The Part We Play 3/7

As all students of truth know, God is Love, but do we realize that only God loves, and that all love flows forth from God?

Infinite Way Letter

March 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 7

THE PART WE PLAY (cont’d )

Seek Within

As all students of truth know, God is Love, but do we realize that only God loves, and that all love flows forth from God? You and I are but avenues through which the divine love of God flows, but in many instances we have impeded and hampered its flow to us and from us by the use of the little insignificant word “I.” As a rule, we think in terms of “I love” and “my love,” and that is where is set up the barrier which curtails the flow.

The realization of God as love is the greatest healing influence in the world, but it bears no relation whatever to my love or your love. My love will not heal you, nor will your love be of any benefit to me; but the love of God, flowing through you and through me, will heal, restore, and reform all within our circle of consciousness, by bringing them into the new dimension of spiritual dominion.

Contrary to the prevailing world idea, your love is not even necessary for the maintenance of your establishment and affairs—it is the love of God; and when the belief enters that it is your love and your effort and care that maintain and sustain your body, business, and home, a sense of lack or limitation is set up. In like manner, it would be fatal if a patient were ever to believe that the understanding of the practitioner was the healing influence, because no practitioner has that much understanding. It is God’s understanding, for which the practitioner is but an instrument: the infinite wisdom and divine love of God, flowing through the practitioner, heals, saves, regenerates, and frees.

Erase forever from your consciousness the words I, me, mine, you, he, and she. Realize that only God is Love, and that God loves equally, universally, impersonally, impartially; but, as we have read in scripture, only as we open ourselves to the divine influence are we enabled to receive that Love. Only by actively maintaining ourselves in Truth—spending our money, our effort, our time, our thoughts, on the things of the Spirit—will we ever attain that bread which really satisfies.

There is no such thing in the realm of divine Wisdom as your love or mine: there is only the love of God, flowing to us through each other—the one infinite, divine life of the Husbandman, flowing through the vine, the Christ, to every branch. No one branch sustains another; but the vine sustains every branch, and that only by grace, since it is the Husbandman that sends Its word, Its love, Its wisdom through the vine to the branches.

Regardless of how high in consciousness your teacher or practitioner may have risen, he is merely the vine through which the Husbandman pours forth Its love to the branches. Thus it is with every individual in your experience: he is the branch and you are the vine, the avenue through which the Father, the creative Principle, pours Its love. Remember always this great truth: God is Love, and love is of God, and the vine carries that love, that substance, that healing influence to the branches. In this higher unfoldment of understanding love as being of God, through God, from God, you become a healing influence because, so far as the world is concerned, you are the vine, and all you encounter are the branches; and your contact and conscious union with the Father, attained and maintained by constant turning within, enables the divine substance, the love of the Father, to flow through you to every man, woman, and child, animal, plant, star, and planet within range of your consciousness.

This must be very clear. God is Love. God is the Father, the Husbandman, pouring Itself forth into expression. You are the vine, and all you meet in this world are the branches who are being fed—not from you, not by you, but through you, from the Father. This is the love “and the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.”

This principle applies also to kindness and benevolence, justice and mercy. It would be a sad situation, indeed, if you were to look for justice in a court of law: but as you look to God, realizing that judge, jury, attorneys, and witnesses are but instruments through which God’s justice and rightness flow, justice and rightness will be revealed. Never believe that justice and mercy lie in the realm of man; but, rather, understand that justice, like love, is a quality and an activity of God, and then it is that every individual becomes an instrument through which justice and mercy are brought forth. All the many qualities associated with love—care, protection, security, safety—come directly from God, and anyone, at any time, may be the instrument through which these qualities and activities flow. As this principle becomes firmly established in consciousness, you learn not to look at people, but through them, to the Husbandman, the Father, the divine Source; and in so doing you will find that life, in all its outer aspects, changes, and love becomes the motivating force of all your activities.

End Part 3

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