Joel S. Goldsmith


Tape 542A

We have come together for the purpose of dedication and we must understand first of all that while it is done, it really can’t be done, that is; the dedication of a building, the dedication of an edifice. You read of such things in the newspapers as being done, but they never are. Somebody is entertaining a false sense of the reality because an edifice is a dead structure; it has no life, it has no being, it has no consciousness, it has nothing. It is an empty vehicle and it can never be anything but an instrument, something to be used.

To be rightly used there must be a dedicated consciousness. When there is no dedicated consciousness the building can become what so many buildings are, whether it is a City Hall, a State Capital, National Capital, or Hall of Congress . We would like to think of them as holy but they aren´t; very often they serve very unholy purposes in spite of the fact that they have been dedicated.

The answer is they have never been dedicated because it is impossible to dedicate a corpse. An edifice is only a corpse until it is governed by a consciousness. And if the consciousness is dedicated, the building, the edifice serves the purpose for which it was intended. And in the very moment when that same building is no longer governed by a dedicated or consecrated consciousness, that building no longer serves that purpose.

So it is that as you look at this particular edifice which is devoted to the presentation of the message of the Infinite Way, just remember this: that this edifice will never be anything more than the state of dedication and consecration of the leader and those who come for study. Consciousness can be dedicated. On the human plane, well, first of all, there are two kinds of people on earth: the living and the walking dead and the living are those who in some measure have dedicated themselves to some purpose.

There those who have dedicated themselves to the marvelous causes of Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts, YMCA, YMHS, and others have dedicated themselves to nursing, medicine, the Ministry, and those who have dedicated themselves to something are living. They are drawing forth life from the source. The others, the walking dead, are not drawing life or inspiration from anything. They are living the animal life, the vegetable life, just drawing forth whatever life is to be found in the air or food; an animal form of life.

No one lives really until they have found something greater than themselves, something to which they want to devote themselves, consecrate themselves, dedicate themselves and then they begin to live. Men have really lived who originally met together to place a bible in every hotel room in the world. And every one of the men that joined in that enterprise were living men who found a purpose in life and drew forth from life some wonderful good.

We then can dedicate ourselves, consecrate ourselves to a purpose and when we do everything that we touch takes on the nature of sacredness. Then you can say that the very walls send forth a healing grace, the stones, the floor the ceiling, everything is imbued but imbued with what? Imbued with the consciousness of those who participate in the activity. They are not endowed from anything out in the air or up in the sky or down below. They are dedicated only by the state of consciousness within the edifice. Therefore when individuals unite to produce an edifice that is to be devoted to a spiritual subject you may be assured of this; that it, the edifice, is going to show forth the nature of the dedication of those who participated in it. If we find in the building, in the rooms, Beauty or Harmony or Healing or Comfort, it isn’t from the room and isn’t from the furniture. It isn’t from the colors or the combination of colors, it is from the consciousness of those who have united to produce this effect.

So it is, if an edifice of this nature is to serve its purpose, those who participate must not look to the Infinite Way for their blessing but to the Consciousness of the individuals who participate in the activity of the Infinite Way, for that is where the blessing is to be found. It is not to be found in its books it is not to be found in its state(?) it is to be found in the Consciousness of those who have produced these.

It is for this reason that those who become active in a work of this nature, any spiritual work, must understand the need for seating (?) preparation of consciousness . In other words we give thought no more to our activity, to our students, to our patients, we give thought no more than to what our consciousness is and if we allow our consciousness to be burdened with human affairs, if we allow our consciousness to be penetrated with the appetites of this world then of course we have that much less to give.

Now remember that I do not mean refrain from the activities of this world, because above all things this message demands that we remain in the world, that we participate in all of the activities of the world, the business activities, artistic, natural, commercial, political, because we bring to these the higher dedication of our Soul and in the end if business is to be conducted on a higher plane Art, Industry, Government it will only be because introduced in to straiter of society is the consciousness of those who are dedicated.

It is very much like our human body and human mind. A human mind and a human body never improve. It has nothing within itself to bring about an improvement, as a matter of fact it deteriorates and as the years go on, the mind, the faculties and the body deteriorate unless something is introduced in to the consciousness of an individual of a spiritual nature. Something of a spiritual nature must be introduced in the consciousness of the individual and then the mind and the body permeated with that Spirit can act a 100 years, a 120 years, a 150 years, whatever the need may be and without deterioration.

So be assured of this, that just as the mind and the body left of themselves without Spirit will deteriorate so will an edifice whether it is erected to God whether is erected to a spiritual purpose, whether is erected to good government, will deteriorate not only physically but in its functional use unless there is introduced in to that activity the Spirit.

It is for this reason that we have experiences of which you will hear more and more as the years go by.