Dedication 2-5

A few months ago the sales manager’s Clinic of the Chevrolet Automobile was held at the Michigan State University and during this Clinic which was to promote the sale of automobiles the professor introduced the Contemplative Life for suggested reading for the sales managers and salesmen. This is introducing a spiritual note in to a commercial activity and raising the level of activity from just selling automobiles perhaps to giving service, selling service and giving value and selling value.

In the same way there is an organization of about 20 of our large corporations now giving a course of instruction for executives of large corporations throughout the nation. At the bottom of this course it states that for recommended reading are all of the writings of Joel Goldsmith; especially The Contemplative Life.  It also states that many of the principles taught in this course are based on these writings.

Now here again is introducing Spirit to industry: into the consciousness of those that govern these industries. You can be assured that industry is going to rise no higher than the consciousness of those who participate in industry. Therefore if you can introduce a spiritual note into industrialists, whether into the highest level, or the lowest level, when you can introduce the Spirit into someone in the government……you can’t introduce it into the government but only into someone in the government….. you eventually bring about that condition of industry or government, or art, or profession which is so much to be desired.

Honesty, integrity, fidelity, doing unto others as we would have others do unto us, loving our neighbors as ourselves. None of this can be accomplished without introducing a spiritual note. No one can introduce a spiritual note except someone dedicated to the Spirit.

Now at first we undertake an activity of this nature for some reason peculiar to the individual. Each one enters a work of this kind for a different reason. Some are forced into it against their will. Others enter it very willingly and very gladly; others enter it prematurely. Each one has some reason that places them into it, but the main point is this: they are not going to remain in it and they will not be successful in it except in proportion as they learn how to open their consciousness to the inflow of the Spirit and make this a matter of praying without ceasing. Not just a morning period before starting out, or morning and evening, but one of continuous dedication to a spiritual purpose.

The question that immediately arises is this: If this is true, why are we not more dedicated than we are or why are there not more people of dedicated consciousness? And the answer is this: dedication comes as a Grace of god; no one can seek it. They may desire it but that is as far as they can go. No one can strive or struggle for it because it isn’t won: it comes as a Grace and that Grace comes with our preparation.

You know as you travel the European countries, if you thought of this at all, it must startle you to see the wonderful edifices in most foreign countries; churches, cathedrals, places like Westminster in London or the great temples of Greece, the wonderful buildings and statues of Italy, it is hard to think they had all of these when we had only log cabins.

And as you read the literature of Europe and see how far advanced they were culturally two, three, four, five, six, seven or 800 years ago, you can understand why there is a greater interest in spiritual things than here, because we have had here only 200 years and we have had to carve out an empire and we had to lay roads from coast to coast. We had to build farms and we had to build industries. All of our attention here for 200 years has been on the building of a Nation. Our all attention here for 200 years has been on the building of a Nation and mostly economically, structurally.

And only now are we beginning to find the opportunity for the turning to the things of the Spirit that already come natural to so many generations of people who have not been a part of this pioneer building in the United States. It is for this reason that there has been so few Mystics in this part of the world and so many in other parts of the world.

So with each one of us, we have periods in which we are so devoted to  our business activities or art or profession and we are so busy raising families that the cultural side of life comes second and the Spiritual side of life comes third. For this reason most people come to a spiritual way of life rarely before middle age, usually by the time the children are grown up or the business has gotten on its feet or the profession is established.

Now we are coming to another age in which we start with the children before they are born and lead them in to the Spiritual life and the reason is that by now there are enough Grandparents and Parents in this Nation ready to include the Spiritual life as a part of their daily life.

In past generations it has been very much neglected not only here but in other parts of the world. But until we bring the spiritual factors of life in to our experience we are not the whole Man.

Now there is only a few generations ago that we had only Physical Man, the mental side of Man was practically unknown with the exception of a few artists and writers . The mental side of man was almost unknown, he was a physical being. Then a few decades ago we began to  understand the nature of the mind and we entered in to a more mental period of life and from then on we had this whole era of inventions, discoveries, all of which came out of the mental realm. Then we had to pass from that not leaving it behind remember, but going a step further into the spiritual because you do not have Man  until you have a Soul a Mind and a Body.

In the way human life has been lived we started with a Physical man, a physical baby and we tried to instill something of the mind into them, something of discipline, art, science, culture, music, and we left the child to find his own way spiritually. We may have sent him to a church but that has nothing to do with the spiritual development as we soon found out.

Now we understand that man is three fold. There is any question about it that man has a body, there is any question about  it that man has a mind but now we know something further, we know the nature of man and that is neither body nor mind.

Man is really Soul.

The Soul is the MAN and the mind is an instrument that man uses and the body is another instrument that the man uses and when the Soul is awake to its spiritual capacities it uses the mind for clean, intelligent purposes and it uses the body for clean, intelligent purposes and helpful purposes.

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