Rising Above Concepts 4/5

So it is, we go to God is love. Well we saw downstairs or around the corner or upstairs—in which one of the places we have been—that God is not love from the standpoint of the love that we humanly understand. God is not love, but then when we come to viewing the fact that one, two, three always maintains their own numerical integrity, their value, unchanging. The do, re, mi is always is maintained as a perfect do, re, mi; that two times two always is four, now we begin to understand the nature of God as love.

And as I said, an ancient philosopher, one of the three, said, “You can know God’s love by God’s law.” Ah, now we have a new meaning of the word “love.” You can know God’s love by God’s law. Well yes, as long as we follow the principle of mathematics correctly, God’s love is made manifest in the fact that we can never make a mistake. Our mathematics, whether in our individual checkbook or in a massive engineering project always will be perfect to the thousandth of an inch. Why? Because of God’s law of mathematics which is unchangeable and unchanging, and for that reason we can say God’s law is love or God’s love is law.

Do you see the difference in the word love now? The same way—You start out on a trip and you have American money and the next thing you have English or French or Belgian, German, but always, no matter what you’re doing, two times two are always four. One hundred units makes the dollar or its equivalent. Always, always, always you have your mathematical certainty and in that mathematical certainty you have God’s love. Something you can rely on; depend upon.

So it is as we fly in these skies and understand the fact that nothing can happen up there as long as the law is being abided by. As long as the law is being followed, the law of mechanics, the law of engineering, the law of airplane dynamics, whatever they call it, as long as the law is being followed, you have God’s love. Is that clear? You have now a sense of God’s love that does not go out of its way to do anything for you. Oh no, it fills all space equally, everywhere. And because it does, that is your evidence of God’s love. God’s love makes it possible for you to come into absolute reliance upon it. As long as you are in harmony, in accord with God’s law, you have God’s love.

Now, you can take any of the synonyms for God that you know and say, “No, God is not that. God is not life.” What would you mean by that? Would you be denying God is life? No, no, you will be denying that God is life as you understand life. In other words, you will understand that God is not the life of a mortal because the life of a mortal comes to an end. And if God were the life of a mortal then the life of God would become death. Ah, so now let us agree, God is not life. At least God is not that kind of life that you and I have heretofore believed God to be. Then how are we to find out the meaning of God as life? Because here comes a miracle.

If you are living and God isn’t your life, you’re doomed to extinction. If you have any life apart from God you are doomed to extinction. Now then, inasmuch as our concept of life has been one of a life that ages, changes, and finally dies, how can we say God is that life? We know better. God isn’t that life or we would never be called upon to sit up with patients who are dying. God is not that life or we would never be called on to standby with people experiencing the extremes of old age. Don’t you see that? That never could be if God were what we have called life.

Ah then, let us start off with God is not life. Then let us turn within and say, Ah, but God is. Yes, God is. Immortality is. Eternality is. And then let us see what God defines to us as life, and then we will learn about the life which is eternal, the life which is immortal. It will be revealed to us within us by the word of God. And when that sense of life comes to you, you can live forever. Or like Paul you can decide when you wish to leave this earthly tabernacle. You can say, “I am ready to leave the flesh to abide in my permanent spiritual identity.” Or “I am ready to change my concept of body.” It will be an act though of yours. And I’m not speaking of suicide. It will be an activity of your consciousness, the transformation from the physical sense of body to the spiritual. You won’t destroy your body. You won’t. But you will rise above the physical sense of body into the awareness of your true identity and of your permanent, eternal, and immortal body.

How will you do this? By not labeling God as life but by merely realizing God is, and then with a question mark in your mind let God define Itself to you as life, as we have done before with love, as we have done with power.

So you can go from one synonym to another, and you really can learn all that God is. You really can come to know God. But you must give up, not only your concept of God, you must give up mine or Mrs. Eddy’s or Jesus Christ’s and come into the awareness of your own. Why? Because Mrs. Eddy I know, knew what her sense of God was and I know what mine is, Jesus knew what his was, and Elijah knew what his was, and John knew what his was. But you only have words to which you attach different meanings than I do. In other words, when I thought God was love, I denied it. I said I can’t believe that God is love. But you see what my thought of love was: Everything we know on the human plane and I could see clearly that God wasn’t that.

And in the same way when we were told that God is life I couldn’t long accept that either. Then I looked around and all I could see was dying life, aging life, decaying life. How can I believe that God is that? And so in this form of meditation, God revealed Itself to me as individual life, but an immortal life and an eternal life and not any life of which we know through the human mind or books. And so while the words was the same: power, life, love, my meaning of them now is entirely different from anything you can read in the dictionary. As you come into this, you come back again to the Master, because now you understand that since God is life and God is law and God is love that you’re not going to swing God out of this orbit to do you a favor or your children or your grandchildren or your parents. Now you know that there’s no use of that kind of prayer.

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