; when you have thought that you are really not yet in a position to benefit by it: it is only when the Spirit becomes an experience that the fruitage begins to appear. This is not like an intellectual teaching that you can learn with the mind and say, “now I can pass an examination and get 99% and I should be able to demonstrate it.” No, you might be able to demonstrate 102% in an examination and go away and not demonstrate 10%, because the understanding of these principles does not yet enable us to reach the realm of God.

It is only an instrument whereby we reach the realm of God. We still must have the experience. When we have the experience this is quite a different thing. It is very much like you often hear in the church world: “In the Name of Jesus Christ, in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.” And sometimes you may wonder what that means, whether that has any value; how that ever got into religious literature because people use it over and over again and yet never seem to benefit by it. Yet they will pray it; they will use it. Does it have any value at all? Of course, it does if you understand it.

You see, when you look at this body sitting up here, you are not seeing me, all you are seeing is my body, but not me. I am looking out at you but you can’t see me, in the same way I can’t see you either. You are looking up here at me: all I can see is, I can see you looking through your eyes, but I can’t see you.

Now, this I that I Am is Eternal, is Immortal and will live forever and it makes no difference whether you destroy this body or not, or whether time destroys it, or disease destroys it, or accidents destroy it. Don’t ever think for a moment that has anything to do with me. I will go right on as you will, because I am an individual, incorporeal, spiritual offspring of God and I am not locked up inside this body. I am far too infinite to fit into any sized body and because of this, regardless of what happens to this body, I will go on.

Not only I will go on, but I will go on as I am at this particular level of spiritual consciousness and continue ascending from where I am now. Everyday must come forth some measure of ascension, growth, deeper unfoldment. And this will go on for centuries; for eternity as I will go on for eternity. So it is, that Jesus Christ during his period on earth attained a certain measure of spiritual development; probably the greatest, if not one of the greatest ever known on earth.

Now the fact that his body was removed has not removed him. He still functions; you can’t stop Jesus Christ functioning any more than you can stop yourself functioning or stop me functioning. You can’t do that, for I am Life Eternal, and I go on forever and Jesus Christ is going on forever. And those who use this “in the name of Jesus Christ” if only they realized that it is really true that the consciousness of Jesus Christ is just as Omnipresent now as he was two thousand years ago and it is just as Omnipresent in California as it was in the Holy Land.

Sometimes we think that maybe California is not holy enough to hold Jesus Christ, but I can tell you that the Holy Land was far less holy than California, in Jesus’ day. It was a very unholy place to be; the Holy Land. Oh, it had lots of religious temples as they have today, but they had all the rest, too; only they had it in double proportion. We are only amateurs in sin in comparison with those of two thousand years ago.

But the attained degree of Spiritual Consciousness of Jesus Christ has never been entombed in any grave; it has never been entombed in any slab. Never. That is as Omnipresent now as it was then. And you know what he said then: “Before Abraham was, I AM” and “unto the end of the world I AM with you.” We are not at the end of the world yet; therefore that same Consciousness is here with us. Therefore, the sacred part of us is our SELF, our Consciousness; that part of us which is here, there and everywhere and which blesses in proportion as we permit God to dedicate the mind and body to God’s purpose.

Then I can assure you, you are going to discover that your homes will by holier; your business will be holier; your banks will be holier when man has opened his consciousness to let this Divine Consciousness permeate; dedicate; consecrate; then you will know that everything will be raised up to the spiritual level of service.

The difficulty, yes, the difficulty is this: In the early years of our work; study, there has to be a conscious activity taking place constantly. In other words, we have to wake up every morning and before we get out of bed or within a very few minutes after, we must remember that, “I stand at the door.” Then, here it is early in the morning and I’m dedicating this moment to open my consciousness to Thy Presence; to Thy Grace. And probably before noon, we will have to steer away for a few moments again to let God consecrate our minds and bodies to God’s use, and our business and our homes.

And so it is, that for quite a few years it’s a conscious effort of remembering many times a day to open ourselves to divine dedication, but it’s only the first hundred years that are hard. After that it gets to be a natural thing to live in this consciousness. Just those first hundred years are very difficult but they pass quickly; they pass quickly: you will be surprised. You know how many million years have passed since we have been on earth? Just think of a tiny hundred.

When, then, our consciousness is dedicated and consecrated to God, our mind, our body, our home, our edifice, our business, is likewise dedicated and that is the goal of life.

Thank you.

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