And so it is with every prayer, every worship, every ritual, instead of our doing it in public, we do it in the secret, in the inner sanctuary of our own being. And we don’t do it vicariously; we don’t have a minister do it for us, because we do not believe there is any efficacy in it. We have to do it for ourselves. You could die daily a thousand times and not save me. And I could die a thousand times and not save you. But each must die unto himself in order to be reborn of the spirit. We can, however, while we are on the path of dying, we can have experiences with our teachers or practitioners, such as I had with this man, such as Bucke had with Whitman. We can have experiences where the death of one is a help to another. But, to how many, was that man a help? Only to those who had prepared themselves.

The day I went to that man of whom I spoke, I had already been studying thirteen years. There was a preparation for that experience of dying in his office. Certainly it may not have happened without him, or if it had it may not have happened at that particular time. But his death prior to that was necessary. But my thirteen years of studying and trying, like Saul of Tarsus, was also necessary. And so it is with all of us.

When we pray, when we die daily, let’s not tell our neighbors about it. Let them witness it themselves and then say, “Our friend over here is dead, but he liveth!”

Q: From what passage was Consciousness Unfolding taken?

A: It was not taken from any passage of scripture. That was an original unfoldment within my own being that was responsible for The Infinite Way.

Q: Does individual activity mean faith in God?

A: It all depends upon what you mean by faith in God. Individual activity means what we are doing here tonight. Everyone who is in this room came here of their own accord. It was an activity of their own consciousness that brought them. Nobody forced them to come here. Nobody begged them to come here. And even if an invitation was extended, it was purely an invitation. So that there isn’t anyone in this room who didn’t come as a result of an activity in their own consciousness. Now what was that activity? It was their own inner urge toward God. And they have a feeling that in this room, in this week, that that urge toward God will either be fulfilled or else it will be so uplifted that it will lead to fulfillment.

I am sure that everyone in this room came because of some conviction within their own selves that this week’s work would help them on their way toward God-realization. Now that is what I call individual activity. That isn’t group activity, we’re not here as a group. We’re here as a lot of individuals, all of whom came under their own power, all of whom came under their own urging, all of whom came because they desired to be here – and for what purpose? For the reception of the activity of truth in consciousness, because unless Miss Sinkler disobeyed me, no Pink Tea’s were promised! (Laughter)

Q: Why do you not use faith, the word faith in your work?

A: Well, I’m going to tell you that, its very interesting. I didn’t know what faith meant until here last month. The first inkling I ever had, and I’m serious about this, that’s the first inkling that I ever had of the meaning of the word faith. I never knew it’s meaning. And you’ll find it a strange thing in my writings; nothing ever appears in my writings until I receive an illumination on it.

For years and years people have asked me to speak to them about the Sermon on the Mount, and you won’t find it in my writings. For the simple reason that the truth was that I knew nothing about the Sermon on the Mount, couldn’t understand it, had never been able to solve it. And it was only the week before the Honolulu class in June that the Father said to me, “You will be given the Sermon on the Mount for the Honolulu class.” And that’s where it is.

And so it was that about a year ago, somebody who has those tapes will remember, that in the midst of a class, all of a sudden I said, “Our next step must be with the word faith. We’ve got to understand the meaning of the word faith.” And I said, “Thank You Father, I’ll get busy.” But I couldn’t get busy, because the answer wouldn’t come. And last month it revealed itself. I think it was within this past month, it may have been two months, but within the past month or two, the word faith revealed itself to me as spiritual discernment. Once you discern a thing you have faith, and until you discern it you have no faith, you have only a blind belief.

In other words, somebody may say to you that twelve times twelve is a hundred and forty-four, and you may believe it. You’ll find very soon if you don’t go further than that, that one of these days you won’t have any hundred and forty-four. And that is because you only have a blind belief, you do not have discernment, knowledge, or faith. But once you’ve worked out the problem of twelve times twelve, and memorized it and gotten it into your consciousness, now you can have absolute faith because you have discernment or knowledge.

(End of audio)